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10. Is overtime equal to team building?

to work overtime for a period of time or occasionally. For example, at the time of making the first app, our team worked overtime throughout September due to investors' requirements. Every day, from AM to AM, there was no rest on Saturday, however, I feel that the efficiency of this month is very low. Although I work every day, it is far less efficient than work

Program Development Team-team building

reason is management, and the second reason may be that they do not have a good team. The purpose of building a team is to achieve the best development results at the minimum cost. Therefore, we try our best to find outstanding programmers and conduct appropriate division o

"Entrepreneurial notes" team building--creating a team atmosphere

Over time, the progress of the project has also begun to appear plateau phenomenon. We obviously want to seriously do good deeds to promote the progress of the project, the more anxious but the more progress is slow, inefficient, the atmosphere is dull, morale low. If not aware of this problem, or do not value will allow the hidden negative feelings of breeding, fermentation, and ultimately lead to the t

"Entrepreneurial notes" team building--creating a team atmosphere

As time went on, the progress of the project also began to appear plateau phenomenon. We obviously want to seriously do good deeds, to promote the progress of the project, but the more anxious but the more slow progress, efficiency, dull atmosphere, low morale. If you do not realize the problem, or do not pay attention to the hidden negative emotions will breed, ferment, and ultimately lead to the decay of the team. The formation of a

About team building and personal growth _ test Management

About team building and personal growth A summary of ideas about team building and personal growth, from the views of colleagues in the team meal, feels pretty representative, so sharing it doesn't involve any company privacy. 1. When it feels like the

Three Principles for project team building

The comments that people often hear about project managers are how they make team members feel overwhelmed. This phenomenon is actually caused by communication failure. Many project managers do not dare to say no to the project deadline. On the contrary, they choose to sacrifice their own team. The result is that the t

Building an efficient Team collaboration tool (iii) Confluence installation configuration

Confluence is a professional enterprise knowledge management and collaboration software, an enterprise-level wiki. It enables collaboration and information sharing among team members. Confluence is simple to use, but its powerful editing and site management features help team members share information, document collabo

Xu Zheng Teacher "leadership and team building in project management"

according to the enterprise specific situation and time request.Course Outline:First Lecture: Project Leadership and team building introduction Understand the importance of Project manager leadership in a project environment Understand the contribution of leadership in contributing to project success Project manager leadership roles and responsibilities Assist each project manager to u

Discussion on team building of wine and meat

Human resource integration is the fundamental key to the success of the team. How can we build a team? This is a complicated problem. Therefore, many managers have put forward shortcuts, which I call "wine and meat Construction ". The idea is that everyone eats, drinks, sing

Team building practices

When I was a class leader in school, I took the second place in sports, and all other group activities took the first place. At the bottom of the waves, I used to bring out the "crazy team" together with foreigners. I also left 90% of the teams that have already been included in the layoff plan with outstanding performance, in the end, the team was taken by foreigners. He once led an engineer group and play

Knowledge Management: Building a Learning Team

enterprise, this culture also runs through the decision-making mechanism. Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that building a learning team is to create a cultural mechanism and environment for Collaborative Learning in the team and build a communication platform for group collaborative learning, members are encoura

In the entrance season, we talk about the team building of software research and development.

Half a month ago, the Bull game columnist has a "good talking Li" and raised a question: "A question: is the programmer a Fumiomi or a warlord?" ” There are a few answers, but I would like to answer the majority of the "generals".There are three reasons: The majority of programmers are more straight, normative and disciplined and military-like. The programmer's work is groundbreak

Development Team building in software project management

Why have we been plagued by problems such as the Development delay of software development projects, the cost exceeding the budget, and the inability to guarantee software quality? I never think that the main problem that arises is that the project management method is insufficient, the software engineering cannot be understood, or the software development capability is

Some Opinions on building a Team Leader

Some Opinions on building a Team Leader 1. Establish good communication and communication mechanismsA good communication and communication mechanism can eliminate the gap between players, make an active atmosphere, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and facilitate the growth of the team members. We

The most complete Test team building method in history

Background: The company has just set up a product line, naturally also need to form a corresponding Test team, this time the company chose a small a to be responsible for the formation and management of the Test team, and currently a small a person. So the question is, as a newly appointed Test manager, how does small a go about doing it one step at a way? What s

Maintenance Team building in software companies

here and here ). If a new bug is introduced due to a change, it indicates that at least two changes are required, and the cost is 4 ~ fixed during the development process ~ 50 times. In order to ensure the quality of changes and reduce risks and inconsistent costs, the software maintenance team usually has more strict processes than the development

A team without faith is a guerrilla! Team management of 20 military regulations

faith in the hearts of the believers is supreme, this is the power of faith. In the process of team management, if you want to find the faith of the team in this direction to refine, to explore, some people are really building a team

The idea of building an ideal team model and understanding of the software process

The idea of building an ideal team model and understanding of the software processthe idea of constructing ideal team Modelfirst of all, I think that the team is a community of grass-roots and management staff, it makes reasonable use of each member's knowledge and skills to

The team building of "The Thief King" Road flying

This period of time to see the "King of Thieves", the long animation, read a few episodes, think it is not pure entertainment so simple. A ship is similar to a company, which also reveals some of the author's ideas of the entrepreneur, among them, the protagonist Luffy team building

Team building (4)-no banquet in the world

In the end, the team members will inevitably leave when they gather together. Some Members are becoming more and more powerful, and they naturally need to rise/change jobs. If they do not reach the bottom line of the assessment, they also need to find another way out. As a development team lead, the best thing is that when other departments set up the development

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