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About a BigDecimal in Java that causes double Precision loss & quot; bug & quot;, bigdecimaldouble

In Java, A BigDecimal "bug" that causes double Precision loss, bigdecimaldouble Background In the blog's disgusting 0.5 rounding question, I saw a question about 0.5 incorrect rounding. It is mainly said that after double is converted to BigDecimal,

Why is the Java float double precision lost? On the problem of floating-point precision in Java "turn"

Due to improper use of float or double, there may be an issue of loss of precision. The problem probably can be understood by the following code : [Java]View Plaincopyprint? Public class Floatdoubletest { Public static void Main (string[] args)

A "bug" in Java about BigDecimal that causes a double loss of precision

BackgroundIn the blog disgusting 0.5 rounding problem article see a question about 0.5 not rounding correctly. The main thing is that a double conversion to BigDecimal does not result in the correct rounding: Public class bigdecimaltest {

The precision problem of float and double in Java

This article explains why the range of float is larger than int (same as 4 bytes), but some int is not correctly expressed by float (loss of precision)The precision problem of float and double in Java1. Background KnowledgeIn Java there is no detail,

On the arithmetic precision of double type in Java

Title in Java accurate calculation of floating-point number Ayellow (original) modificationKeyword Java floating-point number accurate calculationThe question is raised:What will we see if we compile and run the following program?public class

The constructor of the double argument in Java about BigDecimal causes the data to appear to lose the precision of the bug__ block chain

background In the blog disgusting 0.5 rounding problem in the article see a question about 0.5 not correct rounding. The main thing is that after the double conversion to BigDecimal, rounding does not get the correct result: public class

J4. The data type and precision problem of Java BASIC program design structure

1.1 Data TypesData types in Java are divided into two types: basic data type and reference data type. As for the reference type, we will gradually understand it in the subsequent study, which is not covered here, and focuses on the basic data types.

On the arithmetic precision of double type in Java

(Its tool class is in the project Arith Util )Original URL:, the previous case: public class test{     public static void main (String  Args[]) {         system.out.println (0.05+0.01);        

The problem of accurate calculation of floating-point data float and double in Java

I. Loss of precision in floating-point calculationsProbably a lot of friends with programming experience are not familiar with this problem: no matter what programming language you use, when you use floating-point data for accurate calculations, you

A method to solve the problem of JavaScript digital precision loss _javascript skills

This article is divided into three parts Some typical problems of JS digital precision loss The reason for the loss of JS digital precision Solution (one object + one function) Some typical problems of JS digital precision loss 1.

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