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Dell laptop my WiFi technology usage: as an Internet AP hotspot & Dell laptop Caps Lock key

(1) What is my WiFi? Intel's mywifi technology is a technology that extends the functionality of the wireless network module for laptops. My WiFi technology allows users to integrate their laptops with Wireless AP functions, this allows other devices that support wifi to connect to each other and to external networks through the AP function provided by this laptop

How to refresh a Dell laptop to a lower version of BIOS

[Preface statement] The content of this article is essentially irrelevant to technology and has no technical content. It should not be placed on a technical blog. However, in order to allow more people to find this article through the search engine, I posted this article on my technical blog. In the past two days, I have been tossing a DELL notebook (its model is

Dell Laptop Installation Net Silver after keyboard cannot use workaround

Recently Dell's new notebook computer 14R, 15R, Turbo and other models installed WIN7 system laptop will appear, after the installation of net silver, the keyboard can only use once, and then the problem of failure. However, the external keyboard can still be used normally. This problem is due to the major banks (ABC, ICBC, postal bank, etc.), the Internet Banking security plug-in upgrade, and

Dell LATITUDE E5410 laptop Ubuntu wireless network card BCM43224 Driver Installation (original)

Dell LATITUDE E5410 laptop Ubuntu wireless network card BCM43224 Driver InstallationAuthor Yu Chao email: When using Ubuntu, you may encounter a Ubuntu wireless NIC driver problem. Here we will introduce the solution to the Ubuntu wireless Nic problem, I finally configured the Ubuntu wireless Nic on my Dell LATITUDE E5410.In linux, we have to d

Dell n4030 Laptop Installation win7 Wireless Card driver installation

I installed the Win7 32-bit Professional version, installed after the discovery of wireless network card is not found. Dell Ling n4030 himself with a wireless card. The source of the problem is that the wireless card driver is not installed or does not have a matching wireless card driver installed.So the question

What if the Dell laptop doesn't turn on?

Dell Laptop Boot process problems, do not open the machine, how to do? A box appears: "The Show Wendows Explorer has stopped working, a problem has occurred, causing the program to stop working properly, and if there is a solution available, Windows will close the program and notify you." " is in the boot process blac

Disable touchpad for Dell n4030 laptop in Ubuntu

The external mouse is easy to carry, but the external keyboard is difficult. So I always think that the notebook touchpad is a chicken rib. Especially for Ubuntu users, because the driver is not complete, the touchpad cannot be disabled at will. My laptop

The dw1501 wireless-N wireless network card in the DELL laptop may have serious defects.

This affects at least the e6410 series computers, or any other model that uses this Nic on Dell. My e6410 is already the second time when the wireless network card cannot work normally. The last time the driver was reinstalled, it was useless to reinstall the driver, I have to check the model of this Nic, and check whether the driver I have installed is correc

Dell Laptop win8.1 How to install win7 system with u disk

Dell Laptop win8.1 How to install win7 system with u disk First, the matters needing attention 1, the transformation of the hard disk partition form needs to clear all the disk data, backup computer files 2, after the Win7 can not restore the original win8.1, to restore to the Dell after the sale of recovery Ii. Modifying the BIOS steps 1, restart the notebo

Install the Ubuntu wireless NIC driver in a Dell laptop

After a long time learning about the Ubuntu wireless network card, you may encounter a problem with the Ubuntu wireless network card. Here we will introduce the solution to the Ubuntu Wireless Network Card problem for the whole night, finally, I configured the Ubuntu wireless Nic In the Ubuntu environment on my dell1440. In linux, everything really needs to be done by yourself, which is painful and happy. I checked on the Ubuntu Forum that the b43 dri

Install Broadcom 802.11b/G wireless network card Ubuntu 9.10 in Dell laptop

The Local Wireless NIC driver cannot be installed, which is inconvenient. After reading a lot of information, Dell and Broadcom do not provide drivers for Linux. The existing drive is b43, refer to However, the instructions are not in English, and the installation method above finally encountered a problem. Khan

What if the Dell laptop doesn't turn on?

What model if is the LAT series or is 1420, the video card is NV according to the following method test: 1, fn+ boot built to see if the screen can be displayed if not 100% is the video card is broken direct warranty replacement block motherboard 2, boot if there

Why cannot I charge a Dell E6400 laptop?

The charge number of the battery is 300 times or more for full charge. In the case of incomplete charge, such as the meeting completed, the use of half of the electricity, connected to the external power supply, will automatically recharge, these incomplete charge on the battery life is generally not much impact, but long-term accumulation will also reduce the performance of the battery. It

System appears bootmgr is missing solution, Dell Dell Server installation system requires special attention to the problem

System appears bootmgr is missing solution, Dell Dell Server installation system requires special attention to the problemplease pay attention to Please specify source: article is for

How is Dell's new magazine 7000 worth buying? Dell New Magazine 7000 evaluation

The Magazine is a series of Dell's market for parity game, with its beautiful appearance and strong performance, it was loved by gamers at the beginning of the launch. Recently, Dell has launched a new version of the magazine, compared to the previous generation in the appearance of a huge change. Although the appearance of change but still have a cool look and strong performance, this test of the new 15 70

is Dell hacked? Cheats impersonate customer service personnel to defraud money

We may have all experienced fraudulent calls disguised as "Windows Technical Service Support," and I believe many people know that such calls are fraudulent.Scammers impersonate Dell customer service scamAnd now, Dell users are less fortunate. This week, it was reported that crooks mastered the database of Dell users. Many De

Who is the strongest mobile game player ASUS g1p VS DELL XPS M1710

The top-rated, domestically available dream-gaming laptop (hereinafter referred to as "the book") is the Asus G-series and Dell XPS series. These two series are designed for games and are the most coveted equipment for all gamers, because they can present you with the most exciting and exciting gameplay experience. Among them, Asus G1P and

After BakBone is classified as Dell

After Dell's acquisition of storage hardware vendors, equallogic and compellent, the sales of the two products increased exponentially in a short period of time, creating a miracle of growth. After Dell acquired the data protection software vendor BakBone, people were eager to know whether BakBone's business could reach a new level. With data backup as the core, the trend of Data Protection integration is b

This is Dell ??!!

Previously, the company purchased zhongbai's computers in bulk. It still feels good to use. If it is not because of the poor after-sales service, it may continue to choose zhongbai. after a new colleague arrives, he will transfer the brand to Dell. The company bought a total of two Dell models, the specific model was forgotten,

Laptop power is switched on but the battery is not charging?

Laptop power is switched on but the battery is not charging? The method is as follows: First, let's troubleshoot the software problem first. In general, many computer brands, such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, and so on, will be equipped with power management software for their

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