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C # Mobile cross-platform development (2) How does Xamarin mobile cross-platform solution work?

iphone in VS needs to be compiled with a Mac. In contrast, the development of Android applications will appear cumbersome, there are some hidden things we do not specifically, including the creation of an app, C # and Java integration in the development of the interaction and so on, these questions we stay behind slowly to solve.Reference readingHttp://developer

We recommend 15 excellent cross-platform mobile development tools and 15 development tools.

) directly in NativeScript projects, plus hundreds of NativeScript specific INS on npm.5. CloudRail CloudRail is an API library for Android, Java, and iOS that lets you integrate multiple services with just one API. it's completely free for both personal and other cial projects. cloudRail is behind integrations in apps used by millions of people every day. join CloudRail and take your API integrations to the next level.6. Kony The Kony Mobility

The simplest introduction to personal mobile app development in history--jquery Mobile Edition cross-platform app development

Books are the ladder of human progress. --high-baseXI requires new people to have a Chinese dream and encourage students to start their own business when they graduate. What is the best way to start a business? is the app. "Building cross-platform App-jquery mobile app Combat" is a write to no money, no status, no seniority of the business small white look at the

SAP Enterprise Mobile platform development Exploration Series 8-use senchatouch to develop HTML5 cross-platform applications

use. Because the operating system is on Mac, the web server uses mamp and the development tool uses eclipse for Mac. My overall feelings: 1) it is really easy to develop a beautiful cross-platform UI 2) good support for JSON and powerful functions of the existing JavaScript library. The disadvantage is that the traditional coder, for example, is not suitabl

Cross-platform Mobile development tools: PhoneGap and titanium all-round competition

misconceptions about titanium-the first misconception is that titanium never needed to use Web view components. Developers can create Web views as native UI widgets, but Web views are not used to evaluate titanium source code. A second misconception is that JavaScript code does not cross-compile into objective-c or Java in Titanium. Your JavaScript source code is evaluated at run time.Extended TitaniumTita

SAP Enterprise Mobile platform development Exploration Series 7-use Sup to develop cross-platform HWC applications

In the previous notes, we learned how to develop Native applications to implement offline functions. Below we will do some of the simplest tasks, that is, the HWC application of sup. HWC is the abbreviation of Hybrid Web Container, that is, the hybrid application that everyone is familiar, this type of application combines the advantages of the native SDK and web application, the most convenient is a single development,

Front-End developer strategies and tools for Cross-platform mobile application development

Happy Friday, come home early, take a shower to care for the cat housework has finished more than nine points of appearance. Login blog backstage, into the editing page, just feel a little relaxed and comfortable. Not bad, in a day can have such a will immersed in this feeling, enough. In a previous article, we discussed the issues that need learning and attention for practitioners of interactive and visual design-related functions, from the traditional web industry to the

Cross-platform Mobile development Combat (III)------HTML5 development environment to build __html

The Cross-platform mobile development is actually based on the HTML5 development software interface and the main business logic, so a perfect HTML5 development environment based on mobile

is cross-platform mobile app development really a good choice?

1. IntroductionThe enterprise mobile technology market has been booming in recent years, with companies now moving closer to mobile technologies and recognising the potential impact of applications on tablets and smart devices on their businesses. This triggers a huge need for businesses to quickly develop easy-to-maintain applications across platforms. Cross-

Visual Studio 2015 Mobile cross-platform development first experience

Original: Visual Studio 2015 mobile cross-platform development first experienceMicrosoft has changed a lot after the new CEO, and the best news for our team is that Visual Studio 2015 supports mobile app cross-

Imag Introductory tutorial on Cross-platform Mobile Web application Development Framework _android

Imag is a very concise and efficient mobile cross-platform development framework that can be used to develop a platform that is compatible with both Android and iOS, and a bit of web development basics. There are many frameworks f

HTML5 Web App Mobile Cross-platform development notes

The APP development platform includes Android platform development, MAC OS X platform development, and Windows Phone 7 platform development.

Visual Studio 2015 Mobile cross-platform development first experience

development? Can finally liberate the productivity!Visual Studio 2015 supports the development of cross-platform mobile apps in two ways: Use C #/F # to develop a cross-platform

Cross-platform mobile development practice (9)-mobile local storage solution

Although data is provided on the Server side, mobile development generally needs to support the offline usage mode. Therefore, you need to store data locally on the mobile client. There are three implementation solutions based on different data types: Key-value: HTML5 Web Storage Complex data (SQL): HTML5 Web SQL Database Binary File: File API Phonegap plugi

Cross-platform mobile application Development Framework PHONEGAP 1.3 released to support Windows Phone app development

The mobile development Community's "Swiss Army Knife" PhoneGap released today in 1.3, bringing many new features (tools, controls) and improvements to this release, most notably the completion of support for Windows Phone. This also means that PHONEGAP has fully implemented support for all major mobile platforms.PhoneGap is an open-source,

Mobile Cross-platform development dry-sharing

genres, each of which includes specific references to the following technologies: Web Streaming Phonegap/cordova React Canvas Code Conversion Flow J2OBJC can turn Java code into OBJECTIVE-C Myappconverter objective-c turn Java into a solution Sharpen, juniversal turn Java code into C # O

Cross-platform mobile development practice (I)-overall architecture and technical route

After two months of work, we have been doing one thing, that is, migrating our current products to mainstream mobile platforms. In fact, the demand is very simple, that is, to make existing products have an end on various major mobile platforms, so that customers can work on their own. This demand is also a general demand for popularization, so I have studied it in depth as a topic with great interest. I ma

Apicloud Video Tutorial _ "H5 Mobile cross-platform development" Apicloud course

forget the intricacies of service-side coding, forget complex objective-c and Java, and forget the countless screen adaptations. Apicloud the concept of "cloud-in-one", Redefining mobile application development and helping developers get everything done.This course is to teach students how to develop apps based on HTML5, CSS3 and JS through Apicloud.Third, the c

Three technical classifications for mobile cross-platform development

Let's take a look at mobile in recent years Cross-platform development tools. As iOS and Android mature, mobile application development needs soar. A large number of cross-

On cross-platform development tools for mobile applications (Xamarin and react Native)

JavaScript, feel that the language is difficult to master and good use, and C # and Java is relatively easy to be more secure. Here I recommend Turing's "You do not know the JavaScript" series, after watching may be able to change this view. In addition to the JavaScript language, React native also needs to master the Facebook React Framework, which is the core of React native. Xamarin requires knowledge of C # and iOS and Android

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