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[Vomit blood sharing] IPhone features you never care about-VPN

VPN, as we all know, is a virtual private network, and I am too lazy to heap up a bunch of technical terms to test your language capabilities. Simply put, it is to use a public network to achieve remote access to the private network, for example, we know that many enterprises use the Intranet, so what if employees are on a business trip or want to access the comp

Various iOS devices (iPhone, itouch, and iPad) use their own VPN servers to access the Internet and leave the proxy alone.

Various iOS devices (iPhone, itouch, and iPad) use their own VPN servers to access the Internet and leave the proxy alone. Device used for testing: Windows XP Computer + iPad Available places: for example, in the school living area, connect to the VPN Server set up by yourself in the teaching area to access the Internet (of course, if you have the permission to

Diagram of the iphone set VPN PPTP over wall detailed steps

In this tutorial we'll talk about using an Apple phone to set up a PPTP-style flip wall, test the phone is iphone4s, the system is IOS7.1.2, and other phone models and system versions are similar. 1. First, we open the iphone into the desktop, find "settings" into 2. In the Settings menu to find "General", click to enter 3. In the common menu interfa

Introduction to free VPN settings for smart phone terminals (Android, iPhone, etc)

According to many users, some Unicom, mobile 3G networks and some wired networks do not support PPTP VPNs. Launched the L2TP VPN. We can register above to obtain free traffic. Registration address:Click here IPhone settings The other steps are the same as the pptp vpn settings. In the VPN properties (Set/General/N

Believe it or not! The screen width of iPhone 6 is not necessarily 375px, while that of iPhone 6 Plus is not necessarily 414px,

width of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was tested using js. The result was that the screen width of iPhone 6 was 375 pixels, the screen width of iPhone 6 Plus is 414 pixels (standard mode by default ). Later, I firmly believed in this conclusion. Today, the project simulated t

What is ssl vpn?

. This information is very helpful for fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. System Administrators can only access this information within the limits, and only perform necessary basic work. Remote Intranet web server access SummaryThe role of ssl vpn rap: Provides secure remote access services and protects users' secrets with actual actions; constantly improves en

What about the speed of the iphone? The iphone is running slow optimization method

1. Delete old photos Deleting unnecessary files is one of the main ways to speed up your phone. If you have hundreds of photos stored in your iphone, you can back them up to a computer or icloud, and then remove them from the machine. 2. Deletion of space-intensive applications The more bloated your iphone

Several VPN problems on MACOs and IOs (the webpage cannot be opened because the MTU is too large)

The first time I used VPN, I purchased puff VPN, But I encountered many problems in MAC configuration. The general steps are not mentioned. Please search for them on the Internet. If the network still fails after the correct settings, use a Windows host for testing. If windows can be used but Mac and iPhone cannot, the MTU value may be too large. Run the follow

Which version of Apple iPhone7 is better? What are the differences between iPhone 7 versions?

First, China is still the starting country for the new iphone this year, Hong Kong and Taiwan (for the first time) also ranked first echelon, plus Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States market, can predict the iphone 7 of the first batch of sales will be very tight, the initial price will certainly have the situation, so there are plans to buy users to p

Apple officials turn on the iphone, OK? Is it worth buying?

ever thought that he would be threatened by a tattered refurbished machine, saying that all kinds of diaoda iphones were in the press conference. It is now foreseeable that once the official turn of the iphone in China, the formal root sprout, That for the domestic manufacturers of the impact will be huge, and may even be the extinction!In fact, the reason manufacturers are not afraid of Apple, simply beca

Let me tell you how bad the iPhone is!

Start with the iPhone 4S of The Hong Kong bank and help your friends. Friends often go abroad, so they are designated to jailbreak and install Ghost Software. The large SIM card is not supported. Fortunately, the seller gave the card clipper. First of all, I found that the mobile card is not supported. Don't tell me to welcome the door. I used a 19-bit iccid. A

Advanced iPhone development (the source is a ppt)

, available-xcode-interface builder-Simulator-instruments-sharkios devices • iPhone • itouch • iPad • Previous versions-iPhone 1.0, 2.0, 3G, 3gs, 4G, 4gs-iPad 1, iPad 2, there will soon be a 3-generation iPad simulator • iPhone simulator is the target platform for deploying and testing your applications on a computer •

Why is the iphone's home button not replaced with a touch key?

button, it is necessary to rise to such a high degree? With the advent of the iphone, mobile devices have entered the era of touch screens, "This is the best of times, this is the worst of times", touch screen technology and the concept of a thorough change of

Why is memory using a 2G iphone more fluid than using a 4G Android device in memory?

collection it requires more memory.The Android apps use Java and as a result, Android does garbage collection. The problem with garbage collection are that memory usage grows until it's collected, so there might being more memory allocat Ed than necessary. That's bad for devices with restricted memory and no option to swap.When the garbage collector runs, it scans the "heap to find memory" that's no longer being used, and that's an expensive pro Cess

How to determine whether the iphone screen is a retina screen in cocos2d

In cocos2d, how does one determine whether the iphone screen is a retina screen? During Iphone game development, it is often necessary to determine whether the screen is a retina Retina screen. cocos provides a way to enable retin

The iphone's Safari browser is a way to achieve full-screen browsing _ios

Normally, when you open a Web page with your mobile browser, the navigation stays on, so the actual display screen becomes smaller.Can that be loaded, and the screen will be automatically full-screen? This is what this article is going to discuss. Add to Home screen When it comes to Full-screen, having to talk about safari under the iphone

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