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PHP Configuration Chinese explanation

PHP Tutorial Configuration Chinese Narration Let's see what you see, php.ini. [PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;;; WARNING;;;;;;;;;;;;; This is the default settings file for new PHP installations.; By default, PHP installs itself with a configuration suitable for;

PHP displays null after Json_encode in Chinese

PHP JSON NULL There is an array of this: Array ( [0] = = Array ( [Name] = + [id] = 3232236026 [items] + = array ( [Defualt] = = Array

Optimization and analysis of PHP-FPM process in Linux

On several offline servers that are not very busy, the number of PHP-FPM processes is found to be more than 500, and some processes run for several months. The following troubleshooting was performed to determine if there is a problem with the

Attack a common Vulnerability in a PHP program

This article is translated because the current articles on CGI security are all examples of Perl, and there are few articles specifically about asp,php or JSP security. Shaun Clowes This article more comprehensive introduction of PHP security issues,

Several methods for determining null variables in PHP

Several methods for determining null variables in PHP 1. isset function: determines whether a variable is initialized. Note: it does not determine whether the variable is null and can be used to determine whether the elements in the array have

PHP's various

PHP, a nested abbreviated name, is an abbreviation for the English Super Text preprocessing language (Php:hypertext preprocessor). PHP is an HTML embedded language, PHP and Microsoft's ASP quite a bit similar, is a server-side implementation of

Several methods for determining null variables in PHP _ PHP Tutorial

Several methods for judging null variables in PHP are shared. 1. isset: determines whether a variable is initialized. description: it does not determine whether the variable is null and can be used to determine whether the elements in the array are

Difference between 0 and null in php _ PHP Tutorial

The difference between 0 and null in php. As a qualified php programmer, some basic knowledge must be known, such as the difference between 0 and null. for this difference, we will perform a simple analysis using several instances, as a qualified

Php command line mode

PHP features: the command line mode starts with version 4.3.0. PHP provides a new type of cli sapi (Server Application Programming Interface, Server Application Programming Port) support, named CLI, command Line Interface, that is, Command Line

Why does * in php match null? Is it a php bug or is it true in other languages?

{Code ...} php > preg_match_all('/.*/',null,$arr);php > print_r($arr);Array( [0] => Array ( [0] => ))php > var_dump($arr);array(1) { [0]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(0) "" }}php >

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