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Implementation of returning to the previous page and refreshing the page by ja vasc ript

Implementation of returning to the previous page and refreshing the page by ja vasc ript 1. ja vasc rept: return to the previous page history. go (-1), and return two pages: history. go (-2 ); 2. history. back (). 3. window. history. forward ()

Web Designer's Charging website

JA vasc ript is a part of web design and one of the hottest programming languages. As a web developer, ja vasc ript is almost a must-learn language. With the development of technology and the development of software and hardware, the performance of

Tomcat multi-instance automatic deployment script

#!/bin/bashA= (a b c d e F g h k m n x y z a b c d E F 0 I m n x y z R S L Q P 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * & ^% $ # @)For ((i=0;iEcho-n ${a[$RANDOM% ${#a [@]}]} >> passwd.txtDonePa= ' Cat passwd.txt '/BIN/RM-RF Passwd.txtJa=/javawebTt=/usr/local/tomcatip=

Tomcat multi-Instance deployment script

#!/bin/bashPa=abc.comJa=/javawebTt=/usr/local/tomcat#Add an instance, and make the appropriate settingsAIAS () {Echo-e "\ n"[!-D $JA] && echo "Warning:not found $JA, please check && exit 1[!-D $TT] && echo "Warning:not found $TT, please check &&

Varnost slovenskih GSM Omre?ij III

V Torek smo pisali tudi o tem, da si.mobil v svojem omre?ju dovoli uporabo a5/0 (Nešifriranega prenosa Podatkov). Tudi njih smo poprosili za komentar.Med akanjem na odgovor so se razmere rahlo spremenite, a Najprej nekaj Uvoda.V Okviru projekta

Java calls MATLAB

Thanks for sharing: http://blog.csdn.net/wannshan/article/details/5907877 Some time ago, I found out how to call MATLAB in Java. I did not know how deep I learned it, but I had some results to achieve my goal. That is, Java programs can call

Invoke Matlab from Java detailed introduction _java

Some time ago to explore the Java invoke matlab things, do not say how deep the study, also counted the results, to achieve the purpose. The Java program is also used to invoke functions in MATLAB. In order to say it, the beginning must be the next

Detailed Java to determine whether is an integer, decimal or real number of regular expressions _ regular expressions

It is often the case that you need to determine whether a string is a valid number, including integers, decimals, or real numbers. Most of the articles on the Internet to determine whether the string is all numbers, such as the following from the

SQL Server SQL advanced query statement Summary

Advanced queries are most frequently used in databases and are also the most widely used. For more information about how to learn sqlserver, see. Advanced queries are most frequently used in databases and are also the most widely used. For more

SQL Server SQL advanced query statement Summary

Ø basic common Query-- SelectSelect * from student;-- All query allSelect all sex from student;-- Duplicate distinct FilteringSelect distinct sex from student;-- Count statisticsSelect count (*) from student;Select count (sex) from student;Select

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