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Basic Syntax of Java language (1) ---- keyword & amp; identifier (Java language identifier naming convention & amp; java package name, class name, Interface Name, variable name, function name, constant name naming rule), java basic syntax

Basic Java syntax (1) ---- keywords Identifiers (Java language identifiers naming rules Java language package name, class name, Interface Name, variable name, function name, constant name naming rules),

Java programming style and naming convention "go" programming styles and naming conventionsThe purpose of defining the specification is to unify the code style of the project so that the program is readable.Name of package (all lowercase, defined by domain name)The Java package name is made up of lowercase words. However, due to the Java objec

Java Development Naming Convention (reprint)

module name + operation. such as: user_view.jsp3. The JSP page corresponds to the action's meaning as much as possible, such as the userlistaction counterpart user_list.jspInterface:Use hump-style naming. In addition to nouns, you can also use adjectives to name (reflect their functional characteristics)Method:The rule is named after the verb, which is suitable for the hump type, but the biggest difference from the

What is the CSS BEM naming convention? Summary of BEM Naming conventions (detailed)

BEM is a shorthand for block (block), element, and modifier (modifier), which is a very useful naming convention. To make your front-end code easier to understand and tight, let's take a look at what the BEM naming convention is all about. 1 What is the BEM naming

Naming Properties and Data Types, "translation" of the naming convention of Apple's official website

inheriting class needs to access the variable directly to get the data, then use the @protected instruction3. If a variable is accessible. Make sure you write the variable access method. (if possible, define properties, @property will automatically generate getter setter methods)L ConstantsA constant's naming convention usually depends on how the constant is cre

[Go] program Development Basic Learning II (C + + Google Style naming convention)

No rules inadequate surrounding area, the new position will need to obey the code rules of the team. Very happy that the team is using Google's C + + coding rules, probably looked at Google's coding rules, as nine days off said: "Google's C + + style guide is far more than a traditional code writing style guidance, for C + + All aspects of Google's interpretation and use of suggestions, including each rule given, in more detail on the good side of the rule and the bad side, the most radical rule

I'm using the code-C + + programming specification-naming convention

object that is similar to an existing C + + entity:Bigopen ()Function name, reference open ()UInttypedef type DefinitionBigposstruct or class, reference posSparse_hash_mapSTL-like entities, reference to STL naming conventionsLonglong_maxconstants, similar to Int_max————————————————————————————————Translator: Naming conventions are relatively easy to follow, in c

MySQL case sensitivity and naming convention _ MySQL

class and field naming rules, this is not consistent with the naming rules recommended by mysql, as a result, the question of which naming convention is follow. In general, this will be determined by the team and DBA through negotiation. the use of mysql

The naming rules for the class file generated after Java compilation

Today, a classmate asked about the Java compiler generated after the. class file name problem, although the use of Java has been developed, but before the compilation of the. class file name specification also basically did not know, also really is repentance unworthy ah! I'll summarize it today anyway. Here's the expe

Doscommand-Environment Variable-data type-naming convention, dos environment variable

Doscommand-Environment Variable-data type-naming convention, dos environment variable JAVA Day 1 note -- doscommand-Environment Variable-data type-naming convention1. Differences between JDK and JREJDK (Java Development kittings is the J

CSS Naming Convention document

Before any project or system development, you need to customize a development convention and rules, which is conducive to unified overall style of the project, code maintenance and expansion. As Web project development is decentralized, independent, and interactive, it is particularly important to customize a set of complete conventions and rules. Based on the current Guangdong talent network New Version scheme has been fully started, in order to bett

In the strategizing process, the new cainiao first recognized the code programming specification. II. Naming Convention

and constant names can contain a maximum of 255 characters. However, names with more than 25 to 30 characters are clumsy. In addition, to get a meaningful name, clearly express the use of variables or constants, 25 or30 characters should be enough.Class) NameA) The name should be able to identify the characteristics of things.B) Try not to use abbreviations unless they are well known.C) A name may consist of two or three words, but generally should not contain more than three words.D. Use Pasca

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (Windows) (33)-naming convention

When you first start learning about rails, you might be confused about how to automatically handle naming in rails, such as how to find a table named people in the database based on a model named person, and this time we'll look at the naming conventions in rails. 1. Mixed case, underline, plural We often use abbreviated named variables, in Ruby, when a convention

Google C + + programming style Guide (v): naming convention

1. General rules: do not arbitrarily abbreviated; 2. macros, enumerations, etc. use all uppercase + underscores; 3. variables (including class, struct member variables), files, namespaces, access functions, and so use all lowercase + underline, class member variables following the end of the underscore, the global variable begins with g_; 4. Refer to existing or similar

Naming Convention (3) Name and identifier of an identifier

Naming Convention (3) Name and identifier of an identifier Naming Conventions (1) Case sensitivity conventions Naming Conventions (2) general naming conventions Program set and DLL name An assembly is a deployment unit and also represents the identity of the hosted progra

python-naming Convention (EXT) __python

original link:python-naming Convention (turn) FilenameFull lowercase, underline allowed PackageIt should be a short, lowercase name. If the underline can improve readability you can join. such as MyPackage. ModuleThe same as the specification of the package. such as MyModule. ClassAlways capitalize a word string with the first letter. such as MyClass. An inner class

Project Review Summary 3: CSS introduction method, annotation, naming convention, background, line height, text attributes

Directory:1. How to Write CSS comments? Benefits? 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of CSS introduction Methods 3. selector writing and Selector Priority 4. CSS Naming Convention 5. Background, line height 6, text (beginning with text and font) and other attributes ① CSS annotation writing specifications:1. Single line comment:Directly after the property value, such:①. Search {border: 1 pxsoli

Basic Convention "Go" for C # naming

abbreviationsThe basic principle of abbreviation is to take the first letter of each word of the component class name, and if there is only one word, remove the vowel and leave the consonant. Abbreviations are all lowercase. Component type Abbreviation Example Label Lbl Lblnote Textbox Txt Txtname Button Btn Btnok ImageButton Ib IbO

Chubby said things-----property's synthesized getter follows Cocoa naming convention for returning ' owned ' OBJEC

Today, when naming the properties of a class, using NewValue, give an error: property's synthesized getter follows Cocoa naming convention for returning ' owned ' objects, a depressed do not know what happened, and later checked the information, the original is the naming st

DIV+CSS naming convention-Reprint 1

Description of the naming rules:1), all the names are preferably lowercase2), the value of the attribute must be enclosed in double quotation marks (""), and must have values such as class= "DIVCSS5", id= "DIVCSS5"3), each label must have the beginning and the end, and must have the correct level, the layout has the regularity neatly4), empty element to have the end of the tag or after the beginning of the

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