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Backslash forward slash and double slash problem with file path

Tags: c file path absolute path relative path slash it classification: C and OPENCV1C file path Why use a double slashBecause \ is an escaped leading character in c/c++/c#, for example \ n represents a line break. If the path has exactly the same

The path in Windows indicates that the Backslash "\" is used for the file level, while the slash "/" is used for UNIX systems 「/」

In Windows, the backslash ("\") is used from Dos, while in DOS, another tradition is to use a slash ("/") to represent command line parameters. For example: CD% Systemdrive %Dir/S/B shell32.dll Since the DOS slashes are occupied, we have to find

Garbled characters of gcc in Japanese Shift-JIS Encoding

When developing C, C ++, Pro * C, and other programs on Linux or Unix systems, it is inevitable to use the gcc tool, A common Japanese Encoding System in Japanese is Shift-JIS encoding. However, when gcc is used for Shift-JIS encoding, some Chinese

The difference between the forward slash "/" and "\" in CentOS

The difference between the forward slash "/" and "\" in CentOS Today, I found a file named "\" when checking the root directory. It was strange that I had never seen it before. I just wanted to open it with Vim. Naturally, I entered a command to

Convert a Japanese half-width katakana to a full-width katakana

// Partition text columns including delimiter and array delimiter. Note: The full-angle, full-angle, and half-width slice names are English letters, numbers, and numbers.Function my_split ($ string ){$ COUNT = mb_strlen ($ string );For ($ I = 0; $ I

Solving the problem of PHP processing emoji expression Unicode character transcoding code

What is emoji? Let's take a look at the explanation of Baidu EncyclopediaEmoji is the expression symbol, from the Japanese word "text" (the pseudonym is "えもじ", the pronunciation is emoji).Emoji's creator, the Japanese, is Kurita (Shigetaka Kurita),

Python Advanced Path---1.5python data type-string

StringPython string and character encoding character encodingCharacter encodingAs we've already said, strings are also a type of data, but a special string is a coding problem.Because a computer can only handle numbers, if you are working with text,

Using the YII framework PHP Import encoding problem in Excel file _php tutorial

Today in the development of the need to import the Excel file data into the relevant configuration file, I follow the method used in the past, I first exported Excel to a CSV file, and then use the Fgetcsv function to read the contents of the file,

Question about the forward and backward slash ("/\") and double slash ("\") of the file path

1. Why should I use a double slash in the C file path? Because "\" is a leading Escape Character in C/C ++/C #, for example, "\ n" indicates a line break.If the path begins with an escape character, it will cause a problem. Therefore, the \ In the

One of the complete guidelines for C ++ strings (Win32 character encoding)

Author: Michael Dunn category: VC ++ recommendation index:★★★★Popularity: 400 this week popularity: 14 Release Date: introduction no doubt, we have seen a variety of string types such as tchar, STD: String, BSTR, etc, there are also strange macros

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