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Introduction to open Source Jabber (XMPP) IM server

Label:A This is the product of the Jabber protocol and related technical articles that I have read roughly once, and some places are not necessarily accurate. Some of the code referenced in the article comes from an article on www.jabber.org.Two

Open source Jabber (XMPP) solutions for building internal instant messaging services

Label:Jabber is a well-known Instant Messaging server, it is a free open source software, allowing users to rack their own Instant Messaging server, can be used on the Internet, but also can be applied in the LAN.XMPP (Extensible Messaging Field

Jabber software:jabber-net, Agsxmpp and wilefire[turn]

Label:This article describes two uses. NET technology, specifically written in C # Jabber Code libraries–jabber.net, Agsxmpp, and a Java-written cross-platform Jabber Server–wilefire.Objective:completion of Jabber protocal (XMPP): Core translation,

Open Source network Communication Library Reference

Tags: des style http io ar os using SP forSockets TCP/IP communication LibraryC + + Sockets LibraryThis is a GPL licensed C + + class library wrapping the Berkeley sockets C API, and therefore works on most unixes and also Win32. The library is in

OpenFire CONNECTION Manager (openfire connection management)

I configured the next cm (Connection Manager), the basic idea is this, there are two machines, above the deployment of openfire, above the deployment of cm, and cm connected to the openfire. -------- OpenFire-

JavaScript Resource Equipment

Label:BooksWith the popularization of JS, we can get to the JS book is too much, but in my opinion only a few JS books can provide enough new enough interesting content. The following is what I have seen, I think it is worth recommending to everyone:

Ejabberd Source Code parsing Prelude--security

Label:First, firewall settingsWhen you configure the firewall, you need to be aware of the following TCP ports: Port Description 5222 Standard port for JABBER/XMPP client connections, plain text, or STARTTLS.

Go C # XMPP client communicates with OpenFire (Matrix Xmpp authorization hack tutorial)

Label:From:http://www.cnblogs.com/crabo/p/crack_matrix_xmpp.htmlSo well-known xmpp, actually tried jabber-net, Agsxmpp,matrix Xmpp, countless examples, incredibly no one can achieve the simplest message, receive Message function. Good, no

Enterprise-class open source monitoring software Zabbix

Tags: Zabbix Enterprise-Class monitoringThe most rapid of an open source software has a certain understanding and understanding, the best way is crossing network introduction.------Shangwei SuperFirst question: What is Zabbix?A:Zabbix is an

Android based OpenFire Development Instant Messaging Tool (1) Build OpenFire server

The use of OpenFire as a server, so no need to write a server, will save a lot of things, openfire after a simple configuration can realize a communication server basic functions, OpenFire With Java development, open source real-time collaboration

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