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How to optimize iwork under the Retina Macbook

Recently started a Retina Macbook, found that iwork and office performance is very poor, and there is no corresponding update, because in the future study life will be very much application word, PPT, so feel to start a rmbp some uncomfortable, even want to change a non-retina machine. However, it has been discovered by accident that some people have proposed optimizing the performance of iwork on retina.

New features of the icloud Web iwork Suite

Apple has added new instant collaboration features, more easily shared features, and more to the icloud Web page iwork update. Now that these features are online, Apple has added additional features for pages, numbers and keynote. New features include: View the items that are currently being edited by all collaborating users, and view the mouse and selection for each user when the writer edits the document, presentation, or table. All apps today add

IWork for icloud add real-time collaboration functionality

When Apple announced at its October ipad launch that its iwork office suite would be completely free and online for the iwork for icloud platform, it is believed that many people are beginning to get caught up in Apple's move again. But while the new iwork has integrated the icloud functionality and added more cloud services, it has been weakened by the functiona

Ios/mac version iwork part removed function returned

In addition to announcing that its iwork and ilife apps are completely free for new Mac and iOS users, Apple added a lot of new features including support for icloud. However, the original old user found that the original iwork has some advanced features were removed by Apple, which caused a lot of old iwork users complain and dissatisfaction. Apple posted a mes

IWork for icloud beta version open

IWork for icloud was finally open to the public after being opened to developers and a handful of invited users. Although Apple has not yet issued a formal announcement, just log in to icloud.com, enter your Apple ID and other information, you can use the normal. The change was first discovered and exposed by the Italian website Spider-mac. According to common sense, users usually need to pay to buy iwork

Apple Mac how to get iwork kit for free

(1) The first time you start the computer without binding account, and then reload the system; (2) October 1, 2013 and before the activation of the MAC device, to upgrade to version 13 or newer. The second type of user is now certainly less, mainly for the first category of users, to use IWork, three components each can be 128 of the ocean Ah, but it is interesting that it is free in the United States (here can spit slot)! So the question is, why no

Apple's latest IWork 2005

IWork 2005 IWork ' 05 Pages Keynote Pages Professional Templates! various layouts! Resource Sharing! Powerful typography! Font style! word processing! Chart Table! Compatible format! Keynote Nice template! Doubl

No iWork? View Pages Document

What do you do when you receive a pages document from a friend when you are not installing iWork? How do you view the pages document when you are in Windows? When you see this tip, it's good to do: Change the suffix name of the Pages file to. zip Open Zip compression package with relevant application software Extract the Preview.pdf file from the compressed Package Quicklook folder to view it In fact, if you're keeping track of your Pages,

Iwork Kit for keynote slide groups

Keynote is the essence of iwork Suite, many people work without slides (such as the author of this brainwashing missionary). When you create a slide in a course, the content is often divided into several topics, several of which will have several slides, so a lot of slides are displayed in the sidebar, which can cause a lot of inconvenience to the editor, as shown in Figure 1. A "group slide" feature is available in keynote, just check the slides

2015-09-09 [Little information]--data capture and processing engineer--5 face

Time: 2015-09-09 15:40 ~ 16:40Location: No. 1th, Wang Zhuang Road, Haidian District , Beijing Tongfang Science and Technology Plaza, Block D, West 7 This is the HR side. Talk about the pros and cons of startups and big companies. Working hours and annual leave issues. Work 6 days a week, OMG.7 days a year holiday, OMG.However, a little information in Silicon Valley has office, giant want to go.Summary: A

2015-09-09 [Little information]--data capture and processing engineer--3 face

Time: 2015-09-09 13:40 ~ 14:40Location: No. 1th, Wang Zhuang Road, Haidian District , Beijing Tongfang Science and Technology Plaza, Block D, West 7 1. How many bits a and B are different#include #include#include#include#include#include#includestring>using namespacestd;//Return the number of difference bits of a and B//Return 1 If a = 0 and B = 1//Return 2 If a = 0 and B = 3intDiffintAintb) { intAns =

Microsoft Azure Aspnetcore Micro-service Combat 1th "supplement 2017-09-09 Activities"

September 09, 2017, in the heat of the summer, we in (Shanghai Xuhui) Hongqiao Road 3rd, 2 block, 10 floor organized a Microsoft Azure Aspnetcore micro-service activities.As a result of busy work, after the completion of activities, failed to timely release relevant information, deliberately in the coming of the Spring Festival, to add up.There are activities in the back, we talk about the first time after the event post information.Microsoft Azure As

[Android new features] Google released Android studio development Tools 1.0 official version (PHOTOS) 2014-12-09 09:35:40

  Code and resource editing, user interface design Code Editor-android Studio uses all IntelliJ idea Smart code editing features, such as advanced code completion, refactoring, and code analysis Internationalized string Editing User interface Design-Edit and preview your Android layouts, debug with different screen sizes, languages or even API versions   Performance analysis Performance Monitor-View your app's memory usage and more   Unified Build System

09-Language Primer -09-Snake fill number

???? {????????? Colindex = flag-1;?????????????????? if (i = = maxNum-1)//If it is an odd square, the last number is the last maximum value, and the end after special processing????????? {?????????????? Arr[rowindex][colindex] = ++i;?????????????? Break????????? }?????????????????? Right, row +, column unchanged????????? for (; rowindex????????? {?????????????? Arr[rowindex][colindex] = ++i;????????? }?????????????????? Lower side, row invariant column-????????? for (; Colindex>readnum-flag I??

[Refactoring learning] 09. Rebuilding function calls and 09 function calls

[Refactoring learning] 09. Rebuilding function calls and 09 function calls Previously, I wrote a function rebuild. Here I wrote a rebuild of the function call. The difference is that I want to write a function (or interface) that allows others to call well ). 1. rename a function Modify point: the function name does not prompt the function purpose. Method: Modify the function name. If you want to write a co

09: matrix multiplication, 09: Matrix Multiplication

09: matrix multiplication, 09: Matrix Multiplication09: Matrix Multiplication View Submit Statistics Question Total time limit: 1000 ms Memory limit: 65536kB Description Calculate the multiplication of two matrices. N * m-level matrix A multiplied by m * k-level matrix B. The obtained matrix C is n * k-level, and C [I] [j] = A [I] [0] * B [0] [j] + A [I] [1] *

Data type in Java 2017-09-09

speak much here, mainly to explain the classes in several Java librariesObject:object is a very important class, object is the root class of the class hierarchy, each class uses object as the superclass, and all objects (including the numbergroups) Implement this class of methods. Use object to define all classessuch as:Object object= New Integer (1) to define a Interger classinteger i= (integer) object; In order to cast this object into the Interger classThe String:string class represents a st

01Python basics _ 09 exception, 01Python basics _ 09

01Python basics _ 09 exception, 01Python basics _ 091. try try t Original program: 1 import math2 3 while True:4 text = raw_input('> ')5 if text[0] == 'q':6 break7 x = float(text)8 y = math.log10(x)9 print "log10({0}) = {1}".format(x, y)View Code This code receives the input from the command line. When the input is a number, calculate its logarithm and output it until the input value isqSo far. However, when the input is 0

Cycle-09. Check denomination, cycle-09 check denomination

Cycle-09. Check denomination, cycle-09 check denomination 1/* 2 * Main. c 3 * C9-loop-09. check denomination 4 * Created on: July 28, 2014 5 * Author: boomkeeper 6 ********* passed the test ************ 7 */8 9 # include Question link: Http://pat.zju.edu.cn/contests/basic-programming/%E5%BE%AA%E7%8E%AF-09 What are th

2015-09-09 [Little information]--data capture and processing engineer--4 face

Time: 2015-09-09 14:40 ~ 15:40Location: No. 1th, Wang Zhuang Road, Haidian District , Beijing Tongfang Science and Technology Plaza, Block D, West 7 1. Ask project experience and what books you have read2. There are 3n+1 integers, with only one number appearing once, and the other numbers appearing 3 times to find the only one that appears once.https://leetcode.com/problems/single-number-ii/https://githu

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