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Project Manager's Business Guide Series 3: understanding customers (Agile development, passive and weak customers, understanding customers' eccentric behaviors, and how they like customers)

This is the third article in the Business Guide series of the Project Manager. (1) preface and project nature; (2) Recognition of responsibilities; (3) Understanding of customers; (4) Understanding of negotiations; (5) Understanding of project progress; (6) Understanding of remittance; (7: push the project to an unbeaten position)Passive and weak customers Customers

is E-commerce site needs customers, or customers need E-commerce site?

Electronic commerce Once several times I asked myself such a question, in the end is the customer needs E-commerce site, or E-commerce site needs customers. How is the communication and communication between the customer and the E-commerce website and the cooperation between them? I want to do e-commerce people, will certainly know, many of the new features of the site, customers will not necessarily accept

Three big questions that customers often ask in conversations with customers who do not know SEO

As an optimization staff, I think more or less have taken the experience of SEO list, will inevitably encounter all kinds of customers, if you encounter some SEO customers also do, but encountered some do not understand SEO and demanding users, I think need more communication skills. Some people may be overwhelmed, and finally lost the list or because the customer's dissatisfaction and white work, but no wa

Java iterator iterators and iterable interfaces

Java.lang.IterableJava.util.IteratorIterator is an iterator class, and iterable is an interface.Many classes implement the Iterable interface so that the object can call the iterator () method.are generally used in combination, such asThe HashMap class implements the Iterable interface, and when you want to access or print all the contents of a map, you can:1 Has

"Feng Cheng Quotations" to detect the interests of customers, with customers to create a communication intersection

Explore the reasons for customers to buy products, find out the customer's purchase motivation, find the customer's most concerned about the interests of the point. Having a good understanding of the possible reasons for a person to buy things can help you identify the interests of your customers early.In general, customers buy things for the following reasons:1,

The difference between iterator and iterable in Java

Definition of iterable:Java.lang Bag/** * Implementing this interface allows a object to be the target of * the "foreach" statement. * * @param /** * Returns An iterator over a set of elements of type T. * * @return an Iterator. * /iteratorDefinition of iterator:Java.util Package:Public interface IteratorIterator is an iterator class, and iterable is designed to iterate using foreach as long as the interface is implemented.The itera

Java Collection _ Talking about the difference between iterable and iterator _java

1. iterator is an iterator class, and iterable is designed to iterate by using foreach as long as the interface is implemented. 2. the iterator interface is encapsulated in iterable, and iterator iterators can be used as long as the class of the Iterable interface is implemented. 3. Collection collection, List, and set are all implementation classes of

Introduction to Python yield usage (iterable generator)

function is overwritten:Listing 2. Output Fibonacci Number The first N numbers second editionDef FAB (max): N, a, b = 0, 0, 1 L = [] while n return L   The List returned by the FAB function can be printed using the following method:>>> for N in Fab (5): ... Print N ... 1 1 2) 3 5  The rewritten fab function can meet the requirements of reusability by returning the List, but more experienced developers will point out that the memory consumed by this function will inc

Experiment 16-14 in TestDB: Find customers for each customer (including customers without orders)

Tags: har highlight out outer sort arc SQL custom TomTestDB is a product sales database, in TestDB: Find the customer number, name, order date, order amount for each customer (including customers without orders), where the order date format is YYYY-MM-DD, sorted by customer number, and the same customer then sorts the output in descending order amount.Select customer.cust_id,cust_name,convert (varchar), order_date,121) as Order_date,tot_amtfrom cust

Iterator and iterable differences and linkages

treeiterator, but they all implement the iterator interface. So, the client doesn't care what kind of Iterator it is, it just needs to get the Iterator interface. This is the power of object-oriented.All collection classes implement the Collection interface, while Collection inherits the Iterable interface./** * Implementing this interface allows a object to be the target of * the "foreach" statement. * * @param /** * Returns An iterator over a s

Core Java (20) iterator, iterable, collection Interface

be the same as the next method.Use togetherTo remove the elements returned by the next method. package com.xujin;import java.util.ArrayList;import java.util.Collection;import java.util.Iterator;public class Test{public static void main(String...arg){Collection Iterable Interface The iterable interface only contains one method: public interface Iterable The

Python standard library: built-in function filter (function, iterable), pythoniterable

Python standard library: built-in function filter (function, iterable), pythoniterable This function is used to traverse all elements from an iteration object iterable. When each element is run on the function object as a parameter, the elements that are judged to be True are retained, while those that are False are skipped, that is, to filter unnecessary elements. The

Iterable and Iterator of java. util, java. utiliterable

Iterable and Iterator of java. util, java. utiliterable package java.lang; import java.util.Iterator;public interface Iterable Iterator} Iterable is located in the java. lang Package, which holds an Iterator reference package java.util;public interface Iterator boolean hasNext(); E next(); void remove();} Iterator is also an interface that contains th

04.javascript--Introduction Some methods record the iterable

Traversal Array can take the subscript loop, traverse Map and Set cannot use subscript. In order to unify collection types, the ES6 standard introduces new iterable types Array , Map and Set all of them belong to iterable types.A iterable collection with a type can traverse through a new for ... of loop.varA = [' A ', ' B ', ' C '];vars =NewSet ([' A ', ' B ', '

Java Iterable interface and Iterator

Java Iterable interface and IteratorJava Iterable interface and Iterator iterator Iterator The interface is defined as follows: public interface Iterator { boolean hasNext(); E next(); void remove();} This interface only contains three functions. The hasNext () and next () methods appear in our common set traversal.Functions:Use next () to obtain the next element in the sequence. Use hasN

The new type of ES6 in JS iterable

1.1 iterable literal meaning: iterative, repeatableiterableIs the new type introduced by the ES6 standard. and Array , Map and Set all belong to the iterable type1.2 Why join a iterable type? Traversing the array can take the subscript loop, and traversing the map and set cannot use the subscript. The collection type is not uniform. For a loop of typ

About List.extend (iterable)

As long as the parameters within the extend are iterable, you can also add custom iterable, open the whole.Class A (object): def __init__ (self): self.a = 0 def __iter__ (self): return to self def next: SELF.A = self.a + 1 if SELF.A >: self.a = 0 raise stopiteration ();

Determine which stores are closest to customers in a certain range by longitude and latitude, for example, which of the following stores are closest to customers within 1000.

: This article mainly introduces how to determine which stores are closest to customers by longitude and latitude, for example, the nearest stores within 1000. if you are interested in PHP tutorials, refer to it. Recently, the company needs to query the stores closest to the customer's address through the customer's receiving address. the customer can pick up the goods at the nearest store. How can we calculate the number of stores with the customer

Python standard library: built-in function any (iterable), pythoniterable

Python standard library: built-in function any (iterable), pythoniterable If one of all elements of an object that can be iterated is True, True is returned. Otherwise, False is returned. Or if the iteratable object is null, False is returned. This function is mainly used to determine whether the list, tuples, dictionaries, and other objects have elements that are True, improving the computing speed. The equivalent code is as follows: Def any (

Python iterable and list, dictionary differences and connections

1 Why are the parameters of some functions specified to Iterable object, but can also pass in list as parameter?Because list, dictionary are all iterable object.adding ITER () to the Iterable object will return a iterator.2 iterable The difference between object and iteratorIterator can use next () to traverse the acce

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