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Java enum class enum, defining static variables can also have abstract methods, but enum classes cannot be inherited

as a parameter, and the value of the parameter is the value of the variable name.3. Variable name (variable name corresponding value) {Static code block}//except 2, the enumeration class also defines an abstract method, and the code block after the variable name corresponds to an anonymous inner class that implements the abstract method. As follows: Variable type variable name =new

Java enum Class enum summary

Enumeration definition:An enum is a data type in a computer programming language. Enumeration types: In real-world problems, some variables are scoped to a limited range . For example, there are only seven days in one weeks, 12 months in a year, six courses per week in a class, and so on. If these quantities are described as integers, the character type or other

Java multithreaded Programming 6--Singleton mode and multithreading--using static built-in classes, (inverse) serialization, static block, enum Enum data class implementation

() ; } } Public Connection getconnection () { return Connection; }}The Run method of the custom line thread is modified to: public void Run () { System.out.println (singleton.connectionfactory. Getconnection (). Hashcode ()); } 103201006910320100691032010069 5. Perfect using Enum enumeration to implement Singleton modeThe preceding section exposes enumerated classes, violat

Java enum class enum

); System.out.println (; for(intI=0;i) {System.out.println ("Stats.values () [" +i+ "]:" +stats.values () [i]); System.out.println (Stats.valueof (Stats.values () [I].tostring ()]); } System.out.println ("《------------------------------------------------------------------》"); System.out.println (Yes. )class); System.out.println (YES.A); System.out.println (Yes.b.getcode ()); for(intI=0;i) {

Java enum Class (enum)

The enumeration classes are new after Java 5, can be used to encapsulate constants, and can also provide some methods for the use of constants.Defines the syntax for an enumeration class: Public enum enumname{ //must be placed on the first row of member 1 (A, B ... ), member 2 (A, B ... ), member 3 (A, b ...). )........; //a,b can not P

Java Enum usage example and javaenum usage example

Java Enum usage example and javaenum usage example Public enum MyEnum {Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursady, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; public static void main (String [] args) {// Enum object MyEnum mye; mye = MyEnum. sunday; MyEn

Java enum class syntax and usage parsing

I. Grammar1. Enum is all called enumeration, Chinese is commonly known as enumeration class, learn C + + and other languages of the people, should be to it knows. In the Java language Specification, however, it was introduced in the JDK version 5 and stored in the Java.lang package. In the Java version of the

Java enum class

, and fields to the enumeration type. Of course, the constructor is called only when constructing enumeration constants. A facet is an example:public enum Size{small ("S"), MEDIUM ("M"), LARGE ("L"), Extra_large ("XL");p rivate String abbreviation;private Size ( String abbreviation) {this.abbreviation=abbreviation;} Public String getabbreviation () {return abbreviation;}}All enum types are subclasses of the

Java Enum class

In some cases, the object of a class is limited and fixed, such as the seasonal class, which has only 4 objects. This example of a finite and fixed class, in Java, is called an enumeration class.In the early days, the enumeration classes might be represented directly using s

The Java Enumeration class enum explanation

zero.Public final String name () returns the enumeration instance namePublic String toString () returns the enumeration yield name Traffic light Example Public enumTrafficLight {RED ("Red"), YELLOW ("Yellow"), GREEN ("Green");PrivateString name;Private TrafficLight(String name) { This. name = name; } PublicStringGetName() {returnName } Public void Jude(TrafficLight Light) {Switch(light) { CaseRED:System.out.println ("Stop"); Break; CaseYELLOW:Sy

Effective Java enum class

With the effective Java this book to see more and more, found in peacetime use of Java made a lot of obvious mistakes, they usually know a little but the lack of use is also more and more.As for enumeration classes, the suggestion in the book is to replace the traditional static constants with enumeration classes, usually, if a class of data is represented by a d

Java Enumeration Class Summary Enum

Long time no contact enumeration class, almost forget, today take a moment to summarize it. To be honest, enumerating classes can really make a lot of sense for us.Description: Enum class It contracts a scope, it can be understood that only a fixed number of objects can be generated to call the outside world, so the constructor method in the enumeration

Java Enumeration Class enum introduction _java

Enum class Enum is introduced by JDK1.5, and is preceded by a public static final int Enum_value instead of an enumeration class. Enum class Enum is a special

Serialization of enum types and class upgrades in Java do not recommend the reason for enumeration __java

In Java, serialization of an enum type differs from the serialization of other object types, to see what is different today. Let's look at how the enum we defined in Java is going to look like after being compiled. Java code: Java

C # Idioms:enum or enum class (enum Class)

encapsulation and code readability. For example, use constant types to set and compare property values: Setting property values Sex Sex = Sex.male; Comparison if (sex = = Sex.male) { // ... ... } If the sex is defined with an enum, the value of the enum field is actually compared, and if the sex is defined using the Enum

Java Enum enumeration using the example;/** * * @author Tkpad [ Email protected] * @version V1.0.0 * */ Public enumFileType {WORD (1), TXT (2), ANNO (3);//Note that the sentence must be placed in the first line Private intType//define the variable used in the database, or the value of the enumeration variable //Use a constructor to assign a value to a defined enumeration variable Private FileType(intType) { This. type = type; }//By overwrite the ToString method, you can get the value of the enume

Java Enum example

Package COM. XX. tests; import Java. util. hashmap; import Java. util. map; Public Enum season {spring {@ overridepublic string tostring () {return "Spring" ;}}, summer {@ overridepublic string tostring () {return "Summer ";}}, autumn {@ overridepublic string tostring () {return "Autumn" ;}}, winter {@ overridepublic string tostring () {return "Winter ";}}; priva

Crazy Java Note-enum class

intSeason_winter=4; the the Enumerate class instances: the Public enumseasonenum{ the //4 enumerated instances in the first row - Spring,summer,fall,winter; in } the the //Test Class About Public classenumtest{ the Public voidjudge (Seasonenum s) { the //the expression in the switch statement can be an enumeration class the Switch(s)

Java Foundation (enum Class)

1, the enumeration class is also a class, you can have attributes, and so on:public enum Seasonenum{spring,summer,fall,winter;}This is not the other attribute.Package Com.creditharmony.adapter.testcase.test;public class Enumtest {public void judge (Seasonenum s) {switch (s) {case SPRING:System.out.println ("Spring"); B

Error compiling Java code: requires class, interface or enum hint

This error occurs: A class, interface, or enum hint is required, generally in two cases:1. The code is incorrectly written;2. There is a problem with the Encoder selection encoding format. ( mainly in non-Notepad to write code files, there is an encoding format conversion problem.) )such as the error message, we can see that the encoding format caused by the error, the solution is to modify the encoding for

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