java base64 encode file example java bit operators examples java bitwise not java boolean xor java br java built in exceptions java calendar unix timestamp java call base class constructor java call c function java call parent constructor java caret operator java carriage return in string java case default java case statement string java case statement syntax java cast object to int java catch all exceptions java catch and throw java catch any exception java catch cast exception java catch different exceptions java catch exception and continue java catch generic exception java catch multiple exception types java catch multiple exceptions java catch multiple exceptions at once java catch multiple exceptions in one block java catch runtime exception java catch several exceptions java catch specific exception java catch syntax java catch two exceptions in same block java character encoding java charset iso 8859 1 java check alphanumeric java check file exist java check if class exists java check if class implements interface java check if file exists java check if file exists and create java check if file exists on remote server java check if instance of class exists java check if numeric java check string numeric java check type of class java check url exists java class exception example java class getname example java class implements two interfaces java class in class example java class operator overloading java class syntax declaration java class throws java close application java code documentation standards java code for exit button java code to execute batch file on remote machine java code to exit program java code to generate unique id java comparable example java comparable object java compare class objects java compare two string arrays java compareto implementation java const keyword java continue execution after exception java convert boolean to int java convert string to color java convert string to html format java convert string to lowercase except first letter java convert string to md5 java convert string to unicode value java convert string to utf 8 java convert string to utf 8 encoding java convert utf8 to ascii java copyright header example java create directory if not exists java create directory path java create folder in current directory java create new exception java create static class java create unique id java database programming bible java dbf reader java dec to hex java decimal to hex java decimalformat 2 decimal places java deflater java detect string encoding java divide string java double 2 decimal places java double precision problem java download url to string java else if syntax error java enable assertions java encoding utf 8 java escape quotes in string java escape sql injection java exception finally java exception get stack trace
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