japanese time format

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Chinese version of the keyboard that sets the Japanese format layout under Windows 7

Label:a few years ago, wrote an article how to in the Chinese version Windows XP The Japanese keyboard is correctly set up on the system so that it reflects the character of the keyboard key. It was published only in 51nb and another unknown small

Remember one time due to Chinese and Japanese WIN7 system date comparison omission causes a program error

Label:First write, not familiar with the use of methods, remember a small problem encountered in this study blog editing methods--Part of the development of the day, the use of FarPoint.Win.Spread-related pay control, and then Japanese virtual

Linux NKF Japanese encoding conversion command [reprint]

Label:Encoding for JapaneseWindows: shift-jisLinux: 2.4 kernel using EUC encoding, 2.6 kernel using UTF8 encodingCheck file encoding nkf-g filenameThe Iconv command is usually used to handle character encodings, but the iconv command can only be

Photoshop quickly pull up the retro tones of the Japanese-style photo-post-revision tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share a quick recall of the Japanese retro-tonal photos of the late-revision tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Pre-Preparation Location: Japanese-style decoration of the film studio Weather: C

Learn Japanese to help office Word

I recently started to learn Japanese because of my work. Because there is no foundation, and completely self-study, coupled with limited time, the feeling is quite difficult. Sometimes, just recite th

Late Photography: Japanese system backlighting Bright portrait color idea

Backlight shooting portrait often face a problem such as: The face is not exposed, if the early no way to fill the light or insufficient, through the late adjustment or there is a remedy, but to note

Photoshop quickly pull up the Japanese retro-tonal photo effect later tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the rapid transfer of the Japanese retro-tonal photo effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The original picture of the overall dark, low color, later we

Japanese-style seamless texture production

A pattern of textures is formed by listing the patterns of a scene in random fashion across the canvas. And this kind of texture pattern has two kinds of performance, the first kind is the fine textur

PS Child Japanese Style

PS Child Japanese style Here I will take a photo as an example to share the late days of the fresh style of the Japanese system. Time: Morning 9:00-10:00 Weather: Cloudy Eq

Research on iOS audio technology-Audio format

Label:**什么是音频格式**It was a long time before I could figure out the problem. Audio format actually refers to the type of container, in the popular point is the type of sound files, such as "I Love You china. mp3", the audio format of this sound file

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