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IWeb Summit (HTML5 Summit) thoughts after the Shanghai summit on September 11, July 19, 2015: iwebhtml5

IWeb Summit (HTML5 Summit) thoughts after the Shanghai summit on September 11, July 19, 2015: iwebhtml5I ran from Nanjing to Shanghai to attend the iWeb Summit (HTML5 Summit) last Sunday. I felt that this day was a great day, and I had a lot of

Java's enjoy meta-mode (big talk design mode)

The author seldom uses to enjoy the meta-mode, in the author's view, the use of the module to solve memory problems should be more, Java in our common string is to use the idea of the module to solve the memory problemFirst look at the class

How to do well SNS community website

conform to the historical trend, a large number of network community SNS (social Networking Services) developed. SNS is designed to build a network of interpersonal networks, so that the public can achieve social will. SNS satisfies the people's

Internet information retrieval capability

Internet Information Acquisition is an essential quality for graduate students. Timely and accurate acquisition of research progress information in the field is a prerequisite for innovation in the research work; Obtaining information in a wide

Design reference: The design of a beautiful foreign IDC website example

When it comes to hosting and server providers (IDC) sites that are designed primarily commercially, the homepage of the website wants to recommend the latest products and virtual host goods. Therefore, the server provider's Web site to ensure that

The evolution of HTML

Today, on the IBM website, I saw a article about XHTML 2.0, the future of HTML, and some feelings. XHTML 1.0 plays a role in transitioning HTML to XML, while XHTML 2.0 's main evolution occurs in XForm, Web APIs, semantics, device compatibility, and

Mobile developers, it's time to use HTML5!

" guided Reading " because I have been doing mobile app development, multi-terminal with a set of logic development many times do not say, at the same time, developers and the UI and product many times to communicate to achieve, as an app developer,

Mobile developers, it's time to use HTML5!

Html5 shouted for many years, and has not yet been used on a large scale. Still remember 2012 to participate in the HTML5 Dream Factory (now called the Iweb Summit) went to a lot of people, then naïve thought, Html5 really began to pop up, so in the

Python Unit Test Framework UnitTest

Python Unit Test frameworkAuthor: Steve Purcell, Translation: Heiz, Project website: http://pyunit.sourceforge.net/Directory Overview System Requirements Use Pyunit to build your own tests Installation Test Case

Python Unit Test

Directory Overview System Requirements Use Pyunit to build your own tests Installation Test Case Introduction Create a simple test case Multiplexing Setup codes: Creating firmware Test case classes

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