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CloudFlare CDN Toss-Up-optimization settings

Recently again in the toss, often visit my blog friends may have appeared on the page 502 error hints, that is tossing CloudFlare CDN unsuccessful tips. In this first thanks to the jar, in his dedication and truth, last night finally successfully

11 Ways to bypass CDN to find real IP

0x01 verifies that CDN  Method 1 is present: Very simple, using a variety of multi-ping services, to see if the corresponding IP address is unique, if not the only most of the use of CDN, the multi-ping site

How does one implement automatic javascript/CSS compression on javascript-CDN? (Through JSMinify)

Requirement Description: the website, the Environment WIN64WAMP, distribution of 3 too many servers, 1 master, 3 times. The image CSSJS used in it is stored in the www. xxx. comPublic directory. The requirement is that the JSCSS under

Javascript-cdn How to solve the implementation of JS/CSS automatic compression scheme? (via Jsminify)

Requirements Description Website, Environment WIN64 WAMP, distribution 3 Too server, main 1 units, 3 units. The images used in the/css/js are placed in the Requirements are introduced in the site/public

Free use of the excellent speed CDN acceleration service application GB of free traffic

Today, no matter whether our webmaster users use domestic or foreign host products, they may consider using CDN acceleration to solve these problems because of the speed and stability of Internet access on various lines. Users with the ability and

PowerShell tips for calling CloudFlare SDK query site statistics _powershell

CloudFlare is the world-famous CDN service provider, its free package is enough to meet the average user. Optimize the load speed of the website, cache the static resources, distribute the content near the local area to protect against the DDoS

CDNJS: Speed up site loading with JavaScript CDN

A friend who's been out of the station may have heard some JavaScript frameworks, such as JQuery, Prototype, MooTools and the like, by loading these programs to achieve more different effects or functions on the site. These programs are now

Cdn-ucloud Cloud Host on the PHP and other dynamic Web site can be cached?

Recently started on the Ucloud cloud host site to see the function of Ucloud CDN, want to ask similar to PHP Dynamic Web site can be cached? Are there any heroes who have been useful on the Ucloud cloud host to answer this question? Reply

Deploying HTTPS using go and let's encrypt certificates

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Why use HTTPS? What are the ways to use HTTPS? How do I use go to deploy HTTPS? Take out your little laptop, and all the dry goods you need are here! The benefits of

Teach you free to replace the website IP

Recently, the official CloudFlare, and APNIC official cooperation with the IP1.1.1.1 to launch faster, more private DNS Cloudflare runs one of the world's largest and fastest networks. APNIC is a nonprofit organization that manages IP

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