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Regular expression detects whether the email address entered by the user is legitimate

In the development of the registration system, the need to detect the user input email address is legitimate, can use regular expression to detect, below a small example, I hope to help youIn the registration system development, the need to detect the user input email address is legitimate, can be detected in JS or PHP

Shell script determines whether IP is legitimate

Operations, shell scripts often encounter the legitimacy of determining the value entered, such as IP, email address, and so on. Then, according to their own script to summarize the judgment of IP legitimacy script to share to the netizen, when encountered can be a reference.Idea: IP consists of four-bit numbers, divided by points, each field cannot be greater than 255, must conform to this formatMethod 1:Functioncheck_ip () {ip=$1valid_check=$ (echo$ ip|awk-f. ' $1Blog Address:http://lizhenlian

Java determines whether a mailbox is legitimate

(String email) {Boolean flag = false;int pos = Email.indexof ("@");if (pos = =-1 | | pos = = 0 | | pos = = email.length ()-1) {return false;}String[] strings = Email.split ("@");if (strings.length! = 2) {//If the mailbox is not in [email protected] Formatreturn false;}Charsequence cs = strings[0];for (int i = 0; i char C = Cs.charat (i);if (! Character.isletter (c) ! Character.isdigit (c)) {return false;}}pos = Strings[1].indexof ("."); /If there

C language to determine whether the folder name is legitimate

 /**************************************************************************** Function Name:validatefoldername* Description:the Ength of folder name should is less than 255.* Illegal characters is \* Return:0 for success, otherwise 1.****************************************************************************/#define Max_folder_name_len 255 Int Validatefoldername (char *pname) { int ret = 0; Unsigned

PHP form Check function library (determine whether the email format is correct, HTTP address is valid, mobile phone number is legitimate)

/** * form Check function library *//** * Determine if the email format is correct * @param $email */function is_email ($email) { return strlen ($email) > 6 A mp Preg_match ("/^[\w\-\.") [Email protected] [\w\-\.] + (\.\w+) +$/", $email);} Determines whether the HTTP address is legal function Check_url ($url) { return Preg_match ("/^[a-z0-9][a-z0-9\-]+[a-z0-9" (\.[ a-z]{2,4}) +$/i ", $url);} Determine

XML Portal Tutorial: verify that XML is a legitimate XML

XML with accurate syntax is a well-formed XML. The XML verified by some DTD is a legitimate XML. A well-formed XML document. a "well-formed" XML document has an accurate syntax. A "W is good" XML document will follow the first few chapters XML with accurate syntax is a well-

JavaScript simple way to determine whether the input content is legitimate _javascript tips

This example describes how JavaScript is a simple way to determine whether the input is legitimate. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The idea of detecting the illegal character detection in the content of user input 1, the definition of a valid string (source string)2, get the user input content3, loop out the user input every characte

Thinkphp+ajax dynamically verifies that user input is legitimate

be empty!");} if ($ (' #password '). val () = = ") {$ (' #tooltip2 '). attr (' class ', ' tooltip-info visible-inline error '); $ (' #mess2 '). HTML (" The password cannot be empty! ");} if ($ (' #repassword '). val () = = ") {$ (' #tooltip22 '). attr (' class ', ' tooltip-info visible-inline error '); $ (' #mess22 '). HTML ("Confirm password cannot be empty!");} if ($ (' #email '). val () = = ") {$ (' #tooltip3 '). attr (' class ', ' tooltip-info visible-inline error '); $ (' #mess3 '). HTML (

A method of determining whether a session is legitimate in ASP.

code assumes that the store is a string, called, as if it were called by the method that called the anonymous method: 1 if (string. IsNullOrEmpty (IsLogin (session["UserID"))) 2 { 3 Response.Redirect (".. /login.aspx?m= Login has timed out, please re-login! "); 4} You might say why not use string directly. IsNullOrEmpty to judge the session directly? So I'm telling you, this key that doesn't have your judgment in the session will direc

PHP's own method to verify the mailbox, URL, IP is legitimate function _php skills

Before using PHP to verify the mailbox, URL, IP is the legal is written by their own to achieve, but sometimes the brain is faint, may write a not completely correct regular, leading to validation errors, today found that the original PHP itself with the verification of mailboxes, URLs, IP is

A leap year test program that detects whether the input is legitimate

1, leap years: where there is a leap year in the Gregorian calendar (February is 29th), the leap surplus (aged more than a leap. The lunar calendar is less than the year of the return year).2, Leap Year Judgment method: four Years a leap, A.D. year can be divisible by 4 can not be divisible by 100, or can be divisible by 400 years.3, because recently learning Jav

PHP determines if the SQL statement is legitimate: Mysqli_error ()

Suppose you now have an UPDATE statement, and sometimes the UPDATE statement is correct, but the number of rows affected is 0.So how can you tell if the SQL statement is correct? Use of Mysqli_error ($Conn);CREATE table User (name varchar (5), hobby text);mysql> INSERT into user values ('Zhangsan', One,'test ....'); Query OK,1Row affected (0.01sec) MySQL> Update

Verifying that the ID card is a legitimate algorithm

You can enter the first 17 digits of the ID card, and then figure out 18 bits, with the input of the 18th bit to verify that the input is a valid ID card "Package Com.edaixi.testjava;import Java.math.mathcontext;import Java.util.regex.matcher;import Java.util.regex.pattern;public class Testjavatool {private final static int[] FACTOR = new int[]{ 7,9,10,5,8,4,2,1,6,3,7,9,10,5,8,4,2}; /** * Calculates the sum of the first 17-digit ID number multi

PHP Check IP is legitimate

This article introduces the content is about PHP check IP is legitimate, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to No use of regular judgment, pure PHP written to verify that the IP address is a valid function function Checkip ($IP) { $arr =explode ('. ', $ip);

JavaScript determines whether an e-mail address is legitimate

JavaScript determines whether an e-mail address is legitimate

C # Determine if it is a legitimate email address

classProgram {Static voidMain (string[] args) {Console.WriteLine ("Please enter the correct e-mail address to @sina. com End"); stringUS =convert.tostring (Console.ReadLine ()); stringSTR1 = us. Replace ("@",""); intCount = us. Length-str1. Length; stringSTR2 = us. Replace (".",""); intCount2 = us. Length-str2. Length; intCount3 = us. Length-1; intXl=us. IndexOf (".")-us. IndexOf ("@"); BOOLMW = (US. IndexOf ("@sina. com") = = (US. length-9)); while(Count = =1 Count2 = =1

JavaScript-How to make it easier to verify that the data on the front end is legitimate

According to the normal point of view, we are absolutely not able to believe the front-end to the data, but for example, the form submission, I front-end JS to verify, the back end and verify, the verification of things less good, a lot (rules complex) on the trouble, there is no way to ensure that the front-end data must be legitimate, or the It's kind of like a form token, though he's used to prevent dupl

C # verifies that a given IP address is legitimate

function is used to detect the IP address format is legitimate, including the composition of the IP format, each segment is not more than 255, etc., but this function can not verify that the IP address can be ping pass./// ///Verify that the IP address is

C # Verify email (e-mail) address is legitimate

Used to verify that a given email address is legitimate, only for the format of the email address provided, and does not verify that it exists for real./// ///Verify email is legitimate/// /// E -mail to verify Public Static BOOLIsemail (stringemail) {//if NULL, the validation is

Thinkphp+ajax dynamically verifying user input is legitimate _php tutorial

Thinkphp+ajax dynamically verifies that user input is legitimate Encounter user registration and so on, if the user input all information, click on the registration button to submit, then verify the input is correct, the experience is not good, but also a waste of user time, increase the registration cost, here

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