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Japanese system backslash and yen symbol

Label:1. In the Japanese system, the backslash (\) key on the keyboard enters the symbol like the yen symbol (¥), but it is not a yen symbol.2. In eascii, the symbol encoding for the backslash (\) key entered on the keyboard is 0x005c, and the yen

PHP post get traditional, Japanese, Korean automatically add backslash problem

Label:Do some two development projects, database, file encoding can not be large-scale modification, such as two times to develop a Japanese system, encoding is ja16sjis,$_post or $_get information if "Application", the information will become "Shen"

Backslash forward slash and double slash problem with file path

Label:Tags: c file path absolute path relative path slash it classification: C and OPENCV1C file path Why use a double slashBecause \ is an escaped leading character in c/c++/c#, for example \ n represents a line break. If the path has exactly the

Solving the problem of PHP processing emoji expression Unicode character transcoding code

What is emoji? Let's take a look at the explanation of Baidu EncyclopediaEmoji is the expression symbol, from the Japanese word "text" (the pseudonym is "えもじ", the pronunciation is emoji).Emoji's creator, the Japanese, is Kurita (Shigetaka Kurita), w

Using the YII framework PHP Import encoding problem in Excel file _php tutorial

Today in the development of the need to import the Excel file data into the relevant configuration file, I follow the method used in the past, I first exported Excel to a CSV file, and then use the Fgetcsv function to read the contents of the file,

Python Advanced Path---1.5python data type-string

Label:StringPython string and character encoding character encodingCharacter encodingAs we've already said, strings are also a type of data, but a special string is a coding problem.Because a computer can only handle numbers, if you are working with


Label:String is mainly used for programming, concept description, Function interpretation, usage detailed see the text, here Add two points: 1. The ansistring in Free Pascal can only be considered as a whole, many functions can not be used, even if

"Local Resource Path && network resource path && use of forward and backward slashes in Java"

Tags: XML processing screen Network why drive AMP compatibility toolI. Concepts and usageLeft Right counterLet's take a look at the concept of escape characters: through \,? To change the meaning of the letter or symbol behind it. It means to change

Installing using Latex with support in Chinese under MAC (ii)

Label:In the previous article, we talked about how to install and use the MacTeX that supports Chinese in Mac OS X (the author uses 10.10,hackintosh). In fact, MacTeX has been installed by default to support multiple languages, such as Japanese (due

Two ways to set the database compatibility level and the difference

Label:Ext.: http://blog.csdn.net/htl258/article/details/5696325--Two ways to set the database compatibility level--To set up compatible SQL Serve 2005 as an example--Law One:ALTER DATABASE database_name SET compatibility_level = 90GO--Law II:EXEC sp_

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