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Use ldap c api to modify a user's password in MS Active Directory

PEM.[Root @ local ~] # OpenSSL X509-inform der-in/root/ad02.cer-out/root/ad02.pem-outform PEM3. Configure/etc/OpenLDAP/ldap. conf[Root @ local ~] # Vim/etc/OpenLDAP/ldap. confUse_sasl onSSL onSASL start_tlsSasl_mech gssapiTls_checkpeer NoTls_ciphers tlsv1Tls_reqcert neverChasereferrals YesDeref alwaysUri LDAPS: // 636Binddn Cn = admin, ou = finance, Dc =

PHP LDAP Access Windows AD (Active Directory)

If you use Active Directory (Active Directory) instead of creating an account in a database table, you can use an account from the original Windows network. LDAP, a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (PROTOCOL), is a protocol

Integration of IBM Aix and Microsoft Active directory with Kerberos and LDAP

Why is Kerberos and LDAP LDAP is very effective for storing and retrieving user attributes for AIX users, but using LDAP for authentication still requires the user to provide an AIX password and an AD password. Kerberos supports AIX using the local AD protocol to authenticate users by referencing their Microsoft Windo

Java Access Windows Active Directory +active+directory

1. Active Directory (AD) Active directory is a directory service for Windows Server. It stores information about the various objects on the network and makes that information easy for administrators and users to find and use. The Active

LDAP Authentication client, auto-mount user home directory shell script configuration

This is the LDAP authentication client with the auto-mount home directory Shell script configuration, using "Authconfig-tui" graphical configuration is simple, but manual operation is required later, the automatic writing configuration file has not been researched thoroughly. Later perfect#!/bin/bashyuminstall-ynss-pam-ldapdnfs-utilsnfsautofspam_ldap Openldapopen

Centos7/Active Directory authentication using nss-pam-ldapd,

Centos7/Active Directory authentication using nss-pam-ldapd, Centos uses an AD account for verification. There are many online queries, including samba + winbind, sssd, nss-pam-ldapd, and other methods. Today, we will introduce how to use nss-pam-ldap to verify the Active

JAVA implementation: Using sAMAccountName as login to authenticate __java through LDAP directory libraries

(reprint please indicate the source for this blog) (2-2009 to 6-2009) to do a set of project development, tracking, management, multi-server synchronous backup system integration. The main combination of SVN, Apache, Tomcat, Bugzilla, SendMail, OpenSSL, LDAP, these open-source excellent software implemented under Ubuntu. It involves the Java EE Web Development, EMAIL, NDS application module configuration a

Using Acegi to protect Java applications, part 2nd: Using LDAP directory servers

Implementing access control using ApacheDS and Acegi Having learned the basics of the Acegi security System (ACEGI), we will introduce more advanced applications of the system. In this article, Bilal Siddiqui shows you how to combine the use of Acegi and an LDAP directory server to achieve the security of a flexible, high-performance Java™ application. You will

Single sign-on: Introduction to Active Directory federated Authentication Service development

This article discusses: What is federated authentication Implementing federated authentication in a application using ADFS Trust relationships and security considerations This article uses the following techniques: ADFS and The Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) is one of the most importan

Java Get Windows Active directory information __java Basics

Windows ad information is available through the Java Native API, and you want to know what Windows Active Directory is, and you can access the relevant information, and you may not have an ad viewer in your Windows system after you install it. We need to download the software to update, download the address: Https://

Java access to Active Directory code

= "389";//PortString domain = "@hotent. Local";//the suffix name of the mailboxString URL =NewString ("ldap://" + Host + ":" +port); String User= Username.indexof (domain) > 0?Username:username+domain; Hashtable Env=NewHashtable (); Ldapcontext CTX=NULL; Env.put (Context.security_authentication,"Simple"); Env.put (context.security_principal, user); //without the mailbox suffix name, will be error, the specific reason has not been explored. Master can

JAVA-JSSE-SSL/TLS Programming code example-bidirectional authentication

= keystore.getinstance ("JKS"); Clientkeystore.load (New FileInputStream (Clientkeystorefile), Clientkeystorepwd.tochararray ()); KeyStore Clienttrustkeystore = keystore.getinstance ("JKS"); CliEnttrustkeystore.load (New FileInputStream (Clienttrustkeystorefile), Clienttrustkeystorepwd.tochararray ()); Keymanagerfactory KMF = keymanagerfactory.getinstance (Keymanagerfactory.getdefaultalgorithm ()); Kmf.init (Clientkeystore, Foxclientkeypwd.tochararray ()); Tru

JAVA-JSSE-SSL/TLS Programming code example-one-way authentication

("TLSv1"); Sslcontext.init (NULL, TMF.GEttrustmanagers (), NULL); Sslsocketfactory socketfactory = Sslcontext.getsocketfactory (); Socket socket = Socketfactory.createsocket ("localhost", catserver.server_port); PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter (Socket.getoutputstream (), true); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader (New InputStreamReader (Socket.getinputstream ())); Send ("Hello", out); Send ("Exit", out); Receive (in); Sock

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