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A new generation of animated photography workflows in the "Fate/kaleid Liner Magic Girls ☆ Elizabeth" series

Label:The usual Japanese anime photography, is based on the addition of cell (celluloid celluloid) and the background of the synthetic filter processing mainly, and in the "Fate/kaleid Liner magic Girls ☆ Elizabeth Ya" series, added their own use of

The Magic of Decay: Concise log specification

Last week, a day's time to write a log slice, everyone is very supportive of cooperation, the internal modules are used together. Technically it is a aspectj, there is no difficulty. The key is to make a lot of modules to use together, to form a

PC Game Programming (introductory article) (preface is very good)

Tags: PC Game Programming (introductory article) chapter I Cornerstone 1. 1 boss Debut--GAF introduction chapter II 2D graphics program first experience 2. L Drink from--the first "game" program 2. 2 Know the reason why 112 D graphic basic 2. 3

PHP Configuration Chinese explanation

PHP Tutorial Configuration Chinese Narration Let's see what you see, php.ini. [PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;;; WARNING;;;;;;;;;;;;; This is the default settings file for new PHP installations.; By default, PHP installs itself with a configuration suitable for;

Auto Focus Introduction

Label:Af:auto Focus AutofocusPdaf:phase Detection AF Phase FocusCaf:contrast Detection Contrast Focus/contrast focus (continuous shooting with a certain step, select a large position of contrast value)Transferred from:

A study of foreign language learning method of a generation of language master gu hongming--recitation method

Label:The library was fortunate to see a book, "The Spirit of the Chinese", in English: The Spirit of Chinese people. The characters in the book are called Gu hongming. English name: Townsend He, who also,He was born in Nanyang, studied in western,

"SIGGRAPH", "Final Fantasy XV", a real-time demonstration of the main points of the battle scene

Label:"SIGGRAPH" Final Fantasy XV" combat scene real-time demo Essentials commentaryOriginal: Nishikawa Good Division HTTP://WWW.4GAMER.NET/GAMES/999/G999902/20160730004/Siggraph is not just a non-real-time CG academic conference. From the

C # Delegate implementation simple design pattern tutorial

This brief introduction of the use of the delegate. Many of the articles commissioned will say: The concept of the Commission and the event is like a hurdle, passed the threshold of the people, think it is too easy, and no past people every time to s

The late King magical Magic curve tool Adjust picture shading

The histogram is like every instrument of a car, it can tell us the state of the car running, and the curve is like the steering wheel, it can direct the direction of the car, all the contrast, bright

Hu Xiaolin "The experience of Learning Buddha" first section

Label:Dear teacher Cai, dear Master, respected fellow practitioners at home and abroad, students, good morning, everyone!Let's get straight to the point because it's only one hours this morning. Today, we report to you the experience of learning

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