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Microsoft Communication Framework practice-main concepts and communication framework practice

Microsoft Communication Framework practice-main concepts and communication framework practice Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a series of application frameworks developed by Microsoft to support data Communication. It is a cross-platform security, reliable, and transactional solution. It is a web service ,. n

. NET lightweight ORM framework Dapper practice manual,. netormdapper practice

. NET lightweight ORM framework Dapper practice manual,. netormdapper practiceI. Summary 1.1 why is this sharing course called 《Practice Manual? I hope some tips and skills involved in this sharing lesson will help you. We hope that you will reserve it as a practical skill manual for future work. Once you have something similar to the

Application Framework practice 4: Do you need an application framework?

confusion and no one is willing to maintain others' code. When programmers who develop a module leave their posts, new programmers who take over the module will suffer.This problem can be improved to some extent through coding specifications, but it is still very passive and the execution effect may be poor.The application framework provides the team with a set of APIS, and the basic code is automatically created by the

Application Framework Practice 6: application framework features

need to continue learning.Fifth, the application framework is gradually enhanced by accumulation. The starting point of the application framework is code reuse. When you are reading books, reading blogs, collecting source code everywhere, and developing projects, it is a great opportunity to enhance the application framework, your

Apworks Framework practice (6): using the Entity Framework-based warehouse infrastructure, apworksentity

Apworks Framework practice (6): using the Entity Framework-based warehouse infrastructure, apworksentity In the previous chapter, we have designed a simple domain model. Next we hope to realize the persistence and query of the domain model. Apworks provides the warehousing infrastructure for Entity Framework, nhib.pdf,

Application Framework practice 5: Composition of the application framework

there are still a considerable number of codes that need to be copied and pasted back and forth. observe these codes carefully and their structures are similar, it may be because the database fields are different, so you need to change it. The most common is the CRUD operation. Since the information system is ultimately a CRUD operation, almost every database table has corresponding operations. But it's still an old problem. The copy and paste method is not safe and inefficient. Especially in a

"Selenium2 Python Automation Test Practice" (--unittest) unit Test framework Analysis

--6th UnitTest Module (ii)Interface Test Basics--6th UnitTest Module (iii)These are the methods of batch execution. The above we talk about this is a very low example, you can just look at the line, and then I will write a concrete selenium framework, we directly refer to it. If you are interested, you need to review this knowledge:Interface Test Basics--First article smtplib sending text messagesInterface Test fr

React native practice of Ctrip moles Framework

channels are also on the ground to continue the access. I believe that in the near future, we will be in Ctrip's major channels to see moles figure. We also hope that moles can become the preferred framework for Ctrip and even the industry based on react native development projects.The following are developed based on moles:I'm carrying the channel.Introduction ChannelViii. Open Source ProgramBefore sharing the time, there are many students consulted

Quartz best practice of open Source scheduling framework

Quartz Best practice of open source scheduling framework Author: Chszs, reprint should be indicated. Blog home: Http:// Quartz is a Java scheduling framework with the latest version of 2.2.1.Take the quartz 2.2.1 version as an example, quartz best practices (for production systems) are summarized as follows: 1, skip the update checkQuartz has

Hands-on Practice Spring Retry retry Framework

for execution, 3 is a multiple, and 5000 is the maximum allowable interval, and the execution code results are as follows:For example, the first execution and the second execution interval is 2 seconds, the second and third intervals are 2*3=6 seconds, but the retry is triggered at 5 seconds due to the maximum interval set.Retry the exception in the business do not captureIn our retry business code we need to retry based on the exception, what happens if you catch an exception in the business c

Liaoliang's most popular one-stop cloud computing big Data and mobile Internet Solution Course V4 Android Architecture design and Implementation complete training: hal&framework&native service&android service& Best Practice

Spark Asia-Pacific Institute;The president and chief expert of Spark's Asia-Pacific Research Institute, Spark source-level expert, has spent more than 2 years on Spark's painstaking research (since January 2012), and has completed a thorough study of the 14 different versions of Spark's source code, while constantly using the various features of spark in the real world, Wrote the world's first systematic spark book and opened the world's first systematic spark course and opened the world's firs

Spring Cloud + kubernetes Micro Service Framework principle and practice

and fuse-related concepts. The easiest way for consumers to hold examples of several providers is by taking turns, which is the client load balancing; If a service provider has reached a threshold for a period of time in the past, it can be temporarily set to unavailable, which is the fuse. The associated built-in components, ribbon, and Hystrix are available in spring cloud. Of course, everything is not absolute, one of the advantages of spring cloud is that there are many good compatibility o

A fast and complete Android Development Framework Integration Practice (Quickandroid)

Https:// fast and complete integration of Android development framework practicesQA Project Introduction This framework quickandroid (hereinafter referred to as: QA) is still in the development phase. The purpose of this project is to integrate a fast and complete Android development framework.

[Original]. NET distributed architecture development practice 5 Framework Improvement

. NET distributed architecture development practice 5 Framework Improvement This article was intended to write about the reconstruction of the DAL. The plan is somewhat changed. In the previous article, friends in the garden gave a lot of feedback, especially thanks to some feedback from Friends of golden ocean and Virus. During the past two days of the weekend, I made some improvements to the

The simplest practice of cross-process operations in Robotium in history -- Based on the ADB framework, robotiumadb

The simplest practice of cross-process operations in Robotium in history -- Based on the ADB framework, robotiumadb Original Author, not easy to share, please indicate the source for reprinting, thank you. Robotium is an excellent automated testing framework on the Android platform. The advantages of its automation on the android platform must be clear to anyone

Application Framework Practice 7: layered architecture Selection

wait for a dry job. What I want to say is that this practical series introduces the architecture and framework after all. If you only get a few lines of code and do not really understand how to build an application framework for your project, the Code cannot form an architecture, or is it useless. In addition, the code I provide is also collected and organized around, there is nothing special, if you need

Spring Boot Log Framework Practice-technology sharing for HANSONWANG99

This article is mainly for you to share about the Spring boot log Framework practice, the Code section is also very detailed, the need for small partners to refer to. Overview In Java applications, logs are generally divided into the following 5 levels: Error message WARN warning message Info General Information Debug Debugging Information Trace Trace Information Spring Boot use

General High-Performance High-concurrency TCP-SERVER/client development framework practice series based on C ++

General High-Performance High-concurrency TCP-SERVER/client development framework practice series based on C ++ Yijian 1. Looking back I have been working for a few years and have nothing to worry about. I am either busy at work or busy at rest. I wrote articles in some technical forums in the first year of my senior and work, but it was just n years ago, in the past, the habit of

Analysis of KOA Framework practice and middleware principle

Analysis of KOA Framework practice and middleware principleRecently tried to use a bit of KOA, and here to record the use of the experience.Note: This article is based on the reader already understand generator and promise for the premise of writing, because generator and promise can write a blog to explain the introduction, so it is not here to repeat. A lot of online information, you can check it yourself

Android Network framework-volley practice using volley to create custom ListView

ListView8.Create a layout file for each itemList_row.xmlUI section We're done, next to the Java Code section9.New under the Util packageLrubitmapcache.javaThis class is used to cache images, which we have already analyzed in the previous article. See Android Network Framework-volley (ii) Requestqueue source analysis and building a requestqueue.Create a new item under the app packageAppcontroller.javaThis class is used to create a singleton requestque

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