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Enumerates the ToString () valueof () and values () usages of an enum

voidMain (string[] args) {9 /**Ten * Values of the Test enumeration () One * A */ -String s = color.getvalue (0). GetDesc (); -System.out.println ("Gets the value:" +s); the - - - /** + * Test enumeration of valueof, the value inside can be the name of the enumeration constant that you define - * Where the valueof method converts the name of a string to an enumeration i

Java enum class enum, defining static variables can also have abstract methods, but enum classes cannot be inherited

Reference 55049192This explains why an enumeration class cannot be inherited: it has inherited the parent enum class, and its parent implements the serializable interface, which means that all enum classes implement serializationThe Enum class also cannot be inherited for the following reasons:The public enum class nam

An in-depth analysis of enum enum in Java

In programming languages, we are exposed to enum types, and we usually have poor enumerations to implement some limitations. Java is no exception. The enumeration type in Java is enum, and this article provides some more in-depth analysis of enumerations.What is an enumEnum is an attribute introduced from

Java enum Enum type

difference in order of the two enumeration values. Of course, the premise is that two enumeration values must belong to the same enumeration class, otherwise a classcastexception () exception will be thrown. (Visible source code)Color.RED.compareTo (Color.Blue); return result-1(3) The values () method: A static method that returns an array that contains all the enumeration values.Color[] Colors=color.values ();for (Color c:colors) {System.out.print (c+ ",");}//return Result: Red,blue,black Yell

Three minutes Fast master Java enum (enum) _java

What is an enumeration? Enumerations are new features introduced by JDK5. In some cases, the objects of a class are fixed and can be defined as enumerations. In practice, enumeration types can also be used as a specification to guarantee the safety of program parameters. Enumerations have the following characteristics: The levels of enumerations and classes and interfaces in Java are the same. Enumerations, like classes, have their own prop

Delve into the Java enum (enum) type _java

Objective In daily programming, there are often such "datasets," whose values are stable in the program, and the elements in the dataset are finite. For example, from Monday to Sunday, seven data elements constitute a week of "data sets", Four seasons of four data elements constitute the "dataset". How do you better use these "datasets" in Java? So the enumeration came in handy. An enumeration is actually a type, like int, char, which restricts inpu

Java hidden box operation-enum and hidden box operation enum

Java hidden box operation-enum and hidden box operation enum Enum, which is an enumeration type, has a similar type in each programming language. Because it is rarely used, every time I see enum, it will be daunting, because its syntax is really "not playing as usual!    The

Java enum type enum use detail

The enum enum type of Java finally appeared in j2se1.5. Before thought it was just a chicken, dispensable. After all these years, without it, don't everyone have a good one? Today, "Thinking in Java" 4th edition, there is a sentence "sometimes precisely because of it, you can" elegant and clean "to solve the problem. E

Use of the Java enum type enum

When I recently discussed the issue with my colleagues, my colleague suddenly mentioned why the constant values defined in Java do not take the ENMU enumeration type and are defined by the public final static type. We used to be defined in this way, rarely using the enum definition, so also did not pay attention to, in the face of the problem, it is still a little unclear why there is such a definition. If

The java keyword enum does not recognize other solutions. The java keyword enum does not.

The java keyword enum does not recognize other solutions. The java keyword enum does not. The myeclipse java project copied from someone else opened a large film marked with red. After careful reading, it turned out that the enum

Java valueOf () function

The ValueOf () method is used to return the value of the native number object for a given parameter, which can be a native data type, string, and so on.This method is a static method. The method can receive two parameters one is a string, and the other is the cardinality.GrammarThe method has the following syntax formats:Staticinteger valueOf(int i)staticinteger valueOf

Java enum type enum

Simple IntroductionEnum types in Java are defined by the keyword enum, a new type from jdk1.5, and all enum types inherit from the enum type. To understand enumeration types, we recommend that you first open the enum class in the JDK and simply read it, which defines a lot o

<JAVA> enum type (enum)

Enumeration understands:The enumeration type is part of the new feature in Java 5, which is a special type of data that is special because it is a class type but has some special constraints over the class type, butThe existence of these constraints also creates the simplicity, security, and convenience of enumeration types.Keyword: enum. Public enum Color { R

Java enum type enum

An enumeration type, the Enum keyword, was added to Java SE5. Before this, when you need to create a set of shaped constants, but these enumerated values do not necessarily limit their own values within the range of the constant set, so it is not safe to do so, and it is not easy to use. Now that we have an enum, we have solved the above problem.Although an

Use of enum Enum in C + + and Java

Enum enum is the keyword in both C + + and Java, but they are not the same. For C + +, enumerations are a series of named Integer constants, and conversion from enumeration values to corresponding integer values is done internally. For Java, enumerations are more like named instances of a class, and you can customize t

2017.4.14 the differences between Java parseint and valueof

The difference between their return types is the biggest reason:static int parseint (String s)The string argument is parsed as a signed decimal integer.static Integer valueOf (int i)Returns an Integer instance that represents the specified int value.Static Integer valueOf (String s)Returns an Integer object that holds the value of the specified String.From the return value you can see their difference parse

Java integer. valueof (INT) and new INTEGER (INT) Performance Comparison

The JDK source code shows the optimizations in integer. valueof (INT: Public static integer valueof (int I) { SlaveSource codeYou can see that valueof is-128 ~ 127 these 256 values are cached (integercache), if the int value range is-128 ~ 127. When valueof (INT) is used, it will directly return the integercache

Java multithreaded Programming 6--Singleton mode and multithreading--using static built-in classes, (inverse) serialization, static block, enum Enum data class implementation

() ; } } Public Connection getconnection () { return Connection; }}The Run method of the custom line thread is modified to: public void Run () { System.out.println (singleton.connectionfactory. Getconnection (). Hashcode ()); } 103201006910320100691032010069 5. Perfect using Enum enumeration to implement Singleton modeThe preceding section exposes enumerated classes, violat

Java Basics: Enum enum

source structure is as follows:According to bytecode and Java.lang.Enum source structure can draw the following conclusions: Enum classes defined with enum inherit directly from the Java.lang.Enum class by default, rather than inheriting java.lang.Object directly. Among them, Java.lang.Enum realized Java.lang.comparableJava.lang. Serializable two interfaces.

Java enum Class enum summary

Enumeration definition:An enum is a data type in a computer programming language. Enumeration types: In real-world problems, some variables are scoped to a limited range . For example, there are only seven days in one weeks, 12 months in a year, six courses per week in a class, and so on. If these quantities are described as integers, the character type or other types are obviously inappropriate. For this reason, the C language provides a type called

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