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Itools Flash Retreat How to do itools flash-back repair solution

  Why does Itools have a flash-back? To find out why Itools has to go back and see how it works, Itools buys Apple apps from its own account and shares it with them. Because Apple does not want users to download applications from other assistants, so Apple once detected an account of the application of a larger number of users at the same time, will be sealed of

Itools How to repair application Flash-back PC version itools in PC end

  PC-Side Repair Application Flash Tutorial: A, download the Flash back Application overlay installation B, remove the flash-back application Reinstall One, need to itools pc Genuine store Download Application overlay installation (application data will not be lost) How to overwrite the installation genuine application (take the new as an example): 1, open itools pc Genuine store, delete the pr

How to view data from Itools Backup View the data method of Itools backup

The first step, if the computer is not installed itools we can Baidu search download a itools installed in your computer. The second step, installed we click to open the "toolbox"-"ITunes backup management." The third step is to start creating a new backup in "ITunes Backup Management"-"Create a backup." Step fourth, select New Backup-OK to start the backup. (This default backup in C

Itools Upgrade Brush Machine do not worry about data recovery easy to handle

the iphone brushes, many friends will choose to back up the SHSH to facilitate future demotion. Itool offers a very powerful SHSH function, and you only need to go through a backup once. In the future, no matter how the firmware upgrades, the Itools server will automatically back up the SHSH files for you without any action required of you. Itools added SHSH management after version 0506, and you no longer

Unable to connect itools after itunes 12.1 update itunes 12.1 cannot connect itools solution

If you accidentally update itunes 12.1, we first remove itunes 12.1 from our computer and try to resolve it in the following way. 1. Correctly uninstall itunes and its components in the order: Because itunes involves multiple interdependent components, uninstall itunes and related components in the Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs in the following order: 1) ittnes 2) Apple Software Update 3) Bonjour 4) Apple Mobile Device Support 5) Apple Application Support (32-bit) 6)

How to play around with apples? Itools Sync Tool Experience Introduction

According to foreign media reports, Google for iOS devices will release Chrome, Chrome in Windows and Android platform, such as the accumulation of a good user experience, is bound to allow iOS users and a variety of choices, focus on user experience products can be loved, and Itools is also a user experience of the management software, because itunes use is not

How do you use itools tools? Itools use method Graphic Tutorial

1, open itools, like itunes will show the iphone details. 2. Import music ringtones or media Directly point to the media management under the iphone device-the right side of the interface has import and export delete and create a new playlist and other operations. Note: To import music, remember to select music under Media type, import movies, ringtones, e-books, applications, and so on. 3. Information management You can create new, back up c

Itools new features use tutorial full solution

variety of American version, European version, refurbished machine, 14-day machine, how to distinguish the true colors of the new machine? Itools eyes tell you. Open the Itools connection device, the homepage interface left is the equipment details, the sale area, the warranty period, serial number and so on has nowhere to hide. The veteran wants to know more and can also click on "More Details", and the

Itools teach you how to add a cover to the iphone

Perhaps we can find a lot of ways to download a variety of high quality music, open the iphone/ipod, looking at the bare music playback interface, is it a bit boring? Without the cover and lyrics is not a waste of this colorful 3.5-inch large screen? No need to download a third-party music player, Itools Let your iphone music dazzle. Let's take a look at how to give the music a button to add a cover lyrics: No.1, open

How to apply itools Wireless management iphone, ipad and ipod

Method/Step 1, open the equipment wifi-open itunes-check-application. As shown in the figure: 2, open the itools-device-wireless icon-OK. As shown in the following illustration: 3, close itools-Disconnect data cable-restart itools. Repeat the 3 steps above. You can set up wireless to manage multiple i

How to install the Iphone6 plus deb file with itools

1, mobile phone connected to the computer, open itools Sync Software; Find file system-Jailbreak system, open File path:/var/root/media/cydia/autoinstall, import deb file into this folder. The following figure: 2, through Itools to find the Deb file installation directory 3, import the Deb format file 4. At this point, everyone needs to restart the iOS

Itools How to connect the iphone Apple 6

Itools How to connect Apple iphone Apple 6?itools is a third-party Apple iphone management tool that can be used to do a lot of things for mobile phones when connected to itools, such as installing software, managing photos, music, videos, and so on. The following PC software download station small series to Apple system version

Itools installation Failure validation failed escape workaround

1. Update the free genuine application, such as Sina, Weibo, etc., you need to add your itunes account and password in the Itools settings, after verification, you can update the program directly with Itools. 2. Update the itools "genuine experience" of the free Application, when the program has been updated, and Itools

The most powerful iTunes replacement software-itools

We have heard many times about iTunes. In fact, it is hard for everyone to understand why Apple has made iTunes tedious, dull, and bloated. This is why the 91 mobile assistant is still active in the player, even if the white apple does not endure the phenomenon of iTunes. We strongly recommend a new Apple device management tool, itools, which is only 700 K, completely green, secure like iTunes, and easy to use. This software is now in the preview publ

Itools Mac Professional Edition how to register?

itools Mac Professional Edition how to register? First, download itools Mac version to the computer. Open Itoolspro and connect your phone to itools Itools Mac Professional Edition (not registered at the top after successful connection) Second, the trial version of some features have been limited (for examp

Win7 system How to use Itools backup SHSH

Win7 System How to use itools backup SHSH The steps are as follows: 1, with data cable to connect the device to the PC, run Itools (under the Win7 need to right-click to choose to run as an administrator): 2, in the Itools main interface will display the current connection device information. Select SHSH management options; 3. The right side prompts the curre

How to use itools to import photos from your computer into the ipad

1. First of all, make sure your computer has no "itools" software installed, if not to search for a download. 2. After installing itools we have to make sure that the itunes software is installed on the computer, then itools install it and then connect the ipad to the computer, when itools will automatically recogni

Itools Subscription device failed

A lot of friends when using itools, there will usually be itools subscription device failure error prompts, this problem, you can try the following methods to resolve Turn on the computer's control panel--performance and maintenance--management tools--services--Set the Apple Mobile device to boot. But if it still doesn't work, we recommend that you reinstall itunes or keep looking at the fol

Itools How to repair iphone6 plus flash rewind

How does itools fix iphone6 plus flash? What about Apple 6 Plus software flash-back? I believe that many users of the Apple 6 Plus software flash-back how to do is not clear, the following PC software download station small series to share with you the Iphone6 plus software flash repair tutorial, Interested can come and see. 1, here to itools as an example, the mobile phone and computer connection, open th

Win7 ways to use itools backup SHSH

1, with data cable to connect the device to the PC, run Itools (under the Win7 need to right-click to choose to run as an administrator): 2, in the Itools main interface will display the current connection device information. Select the SHSH management option. 3. The right side prompts the currently connected device and the list of devices that have been connected to the backup SHSH. Select th

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