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The powerful iweb interface

Overview This article focuses on the Iweb interface introduced in 1.1SDK, and the related Iwebresp, iwebopt, Iwebutil and other API usage methods. It also includes the functionality of each API and interaction with other APIs, such as Ihtmlviewer.

Iweb Summit (HTML5 Summit) July 19, 2015 Shanghai station after the impression

In Sunday, from Nanjing to Shanghai to participate in the Iweb Summit (HTML5 Summit), feel this day to the very value of, a few speeches are very exciting, dry a lot ah. overall feeling with the final finalization of the 2014 HTML5 Standard, the

IWeb Summit (HTML5 Summit) thoughts after the Shanghai summit on September 11, July 19, 2015: iwebhtml5

IWeb Summit (HTML5 Summit) thoughts after the Shanghai summit on September 11, July 19, 2015: iwebhtml5I ran from Nanjing to Shanghai to attend the iWeb Summit (HTML5 Summit) last Sunday. I felt that this day was a great day, and I had a lot of

Brew advanced and proficient-3G mobile value-added service operation, customization and development-74-HTTP development in brew

The main purpose of the iWeb interface is to generate an HTTP request for the application. The file request uses the "get" method in HTTP, And the uploaded data is implemented through the "post" method in HTTP. IWeb can manage its own connections

Secure network programming in brew

Secure network programming is mainly implemented through SSL. First, you must create an sslroot. The available root certificates are generally common Verisign root certificates. They save space on handheld devices and retain only one copy, instead

Mobile developers, it's time to use HTML5!

Html5 shouted for many years, and has not yet been used on a large scale. Still remember 2012 to participate in the HTML5 Dream Factory (now called the Iweb Summit) went to a lot of people, then naïve thought, Html5 really began to pop up, so in the

Apple's software

Apple's software Operating System ? Darwin ? Mac OS X ? Cheetah ? Puma ?

Design reference: The design of a beautiful foreign IDC website example

When it comes to hosting and server providers (IDC) sites that are designed primarily commercially, the homepage of the website wants to recommend the latest products and virtual host goods. Therefore, the server provider's Web site to ensure that

Brew SDK's nine functions-Network Services

Brew can implement main network functions through isocket and inetmgr. From the network perspective, socket is a virtual interface between applications on different hosts, with cross-platform features. From the programmer's point of view, socket is

Beginner's entry series (3) -- brew common error sorting and pasting and sorting)

Original Author: Niu niu (sorting) 2005-02-28 Nhf_2008@hotmail.com Nhf_2003@hotmail.com Email: nhf20021166@163.com Message: I hope to give you a basic introduction to brew. If you have any questions, please contact. Supplement: smilelance Lmoon2001@1

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