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A small antivirus program

A small antivirus programToday, the machine is poisoned and depressed. It turns out to be a Trojan. All htm, HTML, ASP, aspx, and shtml are infected! No way to scan the virus, but you can't find it. You just need to kill it yourself! I wrote a antivirus program! Haha, it can still be used, but I also found that the pre

Which anti-virus software is best to use antivirus software cross evaluation

speed, lightweight and fast, so that the computer no longer card machine! 2, 360 antivirus (installation package size 72.6 MB) Software Name: 360 Antivirus 2.0 Software version: Official edition ( Software Size: 873k Software Authorization: Free Applicable platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista Win7 360 Antivirus keywords: free,

Baidu Antivirus and Baidu Guardian what is the difference

lightweight card machine product experience. The same services provided by both Baidu antivirus program lightweight, as long as the personal equipment to meet the following benchmark configuration, can run smoothly. Memory: More than 512M Hard disk: More than 500M of free disk space Network: More than Kbps operating system: Compatible mainstream software Baidu Guardian can be compatible with mainstr

This is how I use data: antivirus software

of language, a dwarf who grew up unable to act. Stumbled, I walked all the way, fortunately, never lost the initial feeling, from the initial beginner fun, to the fun of development, and then to today with the team is still interesting, I feel that I am looking for the life of the control, and then a plunge in, in the program, about her out, ah, very fun! What is

Rising antivirus monitoring is closed how to do

Many users are using the rising anti-virus software, but some users found that in the use of rising anti-virus software process, sometimes the lower right corner of the system monitoring green umbrella is not normal, into a yellow umbrella or closed red umbrella.   Rising antivirus monitoring is closed how to do There are 2 reasons why this can happen:

Baidu Antivirus software is not deleted?

Method 1, Restart the computer, and then on the power-on when the keyboard press F8 into Safe mode, and then uninstall Baidu Antivirus software on it.   Method 2, Click on the Control Panel in the Start menu, then locate and open the "Add and remove" option, and then locate the program you want to uninstall, right-click and select Uninstall.  Method 3, When you install Baidu

Antivirus is not safe security strategy full solution

. It's usually tied to some tool software, and when you install the software, it goes into your computer. It not only occupies system resources, but also often connects some pornographic websites. In addition to the imposition of ads to users, but also to spy on the user's personal privacy information, such as name, mailbox, bank information, telephone, address, etc., so hidden a small harm, need to clear as soon as possible. Phishing (phishing Software, also known as electronic Black bait): Fi

Rising installation package Production program What is the use

In the rising antivirus 2010 version, rising Personal Firewall 2010 version, rising full functional security software version 2010, all provide a "rising installation package production program." Designed to be installed on the current computer installation of the rising program package, so that you can back up the good, easy to reinstall the system immediately a

What if the computer is often unresponsive and the program cannot be closed?

The computer often has no sound mainly divides into two kinds of situations 1. Software issues. The system itself has problems and needs to be replaced with a CD-ROM system. There is a virus, need to antivirus 2. Hardware problems. There is a problem with the memory of the computer, Reseat. The motherboard is dusty a

Why is it slow to open any program after pressing the host key in Windows 7?

The specific methods are as follows: 1, detect whether the computer is poisoned, if poisoned we must antivirus, if not we continue to look down; 2, in the system we Press "Win+r", open "Run"-"msconfig" and then press ENTER; 3, in the Open computer "system Configuration"-"Start" tab, the inside of their own do not need to automatically start the Program check

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