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SEO Practice (4)--seo friendly URL structure

The series of the previous two articles have almost all the ideas of SEO covered, as the beginning said, SEO is nothing but to search engine friendly, or to search engine user-friendly, there is no more. The next step will be to c

SEO Practices (3) make the site user-friendly for search engines

The two previous articles in the series mentioned the preparation of SEO data, and how to make the site for search engine friendly, difficult to avoid involves a lot of technical aspects of content. This article can finally enter a slightly lighter topic, because the site to the search engine user-friendly, only we need to start from common sense-although often t

How to design a SEO-friendly CMS system

Currently, many websites are using a database-based content management system (CMS) for production and management. One advantage of CMS is that when you have thousands of pages, you don't need to create HTML pages on one page, but CMS also has some disadvantages. What worries us most about the current content management system (CMS) is that most of them lack the SEO

Ajax How to do SEO friendly

Jax How to do SEO friendly I guess you are on the web search "How Ajax is indexed by search engines", "Ajax seo", "Ajax SEO friendly" and other keywords came here. You may be very tired, because some time ago I also search, but I

SEO Practice (2)--Make the site to search engine friendly

In the first installment of the series, it was mentioned that SEO should be based on data and a little bit of preparation for writing some data. Although the data is very important, but its role can only be auxiliary: The discovery of problems, summary of improvements, as a reference factor for decision-making, but can not be separated from the existing SEO metho

Asp. NET tutorials: Friendly HTML and js for SEO

JavaScript function to generate page content. Looking at the source code, we can see the relevant JavaScript functions, but we can't see what the function generates. and the search engine spider, it is only to see the source code. 3. When we need to use a pop-up page, the usual practice is: According to our above explanation, this kind of writing, for

Snapshot update slow, this and website update also has SEO search engine friendly degree

of a further way. Third: The emergence of the decline in the ranking is mainly due to the site optimization has to do harm to the suspect, or external links suddenly reduction, is to dispose of rewards and punishments is the internal adjustment, must do the coordination, not too much determination to add friends chain. Four: Snapshot update slow, this and websit

Write a search engine friendly article SEO page-class _jsp programming

Using dynamic programs such as jsp/php/asp to generate pages how to search engine friendly? You may want to use Url_rewrite. However, it is best to let the same URL at any time corresponding to the content of the page is the same or similar. Because the search engine does not like the page content is always changing UR

Write a search engine-friendly Article SEO paging class

How are pages generated by dynamic programs such as jsp, php, and asp friendly to search engines? You may want to use url_rewrite. However, it is recommended that the content of the page corresponding to the same website address be the same or similar at any time. Because the search engine does not like the web site where the page content is always changing. Gene

What is SEO? Seo How to do? SEO New Must See

SEO (Search Engine optimization, SEO) is a way to use search engines to improve the purpose of the site in the search engine rankings. Deep understanding is: Through SEO such a set of marketing ideas based on search engines for the site to provide eco-style marketing solutio

SEO is dead? Good SEO strategy and quality content is still valid

first in search results. "SEO is a trustworthy marketing strategy for startups and companies that have grown," says Danny Sullivan. The following is his analysis. (The author is Search engine Research blog Search Engine Land editor, third Door Media partner and chief content officer.) )   

SEO highest realm is not doing SEO will work to the site of every developer

results are paid users, when you know that 90% of people will only click the search results in the top 5, you will understand why SEO is not meaningful for Baidu. So, instead of spending the budget and energy on the SEO for Baidu, it is better to use their bidding ranking system directly than the efficiency and effect

SEO is dead: entrepreneurial enterprises difficult to use SEO to get more browsing

-commerce + advertising) is a value of hundreds of millions of of dollars in the market, which has a lot of revenue from the SEO, which spawned a hundreds of millions of-dollar SEO industry. Some SEO consultants belong to "white hat", they usually give the site to provide benign advice, make it more

What is Seo to improve website traffic?

most important thing is whether the content and design of blogs are friendly to readers and the reader experience should be improved. Nothing is worse than a blog with all keywords filled. Never be such a case. Topic blogI have learned from my recent Seo theories that if your blog

Seo is the end of the road or the dark

With regard to the development prospects of Seo, Baidu's algorithms have been constantly evolving and upgraded since last year, causing many large and small websites to be downgraded or even some sites to be directly attacked by K, of course, these sites that are downgraded or K must have violated the rules during the optimization process. As the saying goes, it is better to have no rules than to have a squ

Why is SEO more and more difficult?

Not very long toss seo that, no brain want how very long hair outside the chain, on the one hand, did not spend the time SEO in, on the other hand SEO more and more difficult, another aspect, also SEO features, uncontrolled and unpredictable, resulting in our spending a lot of cases,

Enough to do too much SEO know temperance is great wisdom

With the current SEO continues to warm up, not only every site is very important to SEO work, and the most basic SEO skills for stationmaster, seoer are very adept, but will do not equal to do well, and there are qualitative differences between. Zac said: "(SEO) did and do t

Website SEO Simple is the best optimization strategy

specification.   Second, the website structure refreshing and clean, simple and convenient for users to use A simple and Easy-to-use site is not only for search engine friendly, but also to retain users, the structure of the site is a clear search engine crawling convenience of good security. For example, the website's navigation clear, the level

Novice webmaster to tell you why SEO is important (ii)

In the previous article the player net tells you why SEO is very important (i), respectively, from the high flow quality, high cost performance, strong scalability, long time four aspects to share the importance of SEO, and then on the article today, continue to make the site more user-friendly,

SEO The biggest misunderstanding is the original content is equal to high-quality content

"Content for the king, outside the chain for the Emperor" this phrase SEO industry wisdom is now obsolete, because now has come to the user experience era, the value of the chain is only a reference in the initial site of a factor. As long as this site a long time, the search engine mastered the site's data, keyword ranking i

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