java round float to 2 decimal places

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Java Basics Getting Started-float rounding keep two decimal places to note

Float rounding Keep Two decimal places note the placeRecently in Codewars did a very simple topic, but it took me 20 minutes, although the final solution, but in the middle found that the foundation of Java is not really, go back to a good fixDo not

How Java rounds a float to a 2-bit, 4-bit, or other specified number of digits after the decimal point.

How to make float keep two decimal places or decimal places methods:Import java.math.*;......Method 1:float F = 34.232323;BigDecimal B = new BigDecimal (f);Float F1 = B.setscale (2,

Java rounding float to retain two decimal places

Example 1Float f = 34.237323f;BigDecimal B = new BigDecimal (f );Float f1 = B. setScale (2, BigDecimal. ROUND_HALF_UP). floatValue ();System. out. println (f1 );Method 2:Float f = 34.232323;BigDecimal B = new BigDecimal (f );Float f1 = B. setScale (2

The problem of accurate calculation of floating-point data float and double in Java

I. Loss of precision in floating-point calculationsProbably a lot of friends with programming experience are not familiar with this problem: no matter what programming language you use, when you use floating-point data for accurate calculations, you

Java floating point Exact Calculation

(1) Precise Floating Point CalculationThere has always been a problem in the Three-flow Integration Project of Shengli Oilfield, that is, the amount of materials and the actual amount calculated in each report must be a fraction of the money, which

Java BigDecimal usage and rounding and formatting specifications (precision data)

The simple floating-point number types in Java float and double are not capable of operation. It's not just Java, it's also a problem in many other programming languages.What will we see if we compile and run the following program?public class Test {

Java basics

Symbol type:1. In C and C ++, the integer indicated by int is related to the target machine. The 16-bit cpu occupies 2 bytes, and the 32-bit cpu occupies 4 bytes. On the intel pentium cpu,C and C ++ integers depend on specific operating systems. For

Method of floating-point precision in Java

Method of floating-point precision in JavaFirst, the content  Generally in Java code to take a double type of floating-point number of precision, rounding or directly out of the way, using the 4 method, recommended the first, I have encapsulated

Detailed description of Floating Point Theory

Directory 1. What is a floating point number? 2. IEEE floating point number 3. Transformation between a real number and a floating point number 4. Special values 4.1. Nan 4.2. Infinite

Java BigDecimal, javabigdecimal

Java BigDecimal, javabigdecimal Java provides operation classes for big numbers, namely java. math. BinInteger and java. math. BigDecimal. These two classes are used for high-precision computing. The BigInteger class is a processing class for large

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