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What is itunes? How itunes downloads itunes how to sync

What is itunes? itunes is an application published by Apple for music and video playback and data management. How does itunes download? Download Address: Desktop icons How does itunes sync?

What if itunes doesn't fit? Failed to install itunes? itunes installation is not the solution

The error prompts are as follows method Two , if it is a permission problem, the above method has no solution 1. We check our account is not authorized to install software (WIN7/WIN8 system to pay special attention) if not we switch to super admin to install method Three , has been installed before now can not install 1. We open the start run, enter regedit, click Confirm Open Registry Editor, and then open in turn: Heky-local-machine--software-microsoft-windows-currentversion-uninst

How does the iphone itunes work? A tutorial on using itunes

I. Introduction to the basic functions of the iphone operating interface in itunes If your iphone has been successfully activated, you can use a USB cable to connect to your computer, and when you open itunes, it will automatically recognize the iphone and the operating interface shown in the screenshot below. In the "Summary" interface, you can see the entire use of the iphone, including capacity us

itunes on the computer cannot connect to the itunes Store solution

Connect to the itunes store before the problem, but now is not, the online part of the tutorial said to close the agent can, but some friends did not open the agent how to solve it? A lot of users have problems using itunes, they can sync software, video, music, and so on, but they can't get into the itunes store, no pages, no page, click on the display loading

Opening iTunes shows that an important itunes component has not been installed. Error code 42401 solution

Tags: HTTP Io ar OS SP file on problem code Last night, I clicked upgrade from iTunes 11 to itunes12. After that, I found that all kinds of iTunes 12 cards were unbearable. Then I pulled iTunes 12 to appclear and installed iTunes 11, after the installation is complete, enable iTune

How do I connect to itunes when I can't get my iphone connected to itunes?

Face This article describes the general solution to the IPhone5 connection to itunes. IPhone5 not connected to itunes solution one: Restore network settings The device restarts by entering IPhone5 "settings" –> "General" –> "restore" –> "Restore network Settings". IPhone5 not connected to itunes workaround two: Reset Access restrictions Go to IPhone5 "" Setti

Unable to connect itools after itunes 12.1 update itunes 12.1 cannot connect itools solution

If you accidentally update itunes 12.1, we first remove itunes 12.1 from our computer and try to resolve it in the following way. 1. Correctly uninstall itunes and its components in the order: Because itunes involves multiple interdependent components, uninstall itune

WIN10 System install itunes software error How to install itunes failure solution

With the Windows 10 system installed, it is sometimes necessary to install itunes software in the system to manage the iphone for use with an Apple iphone. There are times when you encounter an error when installing the itunes software in Win10, causing the installation to fail. Here is a brief description of how to deal with the inability to install ITunes in WI

Apple 5s how to back up data with itunes? Where is the itunes backup data?

Apple backup data In addition to the use of icloud to backup can also use the itunes backup data to the local, icloud space is limited to a free size of 5GB, if more than the need to pay for the purchase, and the local backup is unlimited based on your hard disk space size to decide How Apple 5s backs up data with itunes 1. We first install the itunes software

How does the ipad itunes wifi sync open? itunes WiFi sync Usage

First look at the request, our itunes must be in ITUNES10 or above version, the lower version of itunes does not have this feature oh. 1. Now we connect the ipad to the computer where itunes is installed Then, in ITunes, select the WiFi sync option on the left, and then go back to the ipad and click "Sett

iOS7 itunes not recognized? iOS7 itunes can't read the iphone's content

The first: Restore factory settings, in the phone "set-general-restore-Restore all settings" (Reference: ipad restore factory settings). The second: This is to open the App Store will cause the itunes Shop application crashes, we can in itunes "music" into the itunes in the "Store" button, click on it. This approach opens the

Why can't I create a subsidy account in iTunes? Has iTunes canceled its subsidy account?

Apple issued a document saying that as of Wednesday (April 13), users could no longer create a new itunes subsidy account, and the existing account would be officially discontinued on May 25, 2016. After May 25, the unused subsidy in the existing account will not disappear into thin air, but will be transferred to the payee's basic itunes account for normal use. Apple has announced plans to terminate t

It cannot be used after itunes is installed. After you double-click it for a long time, the following message is displayed: the ITUNES driver lacks the CD and DVD registration settings for import and burning.

To download an iphone, you still need to Install itunes on your computer. It is easy to use your mobile phone as a USB flash drive. The whole itunes is 68 M, so I don't need to say it is quite an alternative, this time I changed a Windows 64 computer prompt: This may be because other CD recording software is installed. Please reinstall ITUNES. Click "OK" to go

Apple itunes can't open how to solve itunes can't open solution

itunes downloads cannot be opened after installation, as shown in the following figure. Scenario One: Install a lower version of itunes. You can choose to install a lower version of itunes. "ITunes12.0 Download Address-32-bit" "iTunes12.0 download Address-64" Scenario Two: Modify itunes compatibility. The first s

How does an itunes backup encrypt itunes encryption to cancel backup encryption?

What is the itunes password? The benefits of encryption can protect your backup data only enter the password can enter the import, you can anti-theft other people to import. How do I encrypt an itunes backup? First, open ITunes and click on the "mobile" icon in the upper left corner. The second step is to select "Encrypt the IPhone backup" in the "Digest I

(Reporter) How can I avoid iTunes auto-renewal? (IPhone) (IPAD) (IOS) (iTunes)

AbstractWhen the iPhone/iPad is connected to a PC, the iTunes folder will automatically copy and synchronize data each time. However, this is a good idea, however, each operation consumes a long amount of time, which is also less than the peak hard drive space, or you may want to disable the automatic copy function, manually copy and synchronize data. IntroductionUse environment: Windows XP SP3 + iTunes 1

Computer itunes download firmware too slow how to do? itunes download firmware very slow troubleshooting tips

Method one, directly on the device through the wireless network upgrade 1.iTunes upgrade Download firmware It's slow and it's not a weird thing to do, as long as friends who use ITunes to upgrade the firmware download are likely to have this problem. 2. If we have WiFi network can try to use directly in the mobile phone to download the iOS file, this relatively will download the file relatively small OH

An error occurred while iOS development was uploading to the app Store. itunes Store Operation Failed, an Error occurred uploading to the itunes store.

An error occurred while iOS development was uploading to the app Store. itunes Store Operation Failed, an Error occurred uploading to the itunes store.The solution to the online find a lot. Below (of course not solve my problem, can try):Today in the submission of the app, the last step error, an error occurred uploading to the ITunes store! Later on the Internet

How does itunes delete a song? itunes Delete song diagram

1. We will first download an itunes software installed in the computer, Baidu can search itunes download (recommended reading: How itunes Use the _itunes store tutorial?) )。 2. After Baidu search in the Open interface click on "Download immediately" as shown in the picture. 3. Now that we've downloaded and installed it in our computer, we'll connect the iph

How does iphone6 plus use itunes Backup to restore? itunes Backup Recovery method

itunes Backup Recovery method Backing up data 1, we connect the iphone to the itunes (that is, connect the computer), as shown in the view we click on the display sidebar (for example, iphone, ITUNES11) 2, the left side of the bar, we click the Immediate Backup button, for backup as shown in the following image 3, then open will automatically back up our equipment data, as shown

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