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Java learning path-Hessian learning, java path-hessian

Java learning path-Hessian learning, java path-hessian Hessian is a lightweight HTTP-based remote service solution. Hessian, like Rmi, uses binary messages for client-to-server interaction. However, unlike other binary remote call

Java learning path (1): java learning path

Java learning path (1): java learning path After learning C language, try to contact Java. Use blog posts to record your

Java path-opening part-recent learning objectives and long-term learning path --- ShinePans and java --- shinepans

Java path-opening part-recent learning objectives and long-term learning path --- ShinePans and java --- shinepans After a long period of project summary and learning, I found that the

Java learning path-RMI learning, java path-rmi

Java learning path-RMI learning, java path-rmi Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is an application programming interface used in Java prog

Java learning path-simple basic interview questions, java path-Questions

Java learning path-simple basic interview questions, java path-Questions 1. What are the features of object orientation? A: The object-oriented features mainly include the following: 1) Abstraction: Abstraction refers to the process of summarizing the common features of a cl

Java learning path -- Java learning from entry to entry

Java learning path (1), tools I. JDK (Java Development Kit) JDK is the core of the entire Java, including the Java Runtime Environment (Java runtime envirnment), a bunch of

[Original]java Web learning note 35:java on absolute path and relative path issues in the Web

transferred to the JSP page, the path of the servlet is displayed on the browser address bar, and if the JSP page's hyperlink is relative to the address of the JSP page, the problem of path confusion occurs.2) write an absolute path to avoid the above problems:① in Javaweb what is called "right path": the

8 Simple sections to open the Java language Learning path attached Java learning Book list _java

Before we recommended the Java language reading books, the following for you to learn from which aspects of the Java language to start learning, the specific contents are as follows 1. Java Language Basics When it comes to the basics of Java language

Java beginners-Java learning path (Full Set)

Java beginners --- Java learning path (Full Set) I. JDK (Java Development Kit) JDK is the core of the entire Java, including the Java Runtime Environment (

Java beginners-Java learning path

Java beginners --- Java learning path (Full Set) I. JDK (Java Development Kit) JDK is the core of the entire Java, including the Java Runtime Environment (

Java Web registration page learning path (2): javaweb path

Java Web registration page learning path (2): javaweb path Content of this reconstruction Optimization 1. Add JS judgment on the front-end page 2. Use JSTL + EL to replace JSP statements 3. Check whether repeated user names are added to the Servlet Registration page userReg. jsp Backend Servlet Protected void doGet (H

How to learn Java technology? On the path of Java learning

Java technology process. Out of practice, is not learning technology!Java Learning, the practice of the road is still no silver bullets, and step by step, to learn a lot of things, diligence is gold!Be good at using many resources on the Internet, and learn more about others ' experiences.There are a lot of arguments

[Original]java Web Learning note 88:hibernate Learning path---Hibernate retrieval strategy (immediate retrieval, deferred retrieval, urgent left outer connection search)

to set the number of bulk searches for a deferred retrieval policy or an immediate retrieval policy. Bulk retrieval can reduce the number of SELECT statements and improve the performance of deferred or immediate retrieval operations.    4. Multiple-to-one and single-to-a-link retrieval strategies1) As with   2) If the Fetch attribute is set to join, then the Lazy property is ignored 3) The advantage of an urgent left outer connection retrieval strategy is that fewer SELECT statements are used

[Original]java Web Learning Note 80:hibernate Learning Path---Hibernate profile: JDBC connection properties, C3P0 database connection pool properties, etc.

hibernate.jdbc.batch_size: Sets the batch size for bulk delete , batch update and BULK INSERT, similar to the meaning of setting buffer size. The larger the batchsize, the lower the number of times a batch operation sends SQL to the database, the faster it becomes. 2 test result is that when batch size=0, using hibernate to delete 10,000 records for Oracle database takes 25 seconds, Batch Size = 50, delete only need 5 seconds! Oracle Database batchsize=30 is the right time .          1 invali

Java Learning Path-hessian Learning

(I am writing in the same Applicationcontext.xml file, but it does not affect the test function) Now let's write the test code, deploy the project to tomcat before running the code below, and run the Tomcat1 package test; 2 Import java.util.List; 3 Import Org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext; 4 Import; 5 Import Service. Bookservice; 6 Import entity. Book; 7 public class Test {8 public static void Main (string[]

Java learning path-Burlap Learning

Java learning path-Burlap LearningToday, let's learn about Burlap. Burlap is an XML-based Remote Call technology, but unlike other XML-based remote technologies (such as SOAP or XML-RPC), Burlap's message structure is as simple as possible, no additional external Definition Language (such as WSDL or IDL) is required ). Burlap and Hessian are the same to a large e

Java Learning Path (i) Understanding Java

achieve platform independence. In different machines, just call multithreaded code exactly the same, Java to the implementation of multi-threaded to the bottom of the operating system or line libraries to complete, however, the simplicity of multithreaded compilation is the Java becomes attractive server-side development language of the main reason.11) PolymorphismAllows programmers to know the structure a

[Original]java Web Learning Note 73:struts2 Learning path--strut2 to prevent duplicate submission of forms

; - > Interceptor-refname= "Defaultstack">Interceptor-ref> result>/success.jspresult> Action> Package>Struts>Tokenaction.java1;2 3 ImportCom.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport;4 5 Public classTokenactionextendsActionsupport {6 7 /**8 * @Fields: Serialversionuid9 */Ten Private Static Final LongSerialversionuid = 1L; One A PrivateString UserName; - - PublicString GetUserName ()

[Original]java Web Learning Note 74:struts2 Learning path--custom blocker, struts built-in interceptor

Intercept (actioninvocation invocation)throwsException { -System.out.println ("Before Invovation.invoke ... "); -String result =Invocation.invoke (); +System.out.println ("After Invovation.invoke ... "); - + returnresult; A } at -}Struts.xml Configuring custom interceptors and using interceptorsXML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>DOCTYPE struts Public "-//apache software foundation//dtd struts Configuration 2.3//en" "Http://struts.apache.or G/dtds/struts-2.3.dtd ">Struts

[Original]java Web Learning Note 78:hibernate Learning Path---session overview, session cache (hibernate cache), isolation level of the database, setting isolation level in MYSQL, setting isolation level in Hibernate

Committed; ④ set the global isolation level of the database system: Set global transaction isolation levels Read Committed; 6) Setting the isolation level in Hibernate The ①JDBC database connection uses the default isolation level of the database system. You can set the isolation level explicitly in Hibernate's configuration file. Each isolation level corresponds to an integer: 1. READ uncommited 2. READ commited 4. Repeatable READ 8. serializeable ②hibernate set the isolation level of a trans

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