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Split method of String class in J2SE basic compaction Series

This split method of the Strig class has been used many times. I have referred to a lot of online materials and summarized it now.1: usage of the second parameter of the split FunctionI saw a problem on the Forum, and then I became interested in

Java Split split string usage

There is a String.Split () method in the Java.lang package, and the return is an array.1,"." and "|" is an escape character and must be added "\ \";If you use "." As a separate word, it must be written as follows:String.Split ("\ \"), in order to

6) String class in Java

1) Initialization of a string objectBecause string objects are particularly common, Java provides a simplified, special syntax for initializing a string object in the following format:String s = "abc";s = "Java language";In fact, according to the

Java String Separation Split

In Java, we can use the Split method (Java.lang.string.split) to split a string into a specified delimiter, and then return an array of strings, followed by an example of string.split usage and considerations.Split methodSplits a string into

Java entry (5) -- String/string class, entry String

Java entry (5) -- String/string class, entry String In the previous example, there was a String example. Some friends certainly didn't know what to do. In fact, the String class is a special class in Java, namely the String class. It is not one of

JAVA basics -- Re-recognize String strings, and java re-recognize string

JAVA basics -- Re-recognize String strings, and java re-recognize stringIn-depth analysis of Java String Strings are everywhere in program development. For example, the user name and password entered during user login use strings. In Java, strings

Android--split () Split string special usage

Split () split string1. Distinctions in different environmentsJava: The split string cannot be written as split ("$")//$ as the character to be splitAndroid: Split string needs to be combined with brackets split ("[$]")//$ for the character to be

Java about split split string, NULL results can not get the problem, the processing of multiple delimiters

Source First look at the source code Java code/** * * @author Zhaoqing * * * * clas       s T {public static void main (string args[]) {string num[] = new STRING[11];       String sline

Java String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder instances

1-Hierarchical inheritance2-Variable and immutable concepts3-string3.1-string is a very special class3.2-string literals vs. String objectsMethods of 3.3-string3.3.1-length ()3.3.2-concat (String)3.3.3-indexof (..)3.3.4-substring (..)3.3.5-replace3.3

Java split method

Java split method 1. interval no. "." (1) str. split (".") String str = ""; String [] str1 = str. split ("."); for (int I = 0; I The running result is blank, that is, no result is output. (2) str. split ("\\.") String

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