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Install the open-source ITIL portal iTOP On Debian 7

Install the open-source ITIL portal iTOP On Debian 7 As an ITSM tool that fully supports ITIL processes, iTop has powerful ITSM functions. It is open-source, free, and easy to use. ITop (IT Operation Portal) is an open-source web application used

Open Source ITIL Management tool--itop installation process

Open Source ITIL management tool installation process What is Itop? Itop, the IT Operations portal (it Operation Portal), is an open-source web application for the daily operation of the IT environment, and ITIL is using it to get to

Itop installation under Windows

1, download wamp,, find the corresponding version download and install2, find the installation path of PHP, add the PHP installation path to the environment variable path, to add the path of ext, for example, my PHP path is

DEBIN8 Quick Installation Itop 2.2.1

System environment:The new Debin8, the source of Zhong KeFast deployment of common lampApt-get install-y apache2 php5 mysql-server php5-mysql unzip vim service MySQL restartservice apache2 restartecho ' ' >/var/www/html/index.phpAccess Test

Using Itop for CMDB Asset Management

Install Deployment Itop1. Download itop: on official website2, upload the compressed package, install the database and HTTP, and install the relevant PHP plug-ins:unzip yum install httpd php php-

"Resource sharing" for iTOP-4412 Development Board Platform

The development Board is a relatively complex electronic system, please be patient and assemble in accordance with the instructions in this chapter, so as not to cause unnecessary loss.It is best to use the cable provided by Schindler, as some parts

[Reprint] Debug HelloWorld application on the iTOP-4412 Development Board

This article goes from Schindler to Forum:http://www.topeetboard.com1. Install ADB driverTo debug Android apps on the Development Board , first install the ADB driver. Installed through theSDK Manager.exe. As shown in. It is also important to note

Installation and learning of ITOP-4412 Platform Foundation software

These two days on the computer based on the development manual installed HyperTerminal, virtual machine, Ubuntu, and vim editor and other development of the necessary environment1. The notebook does not have the serial port, from the laboratory

CMDB Research Report

Basic Concepts 1. What is a CMDBcmdb--configures the management database to efficiently control and manage changing IT infrastructures and IT services through identification, control, maintenance, and inspection of enterprise IT resources, and

[Reprinted] interface design test specifications

Some Interface Standard 1: follow consistent standards, establish standards and follow Whether it is the use of controls, prompt information wording, color, window layout style, follow the unified standard, to achieve true consistency. Benefits: 1:

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