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What is the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Comparison between iPhone 7 and Plus

colors: black and black, removed the traditional 5mm headphone interface, changed the Home key to the solid button, equipped with up and down dual speakers, and the back of the new arc antenna design, metal screen on the back has a higher proportion.Black and Black added for iPhone 7 and 7 PlusThe differences between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are mainly in the

Believe it or not! The screen width of iPhone 6 is not necessarily 375px, while that of iPhone 6 Plus is not necessarily 414px,

Believe it or not! The screen width of iPhone 6 is not necessarily 375px, while that of iPhone 6 Plus is not necessarily 414px, You may not believe this question. The reason for this problem is that the Chrome simulator and iPhone

What about the speed of the iphone? The iphone is running slow optimization method

applications can consume device memory. 8. Do not turn on automatic mode if you can perform manual operation Does your iphone often ask if you want to join a nearby Wi-Fi network? If so, you might want to turn off the function. Because when your iphone is doing anything automated, such as searching

In recent years, iPhone 6 has not opened NFC APIs for developers, that is, it can only be used for support. Now, iPhone 6nfc

dedicated payments solution component. apple is likely employing a "go slow" approach to NFC as the technology, and its security, is a vital cog in the Apple Pay system. Competing smartphone manufacturers like Samsung use NFC for quick device pairing, data transport and other functions. for its part, Apple has a higher-bandwidth stand-in with the iBeacon protocol, which harnesses Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi f

What is the function of the iphone that shuts down the iphone?

Believe that everyone buys an iphone, very few people will go to study a system function, the general is to get hand to use, some more annoying function also bother to close. In fact, turning off some features will make your mobile experience feel a lot higher. 1. WiFi assistants must be closed (Setup > Cellular mobile network > Wireless LAN Assistant)    The first step in getting a cell phone should

In WeChat applets, The bottoming button is adapted to the iPhone X solution, and the mini-app iphone

The bottoming button in the applet is applicable to the iPhone X solution, and the iphone in the Applet With the arrival of the second three batches of iPhone X, the local tyrants around them began to use them one after another. There were many adaptation problems caused by the iPh

Why is charging iPhone 7 Plus too slow? How to increase the charging speed of iPhone 7 Plus

Because the iPhone 7 Plus has increased the battery capacity, as a flagship product in 2016, it still does not have the fast charging function, resulting in a very slow charging speed. For users who don't have the power to rush out, it is simply miserable.Many users complain about the slow charging speed of the iPhone 7 Plus in Weibo, Post bars, and other pla

Why is the gray strip flashing on iPhone 6 Plus? How can I solve the gray strip flashing on iPhone 6 Plus screen?

Iphone6plus screen Flashing Gray Bar This situation is believed that a lot of users have this problem, do not know how to solve, so let the small series for everyone to talk about the solution bar, want to know a look at it. Apple 6plus screen flashing ash bar solution IPhone6 this generation of products to the user caused a lot of trouble, at first when new equipment on the market, bending door so many users have to pay attention to e

Is iPhone 7 worth buying? Six reasons why iPhone 7/Plus is worth buying?

splashing water, such as spilled water cups, splash spray, but if you want to take iPhone7 bathing or swimming or some risk. Apple's waterproof and dustproof is to improve the mobile phone's ability to resist risk, most people's mobile phone water is not intentional, so waterproof splash in general is enough to deal with. Third, the new color

[IPhone] a friend who wants to develop or is working on the iPhone. Here is a bit of PPT and demo.

[IPhone] a friend who wants to develop or is working on the iPhone. Here is a bit of PPT and demo. Zhou yinhui Download here:,I read it. It's very good. Ah, unfortunately, I don't have a Mac. I can't play with xcode. Go home and try a snow leopard virtual machine, However, it's good to

Why is there no 32G iPhone 7 black screen image appreciation and price for iPhone 7?

What kinds of colors do iPhone7 have? The new release of a total of bright black, black, silver, gold and rose gold Five colors, of which the four IPhone 7 total 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three storage options, the price is 5388, 6188 and 6988 yuan; IPhone 7 Plus three storage versions are priced at 6388, 7188 and 7988 yuan respectively. The light black

Is the iPhone 4S ios8 card upgraded? Performance Test of iPhone 4S upgraded ios8 official version

The official version of iOS 8 is released. As shown in the following example, a large number of devices are supported. You can upgrade the iPhone 4 S, iPad 2, and iPod touch 5. Compared with Android's messy fragmentation, slow and narrow upgrades, this is also a place that has always been proud.However,

In the code, how can I determine whether the current device is iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5?

:@ "iPad1,1" ]) return @ "iPad" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPad2,1" ]) return @ "iPad 2 (WiFi)" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPad2,2" ]) return @ "iPad 2 (GSM)" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPad2,3" ]) return @ "iPad 2 (CDMA)" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "i386" ]) return @ "Simulator" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "x86_64" ]) return @ "Simulator" ; NSLog (@ "NOTE: Unknown device type: %@" , deviceString); return deviceString; } In the code

IPhone 4S is connected to a computer and cannot recognize iPhone devices: Apple mobile device USB driver Driver Installation failure shows yellow exclamation mark Solution

IPhone 4S is connected to a computer and cannot recognize iPhone devices: Apple mobile device USB driver Driver Installation failure shows yellow exclamation mark Solution Apple mobile device USB driver Driver Installation failure shows a yellow exclamation point, cannot charge, let alone iTunes. The correct solution is

What is the iphone brush machine? Can I brush my iphone?

The iphone is a way to change or replace some of the languages, pictures, ringtones, software, or operating systems that are already in the phone. Colloquially speaking, the brush machine is to the mobile phone reload system. The brush machine can make the function of the handset more perfect, and can make the handset restore to the original state. Under normal c

What should I do if the iPhone 4/iPhone 4S mobile phone is black?

If the system is not stable shutdown, we can directly boot on the. In introducing the second scenario. The DFU mode is a mode in which the Apple system fails to boot, and the recovery mode can be recovered using itunes. But your mobile phone is not a problem, mistakenly entered the DFU mode as a result of the inability to open

What if the iphone is so hot? How to view the iphone battery temperature

As a first step, we can download a "hardware housekeeper" from the App Store and install it on your phone, and then we open it. The second step, in access to the hardware housekeeper click on "Battery Maintenance" open access, the effect is as follows; The third step, after entering the battery maintenance, so that you can see your iphone battery temperature, we note that the best not to

IPhone 5S soaked in water, no boot, after-sales detection, the motherboard is broken, how much is the motherboard repaired?

will automatically shut down. You need to plug in the power source or press the power key home together for 15 seconds to start up. In the first two cases, if the power plug-in cannot be started, it can only be sent for repair detection.6. iPhone 4 often prompts (not ipone special accessories) or (with audio interference, You need to enable the flight mode) that is generally caused by water inflow. Some of

8 iphone anti-theft cheats for mobile phone and data security escort

criminal investigation of the acquaintance of it accurate positioning, so that the odds are very large, found there is enough evidence to maintain our own rights and interests.    VII. recommended mobile phone installation Backup toolAlways back up important information, such as the phone number you store, to avoid losing your phone and causing more trouble. Mobile phone inside try not to save more private things, if not to save please use encryption

Apple deliberately slowed down the old iPhone to force consumers to buy a new iPhone ?, Next-generation iphone

old iPhone. IPhone 6 and iOS 8 will be released this autumn. Will there be more evidence to condemn apple? Iphone slows down IPHONE is good. ''here's my opinion. ''It's not enough for anyone'1. after purchase (China only) two t

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