java error could not find or load main class

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Use Java to run a class file under Mac always prompt "error: cannot find or Load main class" workaround

/zhangyunfei/workspace_java/hellodemoJAVA-CP bin Hellodemo.zhangyf.MainClassNote: This is followed by the path to the project, which is then executed using the relative path bin.Absolute path Execution modeIn my project structure, the command to execute this class is that you can execute it in Bash (Command Prompt window) by entering the following instruction:Java-cp/users/zhangyunfei/workspace_java/hellodemo/bin Hellodemo.zhangyf.MainClassJava is the

Run a compiled Java file under cmd with the "Cannot find or Load main class" issue with Java commands

What is said on the Internet, I summed up a bit, and then I recently encountered a situation online as if no one had encountered, posted here1, environment variables, generally can compile files, it is not the amount of environmental variables2, without the package name, such as the AAA package below the compiled Hello.class runtime to write this Java Aaa.hello3, also I encountered a situation, the file path in Chinese, and then changed the

Execute Java command on cmd-Could not find or Load main class

With the successful installation of JDK and Eclipse, few development environment issues are encountered in the development of test Java projects.This is thanks to Eclise's management through Engineering (project) and packages.Occasionally, however, when compiling and running Java files at the command line, you will encounter the following error:(The following examples are all performed on Win7)d:\temp>

Java compiled by, why does the run prompt not find or load the main class?

Java compiled by, why does the run prompt not find or load the main class? is a possible solution to the program that contains the package keyword, "Unable to find or cannot

"Java" FAQ "Environment variable setting problem" error: unable to find or load main class "XXXXXX" __java

1, problem phenomenon First of all, the code is absolutely free of problems. F:\01 java\01 project\00 Connectdatabase>java operateoracleError: The main class operateoracle could not be found or could not be loaded 2. Solutions This problem occurs because the path to the jar is newly added to the classpath F:\01

Cygwin Java Error "Unable to find or cannot load main class" Troubleshooting

Win7 installed under the Java, the command line can run normally, Cygwin error: The main class could not be found or could not be loaded.After the investigation was found to be Cygwin ~/.bash_profile in the $classpath configuration:Java_home= "/cygdrive/d/program files/java/jdk1.8.0_66"Classpath= ".: $

Command Java could not find or load the main class

This is due to the use of the package caused by CMD cannot find the class file generated errors, the solution:Method 1. Remove the first line of package demo1 in the source program, then use Javac to generate the class file under CMD, and Java HelloWorld run the programMethod 2. Under the

Java environment variable configuration--resolve "cannot find or load main class"

The system has recently been re-installed. All of the experience of the poisoning of the plate is painful!! After the JDK has been installed successfully, after configuring the environment variable to write a HelloWorld test there is no problem, but when you hit a container example, the following problem occurred.problem Recurrence:The strange thing is that I didn't have a problem with the last example. After you have determined that it is not a spelling problem, start the Baidu this cannot

Java could not find or load the main class

Use cmd today to run Java there is no problem finding or unable to load the main classJavac compilation can not be run through JavaReason:Check out the Java versionCheck out the Javac version:The build and run environment versions are differentThe error was originally compiled with the lower version of the JDK version

"Song Hongkang Learning Diary 1" Questions about environment variable settings--cannot find or load main class Java

Busy all day, and finally by their own little foolish, but also learn a lot, know how to solve problems.The problem is that when I compile my first applet HelloWorld in the CMD run environment, the JAVAC command can run, but the following occurs after the Java command.  In the experience of the Baidu Blog Park all kinds of search is not the case, finally asked the roommate finally found that the original is my program written wrong. At run time, it sh

Java could not find or load the main class

This error occurs when executing commands with Javalocalhost:SocketDemo wangwei$ javac localhost:SocketDemo wangwei$ java Server 6066错误: 找不到或无法加载主类 Serverif the JDK environment variable is configured correctly, the Java Javac java-version command can be identified.cause of the error :Using the Java command

C#. NET Verification Code Intelligent Identification Learning Note---06 Troubleshooting Java JRE problem: Jtessboxeditor.jar open times cannot find or load main class error

Technical QQ Exchange Group: javadream:251572072Tutorials Download, online exchange: it.yunsit.cnI ran into this problem and searched the Internet.Problem Description: My problem is that when compiling the test program city using Javac, the following error occurred:Error: The main class could not be found or could not be loaded When this error occurs, Baidu, as a result, ma

Java compilation complete run-time error cannot find or load main class

1. The environment should be no problem, the CMD test Java and javac all pass.Variable name classpathThe value of the variable.; %java_home%\lib;%java_home%\lib\dt.jar;%java_home%\lib\tools.jarVariable name pathThe value of the variable plus%java_home%\bin;%java_home%\jre\bin;2. The running program should also be no problem, because it is based on not being on the basis, and has been compiled.public class H

When Java is installed, the runtime prompts you not to find or load the main class

This in our class have many classmates met, think of beginners This problem may be a few, I here on this question to say the reason and solution.The reason is simple:First, the JDK is the development environment JRE is the run Environment JDK installation package that contains the JRE.Installing the JDK will prompt two installation directories, the first is the JDK installation directory, and the second is the JRE installation directory. The friend wh

Eclipse cannot find the main class or cannot load the main class

Sometimes Eclipse will be crazy, good project so compile, even Hello world will report "can't find or can't load the main class " error, I have met several times, previously was lazy to delve into the direct reconstruction project, But the number of times have to delve into the next, now summed up several solutions, yo

Eclipse "error: Could not find or load main class" condition

Create a source file under a project and then run a copy of the code that will be download from the Internet. "Error: Unable to find or load main class" error: "The main class could not be found or could not be loaded", the whole

Error: Unable to find or load main class Org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher troubleshooting

environment variablehouenxundemacbook-pro:~houenxun$mvn-versionexec/library/java/javavirtualmachines/ jdk1.8.0_77.jdk/contents/home/bin/java-classpath/usr/local/cellar/maven/3.3.9/libexec/boot/ plexus-classworlds-2.5.2.jar-dclassworlds.conf=/usr/local/cellar/maven/3.3.9/libexec/bin/m2.conf- Dmaven.home=/usr/local/cellar/maven/3.3.9/libexec-dmaven.multimoduleprojectdirectory=/users/houenxun org.codehaus.ple

Can't find or load the main class Helloworldapp?

/* Package book.code.ch1;*/public class Helloworldapp{public static void Main (String args[]){System.out.println ("Hello world!");}}E:\android\javasrc\src\book\code\ch1>set Classpathclasspath=.;D: \ Program Files\java\jdk1.8.0_31\lib;d:\program files\java\jdk1.8.0_31\lib\tools.jar;d:\program Files\

Error: Unable to find or load main class Org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher troubleshooting

/javavirtualmachines/ jdk1.8.0_77.jdk/contents/home/bin/java-classpath/usr/local/cellar/maven/3.3.9/boot/ plexus-classworlds-2.5.2.jar-dclassworlds.conf=/usr/local/cellar/maven/3.3.9/bin/m2.conf- dmaven.home=/usr/local/cellar/maven/3.3.9-dmaven.multimoduleprojectdirectory=/usr/local/cellar/maven/ 3.3.9org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.launcher-versionapachemaven3.3.9 ( bb52d8502b132ec0a5a3f4c09453c07478323dc5;2015-11-11t00:41:47+08:00) mavenhom

Eclipse Error: cocould not find or load main class [duplicate], eclipseduplicate

Eclipse Error: cocould not find or load main class [duplicate], eclipseduplicate When I was writing Java code yesterday, Eclipse suddenly ran out and reported this error. It was useless to use all kinds of methods. For example, JDK was re-installed and Eclipse was restarted

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