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Why do you want to learn Japanese?

Are you interested in Japan? Are you interested in those aspects of Japan, and most importantly, are you interested in their culture? If none of this happens, I suggest you do not study it! If you want to learn it, I suggest you do not have any cram

Chinese and Japanese netizens in BBS performance

1, in the Chinese forum, 20-year-old young majority, more than 30 is called the old wild. In the Japanese forum, 30-year-old-40-year-old people mostly, more than 50 of the old wild. Therefore, in the Forum, the Chinese and the Japanese debate will

500 common Japanese sessions

1. Please wait until then. First meeting. 2. There are too many other users. Please take care of it. 3. zookeeper has been completed before (zookeeper) has been released. Please take care of it. 4. When there are too many threads, there are too many

The battle against Korean aggression and Aid Korea in the calendar year

In the year of the Chinese calendar, there was a battle to defend against Korean aggression and aid.At the end of the Ming Dynasty, there were three thousand miles in the Battle of Spring and Autumn-the battle of North Korea in WanliWritten by

Chapter 2 of Sony's story

War chapter 12th Chapter 2 As early as 1960, I opened a showroom in the Ginza area of Tokyo, where potential customers could try our products without a salesman selling them, the showroom has become a favorite of all people, and its advertising

How to cultivate a good art in three months

As an e-commerce site, the page is the first way to communicate with customers, the page is rotten, all free from talk. And the scarcity of good art, I seem to hear every home is complaining. Three thousand or four thousand pieces please to the

[Management experience: Forty] Chinese "others", English "other", and Japanese "の ".................. ........................

Scenario Reproduction ================================== {A seminar} This semester is the investigation and research, sorting and summarization phase. The main tasks of this phase are: 1. Learn theories, collect and compile learning materials, and

It has been nearly two months, so I will summarize it once and think, thank

The last summary is the summary at the end of March and the plan is nearly two months. What have you done on your own ?, Let's calm down and think about it :) 1. The problem is not solved. Since May 8, I have not received a call. After asking for

Shanzhai machine manufacturing and sales exploration (medium): Only 40 ~ 50 days

Like Canon's company logo I also interviewed shanzhai machine design and manufacturing enterprises. Most of the former are called "design studios" in China ". The main task is to convert the design scheme into CAD data and adjust the reference

Professor Zheng Qiang from Zhejiang University)

Theme: Tell the truth (just look at the Chinese) Author:Zxxdx ( Zxxdx) published in: 18:49:47 [logon] [registration] [reply] [Send a message] Professor Zheng Qiang from Zhejiang University)As a scholar, I am not here to show off. With this forum,

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