java get class name in static method

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Java Reflection Mechanism Demo (v)-Get and Invoke methods in a class

Tags: ati static private Get OID run syntax nal memberThe main reason for this demo before using the reflection mechanism to manipulate properties is because in the. class file bytecode, the method is in front of the property.1, obtain a method in a

Java Internal class Learning notes

Tags: Load Advantage comm Good generate encapsulation get accept implementationThis is my note on learning the Java inner class1. Why use internal classes?The most appealing reason for using inner classes is that each inner class can inherit one

Java Basics-Stack and heap, static, final modifier, inner class, and Java memory allocation

Label:Java Basics-Stack and heap, static, final modifier, inner class, and Java memory allocation (RPM)Java Stack and heapHeap: Random in orderStack: LIFO (last-in/first-out).The Java heap is a run-time data area in which the objects of the class

Java Fundamentals: The main class in Java defines methods with static and non-static differences (the former can omit the class name directly in the Wish method call, which must first be instantiated and invoked with an instance)

Label:1 Packagelsg.ap.april4th2;2 /*3 Knowledge Points: 1. Getter and Setter application4 2. Local variables and member variables (also referred to as global variables)5 usage of 3.Static keywords6 A. Shared properties for all classes after the

Java Implementation Kafka Consumer example

Label:Using Java to implement Kafka consumers 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465 66676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899

Using Java to implement HTTP communication

Label:HTTP Communication overviewThere are two main ways in which HTTP communication is post and get. The former through the HTTP message entity sends the data to the server, the security is high, the data transmission size is not limited, the

Very good examples of Java reflection

Label:1. The concept of Java reflectionReflection meaning: You can get a running Java object.2, the function of Java reflection1) You can determine the class to which the run-time object belongs2) You can determine the member variables and methods

The explanation of future mode in Java multithreaded programming < turn >

Label:In Java multithreaded programming, the common multithreaded design patterns include: Future mode, Master-worker mode, guarded suspeionsion mode, invariant mode and producer-consumer mode. This article focuses on the future model, with the

Java Tour (Fri)--this,static, keyword, main function, encapsulating tool class, generating Javadoc manual, static code block

Label:Java Tour (Fri)--this,static, keyword, main function, encapsulating tool class, generating Javadoc manual, static code block Have a lot of weekend, continue to study One. this keyword Used to distinguish between local

Java Summary series: Java Multithreading (four)

Label:What is threadlocal?As early as the version of JDK 1.2, Java.lang.threadlocal,threadlocal provides a new way to solve the concurrency problem of multi-threaded threads. Using this tool class, you can write beautiful multithreaded programs very

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