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Basic knowledge (1)-Java SE 8 Programmer I (1z0-808)

Use super and this to access objects and constructors Use abstract classes and interfaces Handling Exceptions Differentiate among checked exceptions, unchecked exceptions, and Errors Create a try-catch block and determine how to exceptions alter normal program flow Describe the advantages of Exception handling Create and invoke a method that throws an exception "Recognize common exception classes (such as NullPointerException, Arithmeticexcpetion, arrayinde

Basic Knowledge (2)-Java SE 8 Programmer II (1z0-809)

DriverManager class including the JDBC URL Submit queries and read results from the database including creating statements, returning result sets, iterating through The results, and properly closing result sets, statements, and connections Localization Describe the advantages of localizing an application Read and set the locale by using the locale object Create and read a Properties file Build A resource bundle for each locale and load a resource bundle in an appli

Java SE 8 new features Tour: Big changes in the world of Java development

, Java virtual machines can better support the use of JavaScript code.Finally, I'll cover features that few people know about, such as new ways to add strings to lists and other features that can help you with your daily tasks.For more Java SE 8 features and guidelines, I recommend you refer to the Http://

Dark Horse programmer Java SE Review

----Java SE Basics Review1. Break in a looping statement terminates all loops, jumps out of the loop body, and continue terminates the loop, jumping to the next loopThe 2.return statement has two functions: return value; End method Run3. For object-oriented understanding in Java: Organize the code as a class and encapsulate the data as an object. Classes are equi

Dark Horse programmer Java SE (3)

block Format: Synchronized (object) {Code blocks that need to be synchronized}Benefits of synchronization: Resolves thread security issuesThe disadvantage of synchronization is that it reduces efficiency, because threads outside the thread will judge the synchronization lock.Prerequisites for synchronization: Multiple threads must be in sync and use the same lock(2) Synchronization function: The lock used by the synchronization function is fixed.17. What is the difference between a sync functio

Dark Horse Programmer Java SE Review (2)

an abstract class and an interface?(1) Abstract classes need to be inherited, and can only be inherited. Interface needs to be implemented, and can be implemented more, that is, to implement multiple interfaces(2) Abstract classes can be defined abstract methods and non-abstract methods, subclass inheritance can directly invoke non-abstract methods, the interface can only define abstract methods (that is, all of the interfaces are not implemented met

Java SE 8: Standard library Enhancements

Lambda expressions are a core feature of Java SE 8, and most of the improvements are spread around lambda expressions. (The jigsaw project has been postponed to Java SE 9.) The contents of the lambda expression are described in the previous article. This article focuses on e

Java SE 8:lambda Expressions

The Java SE 8 has been fully functional in the June 13 version. In these new features, lambda expressions are the most important new features that drive the release of this release. Because Java first tried to introduce the relevant content of functional programming. The community has also been looking forward to lambd

Java SE 6 beta 2 released... Mustang 8 highlights

J2se5 itself has not set off a lot of waves. Now j2se6 has reached the beta2 version, which is also said to be the final version. So let's first understand its features. The original Article is from workshop? Forum = 276 Thread = 165061 Chris posted onAuthor: Chris from: SunComments: 2 clicks: 401 Abstract: The sixth version of the Java platform, Standard Edition (Java

Learning java Article 1: Building a java platform (java se)

Computer System: Windows 8 Here we will introduce three versions of the java platform: Java SE -- Java Standard Edition, Java Standard Edition, is mainly used for table-level application and database development.

Java SE 8 Streaming Library

*/ A Public classDemo02 { - - Private Static FinalString FilePath = "G:\\idea\\src\\com\\itheima05\\test_javase\\test_20171214\\word.txt"; the - Public Static voidMain (string[] args)throwsException { - -String contents =NewString (Files.readallbytes (Paths.get (FilePath)), standardcharsets.utf_8); + -string[] ws = Contents.split ("\\pl+"); + //Convert an array to a collection Alistarrays.aslist (WS); at //using Flow - //stream - //The Long Count (

"java se 8" notes for busy people

Now only to understand java8, is not after the understanding of the point?New programming techniques, individuals do not like the first time to follow up.Is it more cost-effective to have practice in the community?A little shrewd Consideration. Not much to say, on the Code.Read the note code for "java se 8" for busy people//i hope you're too busy to read this boo

Java SE Nineth---Object-oriented feature encapsulation 1

1. Three basic features of object-oriented programming: Inheritance (inheritence), Encapsulation (encapsulation), polymorphism (polymorphism)2. Encapsulation: Classes contain data and methods, and the data and methods in a class constitute the encapsulation3. How to define a class:The name of the Modifier class class{The contents of the class (including properties and methods)}4. Method: How to define a methodModifier returns the type method name ([pa

Java SE Basics (1)

Constant:A constant is an identifier whose value is constant during run time, and constants can only be referenced in the program and cannot be re-assigned.Naming rules for constants:1. In Java, adding the final keyword to a variable declaration represents a constant, and adding the static keyword represents a class variable. The General union declares a variable;2. Try to use the represented meaning intuit

Java se (1)

Java se (1) Environment: java jdk1.8 + eclipse 1. HelloWorld Public class HelloWorld {public static void main (String [] args) {System. out. println ("Hello World ");}}Compiling and running in eclipse will output Hello World normally, but in dos, go to the src directory o

Java SE 1

construction method has no return value, and even void cannot occur. c) If you do not construct a method for a class declaration when you define a class , the Java compiler automatically adds a constructor that has no parameters and Null methods (the default constructor) for the class. D) If you declare a constructor for a class when you define a class , the Java compiler will no longer add a constructor m

JAVA SE Lesson 1

, and super refers to a reference to the parent classe) The Super keyword must be the first line statement in the constructor method.13. Method override (Override): Also called overwrite, the subclass is the same as the method return type of the parent class, the method name is the same as the parameter, so we say that the child class and the parent class's methods constitute an overriding relationship.14. Method overrides relationship to method overloads: Overloads two or more methods that occu

JAVA SE Basics Review-Basic program design (1)

1. Java Basic Data typeint 4 max 0x7fffffff 2147483647=2 31 square-1 first bit symbol bit minimum -2147483648 0x80000000 complement store first constant other bit reverse plus 1Short 2 max 2^15-1 32767 min -2^15-32768Long 8 maximum 2^63-

Java-se-interview (1)-string difference between hashcode and IdentityhashcodeThe I, Hashcode () method is a method under the object class that is overridden by the inheriting class, computes the hash value based on the object memory address, the string class overrides the Hashcode method, and instead computes the hash value based on the sequence of charactersThe II, Identityhashcode () method is a static method in the system class that computes the hash value based

Java SE learning [1], javase Learning

Java SE learning [1], javase Learning I have learned java for more than one month. It takes more than 100 hours to calculate the time spent on it, the progress is that the variable, loop, branch, and array are finished, and the object-oriented part is learning. Record some puzzles and feelings I encountered during my s

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