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Open Wifi SSID Broadcast vulnerability

Open Wifi SSID Broadcast vulnerability0x00 Preface A few days ago, I saw @ RAyH4c share an article about wifi phishing on Weibo. I thought it was good and I translated it. For the first translation, the level of English can only pass 4 levels. If the translation is poor, please forgive me. Attached original address:

"IOS" gets the WiFi name (i.e. SSID)

IOS get WiFi SSID nameSSID full service Set IDentifier, that is, the public name of the WiFi network. iOS 4.1 or later provides a public way to get that information.First add a frame: systemconfiguration.framework1 #import2- (ID) Fetchssidinfo3 {4Nsarray *ifs = (ID) cncopysupportedinterfaces (); 5NSLog (@"%s:supported interfaces:%@", __func__, IFS); 6 IDinfo

Wireless network security Python uses raw sockets to sniff WiFi SSID

1. IntroductionWith the widespread popularity of wireless networks, people are increasingly using wireless networks, he changed the way people live. Now a lot of people go to a place, the first thing to ask is "Is there WiFi?" However, the wireless network security problem has not aroused people's attention enough. In some public places, such as airports, train stations, cafes, restaurants, and so on, some free Wi-Fi is provided for customers to use,

How does Android get the WiFi name, that is, the SSID?

You can use wifimanager and wifiinfo to obtain the current Wi-Fi connection information. Wifimanager = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (wifi_service); wifiinfo = wifimanager. getconnectioninfo (); log. D ("wifiinfo", wifiinfo. tostring (); log. D ("SSID", wifiinfo. getssid ()); Remember to add a license to the manifest File Uses-Permission android:Name="Android. Permission. access_wifi_state">Uses-Permission> If you do not want to get the

About Android different version number get WiFi SSID, really no words

There's really nothing to say ..., why do you have to do this ..., think it's fun ..., Google, the project teacher who wrote this interface to get Wifissid, has an aching egg.The methods for obtaining Wifissid are as Mwifimanager = (wifimanager) MainActivity.this.getSystemService (Context.wifi_service) ; mwifiinfo = Mwifimanager.getconnectioninfo (); String Currentwifissid = Mwifiinfo.getssid ();//Get current WifissidThink of everyth

C # Use the Managed Wifi API to connect to a wireless SSID

How to use C # to operate a wireless network card to connect to a wireless network has been a major confusion in my learning process. Fortunately, this problem has been successfully solved recently. Recently, I was writing a ChinaNet wireless hotspot Automatic Connection Tool for China Telecom, and used the Managed Wifi API, which is very convenient to use. The procedure is simple: 1.Download Managed Wifi A

How to modify the wireless router WiFi link name (SSID number) and password

Do you think that the default WiFi link name is ugly, what tp-ling1234 ..., the default generated password is an irregular string, such as IFS2-2DFD-87DF, do you remember? Some don't even have a password to change it quickly. 1. Modify the name (SSID number), in the "Wireless Settings"-> "Basic settings" to modify the SSID number 2. Modify the

"Swift" gets the current WiFi SSID in Swift

funcgetssid () ->String?{ letinterfaces:cfarray!=cncopysupportedinterfaces ()?. Takeretainedvalue () ifinterfaces==nil{ returnnil} letif0:unsafepointer - - If you encounter it in the project, remember it."Swift" gets the current WiFi SSID in Swift

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