irc channels for programmers

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How to use IRC

In the process of using Jenkins, because the domestic use of Jenkins people are not many, only very few developers, so think of the official freenode to see, just before the IRC chat with the way, just tried, feeling is pretty good, there are many

Five concepts to be mastered by php programmers

Welcome to the Linux community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff to enter the five concepts that php programmers need to master: some of the php theoretical knowledge we learned from books is different from the actual programming.

12 ways for programmers to quickly master a programming language

"IT168 Review" have you decided to learn a new programming language? How do I start? This article lists 12 ways to quickly master a programming language, and if you have other better suggestions, you are welcome to share!  1. Comparison with similar

How to become a hacker -- Eric S. Raymond

How to become a hacker by Eric S. Raymond Copyright? 2001 by Eric S. Raymond Translation: Barret translation level is limited. Thank you for your advice. My email is Barret (a), However, do not ask questions about computer technology (I

Hacker White Paper: How to Become a hacker (with FAQs)

Hacker White Paper: How to Become a hacker (with FAQs)OverviewWhy is there this document?What is a hacker?Hacker's attitudeBasic hacker skillsPosition in hacker cultureConnection between hackers and nerdSignificance of styleOther resourcesFAQ

How to become a hacker _ security related

Content List Why do you have this document? What is a hacker? The attitude the hacker should have Basic skills of hackers Status in the hacker culture The link between hackers and nerds (Nerd) The meaning of style Other resources FAQ (Frequently

Suggestions for participating in open-source projects

I always wanted to join an open-source project. The purpose was simple: to share ideas and accept the test of everyone, but it was not possible. After reading this article, I was inspired by it. Note: There are deletions.

11 methods help you become an open source programming expert

Nowadays, many people want to get involved in open-source projects, but they don't know where to start. There are several ways to help you, even if you lack confidence, you can still let you pick up the technology. Open-source software has changed

It is not a programming genius. 14 ways to participate in open-source projects

If you want to participate in open-source projects without knowing where to start, here are some reference methods that may help you, it doesn't matter if you lack confidence in your current technology. Open source softwareIt has changed the it,

I am a 33-and-a-half-year-old and determined to be a powerful hacker. Is it possible?

One note: Some of my friends have different perceptions of hackers than I do. Here I reference an article to illustrate what I think hackers look like, and also explains why python started. At first, only two people answered this question. I didn't

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