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Magento Seo three detailed steps to optimize magento

1. Basic Technical Optimization 1.1. General Optimization settings Magento is one of the most friendly commercial platforms for search engines, but there are a few points of attention to optimize your magento Seo. the first step is to activate the

Magento local installation and deployment

Magento is developed based on PHP. To install magento locally, you must first have an environment where PHP can run. Here we recommend wampserver or XAMPP. I have tried both of them. I personally think wampserver is easy to use, we recommend that

Magento Multi-domain multi-store

Pre-guidanceWe are using parked domain to point to your existing magento file root directory for the domain name you want to add. As mentioned in the preview, we have a Magento station domain name for one. com , add a new domain name Set

Magento Cache Series Detailed: Clean cache

The cache is a big concept, covering all aspects of the content, Magento cache is based on Zend, if you have a deep understanding of the Zend cache, I believe Magento cache is no longer talking, this article focuses on the flush Magento cache and

Chapter 5-magento resource configuration 2

Anatomy configuration script Let's analyze the above Code. [Translator's note: The authors mix "Install script", "upgrade script", and "setup script ". I try my best to distinguish between them during translation. The configuration script contains

Magento storage xss detailed analysis

Magento storage xss detailed analysis Affected Versions: Magento CE 0x00 Magento Introduction Magento is a professional open-source e-commerce system. The legendary world's No. 1 e-commerce system. Magento is designed flexibly and has a modular

Solve the problem that the Magento batch assign products can only save successfully 1000 pieces when the product is sorted

Note: The issue in this article has been verified in Magento EE 1.14/ce 1.9.Recently, I found a very strange problem. When assigning classifications for a batch of products (greater than 1000 pieces), only a maximum of 1000 products can be saved

Magento order printing (PDF)

Magento order printing (PDF) Magento itself includes: printing the invoice form, printing the packing list, and printing the refund form. These are based on the habits of Western countries. The company has a requirement to print the Order's

Index management method for manually refreshing Magento

When we have a lot of products on our website, such as thousands of items, we refresh Magento index Management often fail. Then the background will not refresh, we can also use the command line to refresh.Using the command line to refresh index

Magento Get shopping Cart Product quantity and Price program code _php Tutorial

This article to give you the use of Magento friends to introduce how to get the shopping cart product quantity and price and display, below I will give you the students detailed introduction. Get all the product information of the shopping cart

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