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Redefining database History-time series Database Schwartz think Influxdb is the most promising, Elasticsearch is good

Internet, and there are many factors that make it difficult to conclude, but it is clear that it is "good enough". The great success of MySQL also created the later NoSQL tides, but as NoSQL's definition slowly cooled down to "not just SQL" by "Don't SQL", and slowly supported the SQL-like language, after all this, Baron Schwartz believes that the relational

MySQL Basic understanding "relational database and NoSQL, MySQL operation process and system, library operation, table operation, data operation, character set operation, and PHP as client operation database" There is no doubt about the connection itself

Label:1. Relational databaseRepository for permanent data storagePHP variables are only temporary storage space "use memory space" to save variables during PHP script execution.Relational database: Use the relationship between the two to describe the entity information. "Using two-dimensional table field names and fields values to describe""Relational databases are not meant to use foreign keys to construct two tables as associations, but rather to im

Big discussion: What is the essence of database design or design principles in NOSQL?

,,What is the design principle of nosql? Is there a paradigm similar to that of relational databases? I also found an article:Http://! CommentsBasically, the design idea is what I mentioned above: Put the blog and comments together.This reduces the number of queries.However, a p

Initial knowledge of NoSQL NoSQL database NoSQL Database Basics _mongodb

Do a year's freshman year project, for relational database structure or some understand, sometimes still feel that the two-dimensional table is not very comfortable. After reading an article, there is a preliminary understanding of NoSQL (Https://

Cassandra is a set of open source distributed NoSQL database system

The main characteristic of Cassandra is that it is not a database, but a distributed network service composed of a bunch of database nodes, a write operation to Cassandra will be copied to the other nodes, and the read operation to Cassandra will be routed to a node to read. For a Cassandra cluster, scaling performance

SSDB is a high-performance NoSQL database that supports rich data structures to replace Redis.

SSDBA high-performance NoSQL database that supports rich data structures to replace Redis.Characteristics 100 times times the capacity of Redis instead of Redis database LevelDB network support, using C + + development Redis API compatible, support for Redis clients Suitable for storing collection data, such as list, hash, zset ... The la

Log4net. NOSQL +elasticsearch Implementing logging

Objective:two days before finding out how to extend Log4net's log format when finding an open source project Log4net.nosql, it extends The Appender implements the output of the log to Elasticsearch inside. Follow-up, found involved in a lot of projects, so intend to study, recorded here. A brief introduction to the project, details click on the link to the project homepage to view, and finally provide packaging download:1. Log4net.nosqlA collection of

NoSQL database Technology-The 1th introduction to NoSQL and Big data types of NoSQL databases

Key-Value Store databaseTemporary: as memcached. The temporary key-value database stores the data in memory, which in two cases results in the loss of data, the first is the power outage, but the data content exceeds the memory size. The benefits of this treatment are very fast.Permanent type: such as Tokyo Tyrant, flare and RomaThe two are both types: Redis. Redis first data in memory, and then meet certai

What is Elasticsearch? Where can the Elasticsearch be used?

the Shard size. Summarize 1, why do not use relational database to do the search? Because the database to implement the search, performance will be very poor, can not be word search. 2. What is full-text search, inverted index, and Lucene? Predecessors have summed up, please refer to the "hands-on teaching you full text search" Apache Lucene 3, the characteristi

Elasticsearch is a distributed and extensible real-time search and analysis engine, Elasticsearch installation configuration and Chinese word segmentation

-analysis-ikMmseg word breaker add-on project address: you feel the configuration is troublesome, you can also download a configured ES version, the address is as follows: Https:// usage of ElasticsearchThe biggest features:1

In-depth analysis of NoSQL database distributed algorithms (graphic details), nosql text

In-depth analysis of NoSQL database distributed algorithms (graphic details), nosql text Although the NoSQL movement has not brought about fundamental technological changes to distributed data processing, it still triggers overwhelming research and practices on various protocols and algorithms. In this article, I will

NoSQL database technology in practice-1th NoSQL data consistency acid of traditional relational database

the time, I later on the Internet access to more information, found that my understanding is only partial. (Even the author's understanding is wrong, such as the author of 2.1.5 The consistency of the simple understanding of the role of check constraints) in fact, the primary foreign KEY constraints, check constraints are the scope of database integrity (why

NoSQL database Technology Combat-the 1th introduction to NoSQL and Big data why NoSQL

Tags: relational data table NoSQL database L database Combat div operation Field Why NoSQL is produced: The fact that relational databases are not good at doing so is the reason why No

relational database &&nosql Database

Label:In the past, we only needed to learn and use a database technology to do almost all of the database application development. Because the mature and stable relational database products are not many, and for you to choose the free version is even less, so the Internet domain basically chose the free MySQL

NoSQL databases: data consistency, nosql Database Consistency

NoSQL databases: data consistency, nosql Database ConsistencyNoSQL Database: Data ConsistencyRead consistency High ConsistencyAccess any node in the cluster at any time, and the data obtained is consistent; User consistency is

A comparison between relational database and NoSQL

Tags: and EXT structure Publishing NAT process name Data Model operationsThe SQL (Structured Query Language) database is the primary way to store data over the past 40 years. The late 1990s with the rise of Web applications and open-source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, the explosion of user growth. NoSQL databases have been in existence since t

NoSQL database You should know 10 things _ database Other

A relational database (RDBMS) has been a mainstream database model for over One-fourth centuries. But now the relational database, "cloud" or "NoSQL" database, is gaining more and more occupancy as an alternative

Database selection in a large data age: SQL or NoSQL? _ Database Other

enable users to use their knowledge across systems and to support third-party attachments and tools.3. SQL can be extended, and is versatile and time validated, which can solve problems from fast write-driven transmission to scanning intensive in-depth analysis.4. SQL is an orthogonal form of data rendering and storage, and some SQL systems support JSON and other structured object formats, with better perf

51st NoSQL Basic concept and MongoDB application, database allocation concept

Tags: nosql NoSQL Basic Concepts and MongoDB MongoDB Basic Application MongoDB Index and copy set The concept of database sharding and the realization of MongoDB sharding I. The basic concept of NoSQLNoSQL (not just SQL), is a technica

A NoSQL database overview and its comparison with SQL syntax

NoSQL databases are created to address the challenges of multiple data types for large data sets, especially for big data applications.In this paper, the definition, classification, characteristics of NoSQL database, and the current popular NoSQL database system are briefly

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