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The 3rd week of December, China's top five high-level domain name Net 6,909 US minus 164,000

Tags: total domain name top-level domainIDC Review Network (idcps.com) January 04: According to the latest data released by Webhosting.info, in the 3rd week of December, the total number of China's top five high-level domain names reached 9,173,958,

December Global total domain name net minus 203,000 drop fluctuation obvious

Tags: total global domain nameIDC Review Network (idcps.com) January 08: According to the latest data released by Webhosting.info, during December (2014-12-02 to 2014-12-29), the global domain name total of 3 weeks before the gross negative growth,

December China domain name net increase of 98,000 increase fluctuation obvious

Tags: total domain name ChinaIDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) January 06 reported: According to the latest data webhosting.info, as of December 29, 2014, the total number of Chinese domain names reached 9,207,886. During the December period (2014-1

JS How to get the number of days in the current month

Label:The csdn of evil is really annoying, the article I published before I re-edited once, the result can no longer find, each open directly 5xx Internal Server Error. Do not know whether to recover later, or re-record it again.Using JS to write a

December China domain Name Service provider TOP20 market share analysis

Tags: domain name provider market shareIDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) January 05 Report: According to webhosting.info latest data show, in December 2014, the top 20 Chinese domain Name Service providers ranked, the chain last month, there is a

My97datepicker Select year, quarter, month, week, day

All along, the most used is my97datepicker to get the month and day method, today suddenly wandered to this article, stay, for future use Write one yourself: Get the year and start counting from next month <asp:textbox id= "Txt_date_1" runat= "wi

Bat gets the last month and deletes the file of the specified date

BAT get last month's copyIf you want to back up the last month's files at the beginning of each month, you need to get the month of last month, and note that the month of January was last December, and that is, by the current month, when you get the

MySQL by year, Quarter, month, week, day SQL statistics query

Tags: GPO pre from ORM Database Inter reference Mat fieldI. Annual ENQUIRY Enquiry data for the yearSELECT * fromblog_articleWHERE Year(From_unixtime (Blogcreatetime))= Year(Curdate ()) Second, query quarterly data query data with quarter

January 2015. CN domain Total net growth rose by nearly 680,000

Tags:. cn domain NameIDC Review Network (idcps.com) March 03: According to the latest data released by the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC), the total number of CN domain names is in good condition, with a net increase of 679,229, and the

Summary of December Summary and 2014

Label:New Year's Day after the holiday, has been out of the poor, leading to their December summary and 2014 summary did not leave the curtain, until now to do a small summary of their own, can not say that they are busy, just to find excuses for

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