is netscape search engine

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Web site How to serve the search engine for search engine service is to serve themselves

There are a lot of webmaster in the process of optimizing the site is very afraid of search engine, feeling search engine is king Lao Tze, all day is hiding far away, beware of

How can I accurately determine whether a request is a request sent by a search engine crawler (SPIDER ?, Search engine Crawler

How can I accurately determine whether a request is a request sent by a search engine crawler (SPIDER ?, Search engine Crawler Websites are often visited by various crawlers. Some are search e

Is this search engine year? Hot! Popularity of search engine algorithm clicks

People around us and companies around us are all crazy. It seems that the bet is all over this. I am wondering that a few years ago, the Institute has thoroughly studied search algorithms. It seems that they have not been commercialized until now, so patent technology quickly depreciates. I used to perform full-text retrieval of multimedia materials. Since all of them are reading, I will also review the o

Mop's human flesh search engine PHP Determines whether a visitor is a function code for a search engine spider

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: /*** Judging whether the search engine spider** @author Eddy* @return BOOL*/function Iscrawler () {$agent = Strtolower ($_server[' http_user_agent ');if (!empty ($agent)) {$spiderSite = Array ("Tencenttraveler","Baiduspider+","Baidugame","Googlebot","MSNBot","Sosospider+","Sogou web Spider","Ia_archiver","Yahoo! slurp","Youdaobot

The most comprehensive search engine optimization tool is the search engine itself

"Abstract" the most valuable search engine optimization diagnostic Tool is the search engine itself! Using search engines to test the site's search

Search engine ranking algorithm rule: Image ALT attribute text is no longer valid-search engine technology

Search engine ranking algorithm rule: Image ALT attribute text is no longer validIn webpage design, the ALT label of an image is used to describe the image name and so on. Many keywords of ALT tags play a role in search engine opt

Php implementation to determine whether access is a search engine robot method, to search engine _ PHP Tutorial

Php implements a method to determine whether access is a search engine robot. Php is used to determine whether an access route is a search engine robot. This document describes how php

PHP implementation to determine whether access is a search engine robot method, the route search engine _php Tutorial

PHP implementation to determine whether access is a search engine robot method, the route search engine The example in this paper describes how PHP realizes whether the access route is a sear

Aliyun Search is not an exclusive search engine for online shopping

Aliyun Search low-key online, small tree seo suddenly see an article about Aliyun search: Aliyun search is exclusive online shopping search engine? Feel not very agree, first attached the original text as follows: In recent days,

How to design a subscription system? is the keyword search the title of the kind, this need search engine? Or is there any other way?

the news? Million? Million? To crawl information, news, tens of thousands of levels for example, roughly divided into a few parts:1. The captured news will have a classification module for each item labeled after the storage2. In order to access the speed, maintain a label in memory-news unique ID array data structure, you can use Redis can also write a single service3. There will be a table to maintain user and subscription topics4. When the user sends a request to obtain a message, go to

Chrome browser Address bar search is forced to jump, Baidu search engine code

Normally enter the information in the address bar, the search will automatically call the default search engine, but not now, such as jumping to the first page of the search engine, and then input once. It's trouble!Estimate is 36

11 similar image search engine recommendations, search by image is no longer difficult

Do you want to find the original image from an existing image or a small thumbnail? The following eleven search engines can help you find images, search for images, and search for similar images. 1. Tineye is a typical search

Search engine is how to search the arrival information?

I see some movie sites, such as a movie station inside the ABC resources in a station inside the search bar can be found but now through the Baidu directly search ABC can be found out of a station inside the ABC resources do not have to go to a station inside search ABC Resources This is how to achieve it? Reply co

The beauty of the math series 17 is not necessarily about gold. It is about Search Engine Anti-SPAM)

The beauty of the math series 17 flash is not necessarily about gold, SPAM has been applied to search engine web page rankings ). So that users find that the top web pages in the search engine are not necessarily of high quality. As the saying goes, the flash

The Baidu-Aladdin model is a supplement to the existing search engine's layout-analysis-inverted-Search

Today we see the pattern of Baidu Aladdin. In my opinion, it is a useful supplement to the previous crawling, analysis, and search modes. 1. Crawling is time-consuming and labor-consuming. It is nothing more than getting the original webpage file, but the search engine's

How to design a subscription system? It depends on the keyword search title. Does this need a search engine? Or is there any other method?

use the database LIKE, the resources will definitely consume a lot. Would you LIKE to ask how the mature practices are achieved? How do I publish different results to different subscribers? Please give a detailed description of the problem. What are the sources of these news? UGC? Capture? How many of these news? Millions? Tens of millions? Taking capturing information, news, and tens of millions of data records as an example, the data can be divided into the following parts:1. the captu

Understand the search engine crawl principle is to do SEO optimization key

In my first contact with the SEO industry, often because they are not familiar with the principle of the search engines and do a lot of work without effort, SEO optimized for my site, updated a lot of content (let my site more rich), for the site's outside the chain of operations to make repeated adjustments, all of this seems to be useless. Search engine

What is the working process of the search engine

Search engine work process is very complex, we simply introduced how the search engine is to achieve the page rank. The introduction here is relative to the real

Keyword is connected to the site-search engine-users of the bridge

Hello, everyone! We met again, Poxios in a "How to improve the site search engine ranking the secret of the internal strength of the first--the connotation of the site and you share how from 1 site content quality, 2" website access speed, 3 site depth, 4 site classification organizational structure, 5 Web site Auxiliary reading system, 6) Reasonable layout and details of the site to grasp, 7 advertising in

Summary of some of the website is conducive to search engine optimization of the small common sense and SEO optimization

Web site for search engine optimization of the small common sense1. Try to use independent IP and space reasons: under the same IP and other sites punished, may have an impact on your stand. If your station and a lot of garbage, pornographic station with a server, search engine will like it?2. Avoid using level two dom

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