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How to use Apple itunes Tutorial

the itunes sync "address Book" supports multi-channel data, and the source of synchronization supports Outlook, Google contacts, and Windows Contacts. 2) Calendar synchronization A in the itunes summary page, click enter "Info", check "share calendar to" in the message, select Sync Source Outlook, click "Apply" to sync, and synchronize calendar merge in Outlook to iOS device. You can

Apple iPad tutorial] how to back up data and Operating Files in iTunes (only backup of non-database information, not limited to third-party software)

backup of iTunes during synchronization?2. Why is the message "ITunes cannot back up the iPhone, because it cannot store the backup on a computer" displayed in iTunes backup?3. How should I restore my iPhone after I refresh it?4. How do I delete an existing backup? Can I use iTune

Overseas open-source projects and foreign open-source projects

) (source code) 42. iLabyrinth-Puzzle game written in Cocos2D requiring you to navigate through increasingly difficult labyrinths.(ITunes link) (source code) 43. Inkpad-A full featured vector based drawing app.(ITunes link) (source code) 44. iStrobe-Turns the iPhone 4 flash into a highly retriable strobe light.(ITunes link) (source code) 45. iWVU-Official iPhone

How to use itunes to apply for id tutorial

I. Basic functions of the iPhone operation interface in iTunesIf your iPhone has been activated successfully, you can connect to your computer using a USB cable. After you enable iTunes, it automatically identifies the iPhone and displays the operation interface shown in the following screenshot.On the "summary" page, you can view the iPhone usage information, including capacity usage, firmware update, restoration, and synchronization. Here,

In-APP purchase programming guide

to your server. Design your iOS client applicationIn most cases, the iOS app supports auto-renewable subscription only with a small modification. In fact, the client application is now easier, because you can use the same code to restore auto-renewable subscriptions, the same way as restoring non-consumable products: when the application subscribes to updates, an independent transaction is received, and the application only needs to verify each recei

Apple iPhone6 lock screen password How to crack? iphone lock screen password forget the solution

your device to itunes, or you do not have access to the computer" section. If the device is still inactive, or itunes does not automatically sync your device, sync the device with itunes. If you have chosen to encrypt the backup, it will contain the password. Deactivate the backup encryption before r

Opening iTunes shows that an important itunes component has not been installed. Error code 42401 solution

(Scientific Internet may be required) Step 1: (if important files are saved in iTunes, back up iTunes media in the music/iTunes/directory ); 1. Open appzapper, and click appzapper-> preference in the upper left corner to deselect the 'Keep Apple applications safe 'check box '; 2. Find iTunes in the finder, drag it t

What to do when Iphone/ipad is deactivated 3 strokes easy to unlock

Children play computer games at home, they took the ipad, casually entered the password, resulting in the tablet computer can not be used, I believe this is a lot of parents will face or have already happened. This article deals with how to handle an iphone or ipad when it is deactivated.iphone is deactivatedMany parents lock their ipad (or ipod Touch, Phablet) in their home to control the time they use their smartphones or tablets to keep them from i

Risks of cloud backup in iCloud

ICloud is a cloud synchronization tool provided by Apple to users. It is mainly used to easily restore the same information on previous devices when devices are lost or new devices are purchased. However, after a user's Apple ID is stolen, the user data may be stolen. ICloud backup-related information about iCloud, which Apple provides in Support [^ 1]:### ICloud backup information* Photo and video * device settings * App data (including: Keychain, da

Iphone6 plus deactivated iphone6 plus deactivated solution

If you enter an error password six times or more, you will see any of the following messages:IPhone has been deactivatedIf you have previously synchronized the device with ITunes, you may be able to reset the password by restoring the device:Connect the device to the computer that you normally sync with, and then open ITunes.Note: If

Happy mobile phone Recovery Master of the three major modes should be how to use?

First of all, happy mobile phone recovery master has the following three modes: through the device scan recovery, through the itunes backup recovery, through the icloud backup recovery. 1. Through the device scan recovery: Open the Happy phone recovery master, and connect your phone (the first time you need to click on your phone "trust" button to allow the software to connect the device); Happy Phone Recovery Master after you identify y

Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition)

104How to Use Map bookmarks 105How to view the latest local meteorological information 106How to add weather message 107 to other citiesHow to Use Quick memo 108How to obtain the latest stock information 109How to get more information about stocks 110How to turn the stock application software into a currency exchange rate tool 111How to synchronize your calendar 112How to add appointment event 113 to your calendarHow to subscribe to calendar 114 on iPhoneHow to Use the built-in voice memo featu

Iphone7 boot password forgot how to do? Iphone7 How to retrieve the power-on password

then slide off the machine. 7, Next please click the following operation, let the iphone into the recovery mode: -First, press the power button to boot, when the screen will appear Apple logo, do not release the power button; -then press and hold the main screen home button until the screen is black; -When you see a black screen, loosen the power button and continue holding down the home button on the main screen until itunes on your computer d

How does the iphone itunes work? A tutorial on using itunes

I. Introduction to the basic functions of the iphone operating interface in itunes If your iphone has been successfully activated, you can use a USB cable to connect to your computer, and when you open itunes, it will automatically recognize the iphone and the operating interface shown in the screenshot below. In the "Summary" interface, you can see the entire use of the iphone, including capacity us

IPhone 4 flash and jailbreak on MAC (1)

to interface 2, click the recovery fix button, click Next, and repeat the "DFU three steps" above" 5. After Entering the DFU mode, the rest will be completed by itself A hard drive icon appears on the iPhone first, and thenRefresh the full screenAnd then the big pineapple appears. After finishing the progress bar, restart the mobile phone and the white apple (now the white Apple has been reborn), and then the progress bar. Then the apple will become larger and restart, iPhone and screen loc

1-generation iPhone 3.0 OS flash machine + cracking + usage skills

Chapter 1: Flash Preparation: download the following filesITunes 8.2 for WindowsIphone1, 1273.0_7a341_restore.ipswRedsn0w for WindowsBootloaderAfter you confirm that iTunes is version 8.2, you can start to flash the machine. Follow these steps:1. enable iTunes and connect the iPhone to the USB. After iTunes recognizes the iPhone, press the Home Key and p

itunes Restore iphone system unknown error 2/1602/13 problem Solving method

itunes restores iphone firmware to unknown error 1602 solution Problem Description: Some users upgrade or restore the iphone, ipad, or ipod touch with itunes, the update or restore process may stop, and itunes displays a warning message "failed to recover IPhone unkno

Iphone forgot lock screen password (multiple retrieval methods)

All those who have used Apple know that passwords are simple and complex. If you start to set simple passwords and then turn off simple settings, then it will be miserable, and Xiaobian will be stupid, as a result, the mobile phone is locked. After n attempts, the iphone is disabled. If you forget your iphone password, refer to the next tutorial to solve the problem.  Solution: jailbreak user, delete the phone directory/private/var/keychains

FAQs for in-app purchases (In-app Purchase)

Http:// document gives you answers to frequently asked questions about in-app purchases.Configuration (config)1. Do I have to upload a binary file to test in-app purchases?No, testing in-app purchases (In-app Purchase, hereinafter referred to as IAP) does not require uploading binary files.Note: Do not upload binary files in development to itunes Connect until the application is ready for approval. If the

Apple iphone 6s no signal why? No signal analysis for mobile phone

method is for a machine that has no jailbreak, and if your machine has escaped, please do not operate. This method needs to restore all of the iphone settings and erase the data, so before you do this, back up the data on our phones, such as contacts, photos, applications, and so on. Connect the iphone to the computer, open the itunes software, and click on the iphone icon in the window. Then, in the

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