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Methodology and best practices for improving IT service level-ITIL learning Summary

development, and whether it can perform rapid iteration on the basis of the existing, without the need to roll back. 3. Security. The requirements for different business forms are different. The requirements for payment classes may be very high. Security is a very important topic and requires layers of trust and protection. 4. manageability. There is a lack of support for various means and tools in operation. 5. Economic. A certain cost budget needs to be met.

[Original] ITIL and it Process Management Overview

1. What is ITIL? ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) aims to provide IT service management guidance for enterprises based on the best experience. It is released by the British Ministry of Commerce OGC and widely used in the industry.Has become a de facto standard for IT service

The difference between ITIL event management and incident management

same time to provide users with service attention, feedback records tracking and other functions; help desk can significantly reduce IT management costs, the enterprise's IT system application and management process, standardization, will greatly save the enterprise's human, material and other costs. Mature service De

Open Source ITIL Management tool--itop installation process

Post_max_size option in the php.ini configuration file, which represents the maximum byte length of data that is allowed to post, and the default is 8M. If the post data exceeds the limit, then $_post and $_files will be empty. To upload a large file, you must set the value of the option to be greater than the upload_max_filesize instruction, and generally set the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size values equal. post_max_size=100m upload_max_filesize=100m Installation, the second

Network Management system is the effective support of enterprise IT service management

links. In the network, these elements are interlocking, there is a problem, the result is likely to be the problem of the whole network. In the overall management of the enterprise network, we need to pay attention to: how to ensure the universality and relevance of the collected data. The definition of ITSM-oriented network management system What are the char

Workflow learning-three steps of Activiti process definition management and three steps of activiti

Workflow learning-three steps of Activiti process definition management and three steps of activitiI. Preface In the previous article, we made a macro introduction to Activiti through a small demo, which gave you an overall understanding of Activiti. In this article, we will learn the CRUD of specific process definition mana

Interactive interface, the core of Web service definition

, a systematic analysis of the given case and a modular division of the system are initially defined as the following online service components: Catalog Service-Category (Category) management, product management, data exchange, data backup, etc. Order service-Accept orders,

The misunderstanding of enterprise's understanding of IT service management

False recognition 1: "ITSM based on ITIL may only be suitable for a particular field/industry, which is not applicable to us" Different countries and different industries have differences in culture, business ideas and government operations. However, the similarity between IT systems is greater than the difference in terms of technical attributes. Simply put, when the day-to-day work of the business and government departments depends on the computer

SOA definition, features, and Web Service

Original article: SOA is an English service-oriented architecture, short for service-oriented architecture. This term has been frequently used in various technical journals in the past one or two years. However, there has always been no clear answer to what SOA is; What are the characteristics of SOA? Which problems are suitable for solving? What is the differen

What is it service management?

Time: Title: what is it service management? After nearly 30 years of development and evolution, IT service management based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) has become a mainstream reference framework for enterprises. So why is it ser

Definition of energy efficiency in communication networks and its value for energy-saving management across the network

Definition of energy efficiency in communication networks and its value for energy-saving management across the network Improving the energy efficiency of communication networks (EE) is an important means to improve the profitability of operators. The energy efficiency indicators are further divided into TEE and IEE) it can better adapt to the organization model of Maintenance

Analysis of enterprise IT service management

business, a running body of the business, requires IT business processes to be simplified, IT infrastructure becomes an important part of IT business, and it becomes an important tool for our business innovation, and in this trend, In this kind of so-called process enterprise such a concept, IT management will happen how to change, this left for the future to think about. At present it gradually becomes a service

BOS Project 10th Day (Activiti workflow the next day, process variables, group tasks, exclusive gateways, spring consolidation Activiti, project implementation process definition Management)

spring configuration file and use The process engine configuration object provided by spring:L provide data source and transaction managerL Create process engine objects using the process engine factory beans provided by SpringL Read the spring configuration file, create a spring Factory, get the object from the factory5. Implementation of process definition management in Bos L Modify Admin.json, join w

PMP Project Management Note Project definition

Definition of the project A project is a temporary work to create a unique product, service, or outcome. The project is the operational needs of the Organization and the strategic objectives of the service. The PMBOK guide describes the project management knowledge, in essence, is used to manage medium or higher scale,

From IT services to service management is a qualitative change

As a contributor and practitioner of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library,it Infrastructure Library), IBM has, over the years, used the Tivoli family of innovative products and solutions in the areas of system management, storage management, and security management to help many enterprise users standardize Its IT

Guang Tong IT service management to enhance enterprise operation and maintenance

sharing. Guang Tong It operation and maintenance solution Wide communications Tatsu to face the increasing demand of users, in-depth analysis of the network structure of Chinese enterprises and operational dimensions of the current situation, tailored to the users of the industry it operation and maintenance solutions. Guang Tong It operation and maintenance solutions for the operation and maintenance of outstanding problems, for users to establish a unified, integrated

The role of SOA quality Management in SOA service lifecycle management

, SOA Service lifecycle management, and how SOA quality management is associated, and how IBM Rational tools and best practices support them. The focus is on the common SOA Service Lifecycle Management--soa Governance implementation 2--and special SOA quality

WEB2.0-oriented IT service management platform

According to ITIL service concept and service level maturity level requirements, the information Technology management standard, service flow and service quality of the Gold Insurance Engineering Data Center still need to be impro

Information System Service Management

, performance, supervision capability, and talent strength Information system supervision is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. The main supervision content is "four control, three management, and one coordination ". Four controls: quality control, progress control, investment control, and change control Three management: information management, security

Take a taxi from Didi learn IT Service Management (ITSM)

can receive additional rewards. This fully represents the importance of customer feedback in service management. Continuous service Quality improvement is the goal of ITIL/ITSM, and user feedback is undoubtedly one of the best channels for finding improvements.Clear positioning"Drop a bit, make life better" is the dri

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