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[Original] ITIL and it Process Management Overview

1. What is ITIL? ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) aims to provide IT service management guidance for enterprises based on the best experience. It is released by the British Ministry of Commerce OGC and widely used in the industry.Has become a de facto standard for IT service management. ITIL is the application of management science in IT infrastructure and is wri

Open Source ITIL Management tool--itop installation process

Open Source ITIL management tool installation process What is Itop? Itop, the IT Operations portal (it Operation Portal), is an open-source web application for the daily operation of the IT environment, and ITIL is using it to get to the ground. : How do I install in a Ossim environment? If you ch

Activiti Process Definition Language and activiti Process Definition

Activiti Process Definition Language and activiti Process Definition1. process) The root element of a process in the bpmn file. A process represents a workflow. 2. sequenceFlow)   A Sequential stream is a line connecting two

Scala type declaration and definition, function definition, Process control, exception handling

[string]): Unit{Add (10,10,10)Add (1 to: _*)}how Scala defines static methods: Scala does not have a static method by default, and if you need a static method, you can define the method in object by defining the object class (see later article). Scala, like C + +, has default parameters, and Python types, and you can specify parameters to assign values. The only difference is his variable length parameter. For (i println (i)}for (i For(i val foo = for (x The same is true of exception handling. S

example demonstrates the definition of a business process using the workflow component of the framework-leave application process-web

Example Demo using Framework's Workflow componentmake business process definition - Leave application process-webReference on. NET rapid Information System development Framework-Series━. NET rapid Information System development framework-Introduction to Workflow━.

Activiti the spring integration activiti-modeler5.16 instance of the custom process (iv): deployment process Definition

Note: (1) Environment construction: Activiti Custom process Spring Integration activiti-modeler5.16 Example (i): Environment construction(2) Create process Model: Activiti custom process Spring Integration activiti-modeler5.16 Instance (ii): Create process Model(3) Process M

Process definition model and process scheduling for jBPM4 PVM

The complete jBPM4 PVM is published in the 8th phase of the programmer, where part of the interception means that PVM's process scheduling is very flexible, and PVM provides a set of token similar execution process scheduling mechanisms, through full control of execution, There is an infinite possibility of node run-time behavior. The process

BOS Project 10th Day (Activiti workflow the next day, process variables, group tasks, exclusive gateways, spring consolidation Activiti, project implementation process definition Management)

BOS Project Note DayToday's content arrangement:1, process variables (set, get)2. Group tasks (candidates, candidate groups)3, exclusive gateway use4,spring integration Activiti5. Apply Activiti to the Bos Project6. implement process definition management (deploy, query, view png, delete) in BOS Project1. Process Var

Java Process Management jbpm process definition, publish, view, delete

Package Com.jiaocaigen001.helloworld; Import java.util.List; Import org.jbpm.api.*; Import Junit.framework.TestCase; /** * Process definition * @author leiwei 2012-3-19 */public class HelloWorld extends TestCase {//Process engine Processengine Processe Ngine; Public HelloWorld () {processengine = Configuration.getprocessengine (); public void Testdeploy ()

Definition of organizational process in cmmi4 process domain"

The purpose of the organizational process definition is to establish and maintain available organizational process assets.The organizational process definition includes the preparation and maintenance of the Organization's standard software

CMM (Organization Process focus) Organization Process Definition ))

For these two kPa, it emphasizes that an IT enterprise must pay attention to the software engineering process, continuously improve and improve the software process, and have specialized organizations to pay attention to it, at the same time, the general process Asset Library at the organization level is defined and fully reused.The organization

Workflow learning-three steps of Activiti process definition management and three steps of activiti

Workflow learning-three steps of Activiti process definition management and three steps of activitiI. Preface In the previous article, we made a macro introduction to Activiti through a small demo, which gave you an overall understanding of Activiti. In this article, we will learn the CRUD of specific process definition

Activiti Delete a process definition

Packagecom.mycom.processDefinition;;Importjava.util.List;;ImportOrg.activiti.engine.ProcessEngine;ImportOrg.activiti.engine.ProcessEngines;Importorg.activiti.engine.repository.Deployment;Importorg.activiti.engine.repository.ProcessDefinition;Importorg.junit.Test; Public classprocessdefinitiontest {processengine processengine=Processengines.getdefaultprocessengine (); /** Deployment process

The related macro definition of the process call Protothread mechanism--interpretation with HelloWorld processes

))Pt_thread See protothread mechanismStatic Char process_thread_hello_world_process (struct pt *process_pt, process_event_t ev, PROCESS_ data_t data);This statement is equivalent to declaring a function Process_thread_hello_world, and this function is the Process execution entity function . It can be seen in the subsequent definition process structure.Process str

Activiti querying the latest version of the process definition

Packagecom.mycom.processDefinition;;;;Importjava.util.ArrayList;ImportJava.util.LinkedHashMap;Importjava.util.List;ImportJava.util.Map;;ImportOrg.activiti.engine.ProcessEngine;ImportOrg.activiti.engine.ProcessEngines;Importorg.activiti.engine.repository.Deployment;Importorg.activiti.engine.repository.ProcessDefinition;;Importorg.junit.Test; Public classproces

JBPM Express Business processes (process definition language)

class to be processed, requiring the specified class to implement the EventListener interface Event Type: element in the root element (), you can specify the event as start or end to indicate the beginning and ending of the process. element is placed in a node element, you can specify event as start or end, which indicates the entry and exit of the node There is only an end event in the start node and only the start event in the

Activiti query Process Definition

Packagecom.mycom.processDefinition;;Importjava.util.List;;ImportOrg.activiti.engine.ProcessEngine;ImportOrg.activiti.engine.ProcessEngines;Importorg.activiti.engine.repository.Deployment;Importorg.activiti.engine.repository.ProcessDefinition;Importorg.junit.Test; Public classprocessdefinitiontest {processengine processengine=Processengines.getdefaultprocessengine (); /** Deployment process

The process definition cache problem of Activiti under multi-database

We use Activiti (5.14 version) as the process engine, and today we find a problem in the product, the approval record of a process,The activity name recorded in the Activity instance table (Act_name of the Act_hi_actinst table) is the name of the activity that does not exist in the process.Confirmed that the process has not been modified.Later discovered is the p

Framework day57 BOS Project Exercise (process definition/instance management, BOS user role Synchronization Activiti User Table Group table)

BOS Project Note 11th DayContent:1. Provide a new JSON file, modify the System menu (join the Workflow menu)2. Process definition Management (query, deployment process, view PNG process picture)3. Process instance Management (query, view running status)4. Synchronize user da

Jbpm process definition Version Policy

Basically, jbpm version control follows the following principles: 1) each time a process is released, a new process definition will be generated in the database. 2) a version number will be assigned to the process definition at the time of release. If the

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