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Fill the Page code with IFRAME 100% | 100% height | 100% width

Populate the page with IFRAME 100%Code To increase IFRAME by 100%, you must set the detailed height of its parent container.For example:

Shell programming, 100 money to buy 100 chickens, simple implementation

There is an interesting question today:A group of friends wrote with a shell:#!/bin/bash# hundred million chicken, each chicken at least buy one all= -# Cocks per how many yuan read-P'Rooster How many text one:'gongji# hen per how many yuan read-P'How many hens a hen:'muji# can buy a few chickens per dollar read-P'chick How many only one article:'xiaoji# hundred dollars to buy a few cocks gongji_count=`Expr${all}/${gongji} 'Echo "======== hundred yuan to buy hundred chicken ========"Echo "Rooste

Algorithm title------"A bucket of 100 white balls, 100 black balls, the last one is the probability of a black ball? 】

today to see an interesting topic, heard is "The beauty of programming" in a problem, instantly feel that they are a lot behind. Take out today and share my insights on this topic! The original problem: a bucket with 100 black balls, 100 white balls. Take the ball in the bucket in the following order:1. Take out 2 balls at a time;2. If the same color ball is put back a black ball;3. If the ball is a differ

assembly language implementation from 1 to 100 (1+2+...+100)

Implement 1+2+...+100 with assembly language;Classroom Assignments;Calculate 1+2+...+100DATA SEGMENT COUNT DW0 ;CountDATA ENDS stack SEGMENT PARA stack BUF DW 20H DUP (0) LEN EQU $-bufstack endscodeseg segmentassumeCS:CODESEG,SS:STACK,DS:DATASTART:;Initialize stack segment SS and data segment DS MOVAx,stackMOVSs,axMOVSp,lenMOVAx,dataMOVDs,axMOVcx,64h;Cycle 100 times MOVAx0S: ADDcount,01hADDax,count

Interview question: produce an array of length 100, each item in the array randomly fills the number between 1-100 and guarantees no repetition

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/yanghua_kobe/article/details/6253227 This is an interview question: Refer to 3 ways on the Web, C # implementation: Method One: [C-sharp] View plain copy print? #region Method One // Storage 1-100 int[]num =newint[100]; //indexNum[0]=1;...indexNum[99]=100; (not repeat) for (Inti=0;i

PPTV How buffer 100% can't play? PPTV Buffer 100% Unable to play solution

PPTV buffers 100%, 90% solutions that cannot be played: 1 If the problem is a single channel, please feedback to my customer service personnel. 2 If the problem occurs with multiple channels (or all channels), restart the PPTV network TV by first trying to adjust the player settings to "system defaults" to see if it solves the problem. 3 If the step is not valid, try reinstalling Windows Media Player, and then restart the PPTV network T

WIN8 system disk display is occupied 100% what should I do? Disk accounted for 100% solution

Cause analysis The system prompts for disk display 100% The problem is due to network problems with Windows 8 systems, so we just need to IPv6 the inside to uncheck it. Solutions At the bottom right of the Windows 8 taskbar click on the Internet icon, the following "Network and Sharing Center---Change adapter settings---Network connection---Internet Protocol version 6 (Tcp/ipv6) before the check out, and then OK exit." After rem

Java Code 100 horse 100 Tiles

I gave two pieces a special write code a dedicated output look at the results with too much ifThere's a simple one that doesn't use too much if judgmentNot write the comments on the knowledge points are in the blog I sent if still have not understand can leave a message to fill in the commentscode class: if judged by/*** Q: There are 100 horses with 100 pieces of tiles,* Big horse can support 3 pieces of ti

100 lines of PHP code to implement the socks5 proxy server, 100 lines of socks5_PHP tutorial

The 100-line PHP code implements the socks5 proxy server and the 100-line socks5. 100 lines of PHP code to implement the socks5 proxy server, 100 lines of socks5 two days ago on the B Station saw a guy paper 100 yuan to assemble a computer to play LOL smooth picture quality,

How can we extract 100 and 50 from the full range of 100 minus 50 ~ The full number is different from the minus number.

How can I extract 100 and 50 from a full scale of 100 minus 50 ~~ A full number is different from a minus number. a full value of 100 minus 50 nbsp; how to extract 100 and 50 ~~ Nbsp; the full number is different from the minus number ~~~ For a general example, $ s nbsp ;= nbsp; 'full

Why printf ("(9.95*100) = % dn", (9.95*100); the result is 994?

Result 994: what is the problem? {Code. I really mean I want to understand why 9.95*100 is the result of 994. 9.96, 9.97, 9.94, 9.93 is the normal result of 994. Why? printf ("(9.95 * 100) = %d \n", (9.95 * 100)); Don't answer the question like @ ODA or xiaochun. I really mean to understand why the result is 9.95*100,

According to the analysis of the 100% alarm on disk space, df and 100% df are generated.

According to the analysis of the 100% alarm on disk space, df and 100% df are generated.Preface:Morning disk alarm just cleared tomcat and nginx logs, the command is similar to echo ""> show_web-error.log or> show_web-debug.log clear statement, then rm-rf drops a few tar.gz package, empty 30 GB space. The debug information of tomcat is also disabled. I just received an alarm again, and the disk is

Why is 1000==1000 in Java two integers false and 100==100 true?

See: http://blog.yemou.net/article/query/info/tytfjhfascvhzxcyt346This is a very interesting discussion topic.If you run the following code 1234 Integera=1000,b=1000;System.out.println(a==b);//1Integerc=100,d=100;System.out.println(c==d);//2 You'll get 12 falsetrue Basic knowledge: We know that if two references point to the same object, = = to i

How many 0 are there in the mantissa of a 100!? 100 of the class really do not come out?

Today to see a pretty interesting question, is to ask "100!" "How many zeros are there in the mantissa?"The mantissa has a number of 0, which actually refers to the number of the last not 0 of the number of the next (that is, 0) start counting, until the last number (these numbers are naturally 0) how many 0.Well, that means 13330330000 of the mantissa has 4 0 ...If an integer contains Factor 5, it must be solved in

Strange Java question: why 1000 = = 1000 returns to False, and 100 = = 100 returns to true?

If you run the following code: 1234 Integer a =1000, b =1000;System.out.println(a == b);//1Integer c =100, d =100;System.out.println(c == d);//2 You will get the following running results: 12 falsetrue We know that if two references point to the same object, then = = is set up, whereas if two references are not the same object, then = = is not

There is a 100-100 off lamp in the room

There is a 100 to 100 100 off lamp in the room, and there are 100 people from 1 to outside the door. Everyone wants to enter the room once, pull the lamp ropes that correspond to their serial numbers and are multiples of their serial numbers (for example, to pull all the lamp ropes on the first and to pull 2, 4, and 6

100 yuan Buy 100 chickens One of the problem solving

Buy 100 different types of chickens with 100 bucks. One solutionTitle: Rooster 5 Dollars A, hen 3 dollars A, chick 1 Yuan 3 only. How can i buy 100 chickens with 100 bucks? This chicken is sold somewhere.Solution: Set Buy Rooster I only, buy hen J only, chick naturally is 100

There are 1 to 100 a total of 100, starting from 1, every 1, 2, 3 ... Number take one number and the last few?

Recently find an internship, in doing test assignment encountered such a problem, on the way to record:Said, there are 1 to 100 a total of 100 numbers, put into a circle. Starting from 1, every 1, 2, 3, 4 ... The number takes a number, keeps looping, and finally leaves a few? Specifically, the beginning (0 numbers) Take 1 away, 1 number (2) to take 3 away, and then 2 number (4, 5) Take 6 away, and then 3 nu

[ZT] 100% height and 100% width XHTML flash embed

I 've been asked this question a few times in the last couple of months, so I thought I wocould put together an Example page to show how you can get Flash content to stretch to 100 percent height and width without using tables. It's actually pretty simple. Here's some of the css I used: Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> /* Hide from ie5 Mac \ */ Html { Height :

[Reprint] In Java why the variable 1000 = 1000 returns false, but 100=100 returns true?

[]; Static { //High value is configured by property intH = 127; //gets the high value in the configuration, the default maximum value is 127, but this value can also be customized to write in the configuration fileString Integercachehighpropvalue =Sun.misc.VM.getSavedProperty ("Java.lang.Integer.IntegerCache.high"); if(Integercachehighpropvalue! =NULL) { inti =parseint (Integercachehighpropvalue); I= Math.max (i, 127); //Maximum array size is Integer.max_valueh = math.mi

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