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Entry-level----black-box testing, white-box testing, manual testing, automated testing, exploratory testing, unit testing, performance testing, database performance, stress testing, security testing, SQL injection, buffer overflow, environmental testing

case. Unit-level performance testing Performance testing is a problem that many companies ignore, or the direction of testing until the program has been developed. Performance test Results Table Name System has a serious

Java list object performance analysis and testing

end of the set. Iii. Performance Testing These classes have many different functions that can be tested. The shortlist is frequently used because it is considered to have good performance in random insert and delete operations. Therefore, the following analysis focuses on the performance of the insert operation

Java Performance Testing Framework tool-junitperf

Performance testing ToolsFor Java developers, it is cumbersome to learn performance testing tools.But sometimes there is a need for performance testing.JunitperfJunitperf is a performance

Performance testing of a Java EE application based on JMeter

JMeter is an Apache Jakarta project that is used for software stress testing (Load test), which allows for stress testing not only for HTTP, but also for databases (via JDBC), FTP, Web Service, Java objects, and more. Recently, it was used in our project. Our project is based on the BEA WebLogic, a Java EE project that

LoadRunner calling Java programs-performance testing

introduced Java package run may appear some error, basically is the jar file situation, as long as the LoadRunner classpath to find the basic no problem, there is the JDK must first import, otherwise it will directly prompt the process is terminated,Cannot run Java file4, LoadRunner for the introduction of Java files in a variety of ways, here the way to call th

Java Io Performance Testing

In JDK 1.4, the NIO package is added, which is aimed at improving the IO speed. However, we all know that with the NIO package added, the old Io package is actually overwritten. Even if the NIO package is not displayed, You can obviously feel the speed improvement. In addition, many people only know the inputstream or outputstream of the buffer when using the IO package, and the speed will be faster. So, is there a gap in speed between the above? What is the gap? We will perform an I/O operation

5. instruct you to grasp Java performance monitoring from 51 testing)

Many developers think they understandJavaProgramming, the fact is that most developers only understand the Java platform, and what they learn is enough to copeWork. The author will explore the core functions of the Java platform in depth, reveal some little-known facts, and help you solve the most difficult programming difficulties. When the application performance

Java vs. io and NiO file read/write performance testing

Original: Java vs. io and NiO file read/write performance testSource code: Http:// NIO uses a way closer to the operating system to execute IO: Channels and buffers, as the name implies, data source data is transmitted by the buffer through the channel. 2. After JDK5, the raw IO system was optimized for NIO at the bottom, which can be found through Sun's publishe

Java Program Performance Testing Method

Java 1.5 and above are built in virtual machinesProgramPerformance tracking function, and provides Java profiling API, JPA for short, you can search for 'javaProfiling '. Java also provides a simple performance tracking tool jconsole, which can display the memory, threads, and other usage conditions. Also provided by S

"Video" Java JVM performance Testing and tuning full combat

Recreate the classic, uncover the face of the pseudo-tall, easy to handle jvm!1. JVM base (selection, memory model, GC, etc.)2. JVM Key Parameters3. JVM monitoring (commands, tools)4. Typical JVM performance issues (CPU, memory leak, thread lock, etc.)Address: with Tomcat video betterAddress:"Video" Java JVM

Javamelody of performance testing for Java EE project

. If the application you are publishing is not a relative directory, but a war package, then you need to read the following chapters below. If it is ear (EJBs), then you need to read some of the following User Guide advanced content. 1 jar Package There are two jar packages in, one is Javamelody.jar and the other is Jrobin-x.jar. Copy the two jar packages to the Web-inf/lib directory in the webapp corresponding to the war package. Or use Maven to add Javamelody-core dependent f

Java list object performance analysis and testing

The SDK provides several java. util. List Implementation interfaces for Ordered Sets. Three of them are most well-known: Vector, ArrayList, and sorted List. The performance difference between these List classes is a frequently asked question. In this article, I want to discuss the performance differences between Vector list and Vector/ArrayList.To fully analyze t

Java vs. io and NiO file read/write performance testing

1. NIO uses a way closer to the operating system to execute IO: Channels and buffers, as the name implies, data source data is transmitted by the buffer through the channel. 2. After JDK5, the raw IO system was optimized for NIO at the bottom, which can be found through Sun's published source code, but NIO is more systematic than IO. 3. In a little study of IO source code and some sun source code, I think the performance bottleneck of IO system is mai

Java concurrency Programming the third part of the practical learning Note: activity, performance, and testing

randomness into the retry mechanismThe 11th chapter performance and can extend the straight-temperedPerformance metrics: Speed of operation, processing powerHow to evaluate? How to weigh?Amdahl LawCost of thread Ingestion: Context switch, memory synchronization,Modern JVMs can automatically optimize lock and memory reorderingReduce lock contention: Reduce lock hold time, reduce lock request frequency, use exclusive lock with protocol mechanism1. Fast

Java concurrency, synchronous lock performance testing

The test is mainly from the running time difference, the larger the amount of data, the more obvious the time difference, examples are as follows:1 Package com.xt.thinks21_2;2 3 /**4 * Synchronous lock Performance Test5 * 6 * @author Administrator7 *8 */9 Public classSynchronizedtimetest {Ten Public volatile intinc =0; One A Public voidIncrease () { -Inc++; - } the - Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -Final Synchronized

Comparison of performance testing, load testing, and stress testing in software testing

When interviewing testers, This is a good question: How do you define performance/load/stress testing? In many cases, people use them as the same terminologies that can be replaced by each other. However, the differences between them are quite large. This post is based on some of my own experiences. I wrote a simple comment on these three concepts. Of course, I also referred to some definitions in the test

Performance testing-business testing model and performance testing model

Performance testing-business testing model and performance testing model Performance testing-business testing model description With the dev

Performance test Model Combat Analysis | Application of C/s architecture for performance testing _ Software Testing

interface function while encapsulating some of the application logic. Server-side database servers primarily provide data storage capabilities, and also provide partial application logic through triggers and stored procedures. C/S/S structure is the client/application server/Database server three-tier structure, the middle of the addition of application server, usually implement the application logic, is the connection between the client and the database server bridge. It responds to requests f

Performance testing, load testing, intensity testing, and Capacity testing comparison

  Performance Testing(Or multi-user concurrent performance testing ), Load Testing, Strength Test, Capacity TestIt is a few aspects of performance testing, but the concept is easy to co

Stress testing and performance testing in software testing

Java EE Technology system in the performance of the need to take care of, the general principle is less than 3 seconds to accept, 3-5 seconds can be accepted, more than 5 seconds on the impact of ease of use. If you find a performance problem during testing, it's hard to fix it because it often means that the algorith

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