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What you need to know about character encoding

Document directory Unicode Character Set Overview Encoding System Changes Common unicode encoding Unicode-Related Frequently Asked Questions Original article:   Character

About character encoding, all you need to know (ascii,unicode,utf-8,gb2312 ... )

The problem of character encoding seems to be very small, often overlooked by technical staff, but it can easily lead to some puzzling problems. Here is a summary of the character encoding of some of the popular knowledge, I hope to be helpful to

How Java Gets the file encoding format

1: Simple judgment is UTF-8 or not UTF-8, because generally except UTF-8 is GBK, so set the default is GBK. When storing a file in a given character set, it is possible to store the encoded information in the first three bytes of the file, so the

Using sax and Xni to detect the encoding of XML documents

This article supporting source code XML is defined according to Unicode characters. In the process of transmitting and storing modern computers, those Unicode characters must be stored in bytes and decoded through the parser. Many coding schemes

How does spider JAVA determine webpage encoding?

Preface Recently, a search project requires crawling many websites to obtain the required information. When crawling a webpage, You need to obtain the code of the webpage. Otherwise, you will find that many of the crawled webpages are

The best solution for automatic identification of webpage encoding character sets in Webpage body extraction.

Yi er translation technology ( team in the past when doing Text Extraction often encounter because of different Web character set encoding, extraction of a lot of garbled code, now some articles collected for the novice

Sting String Class

One, String class  A string is a sequence of characters.1. Build a String // Directly the string literal is treated as a string object. String message = "Weclome to JAVA"; // using character arrays Char []

201771010123 Wanghui and "object-oriented Programming Java" Second week study summary

Part One of theoretical knowledge1. Identifiers consist of letters, underscores, dollar signs, and numbers, and the first symbol cannot be a number. Identifiers can be used as: class name, variable name, method name, array name, file name, and so on.

JAVA Common exceptions

  1. java. lang. nullpointerexception This exception is often encountered by everyone. The exception is explained by & quot; the program encounters a null pointer & quot;. Simply put, it calls an uninitialized object or a non-existent object, this

[Summary] Common exceptions in Java programming

[Summary] Common exceptions in Java programming 1. java. Lang. nullpointerexception This ExceptionEveryone must have encountered this exception. The exception is explained as "the program has encountered a null pointer". Simply put, it calls an

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