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Java Security Technology Quest series: Java Extensible Security Architecture 12: JSSE (ii): JSSE Classes and interfaces

Guo JiaEmail: [Email protected]Blog: ': Contains a set of core classes and interfaces for creating basic client and server sockets. Javax. Net. SSL.,: Contains a set of core classes and interfaces for creating secure client and server SSL sockets and for secure httpurl connections. Javax. Security. The Cert.,:

Basic: fully protect your Java program Security (II)

Password System Extension (javax. crypto) • X.509 verification: JAVA cryptographic system (java. security. cert) • Pluggable authentication and authorization: JAVA authentication and authorization Service (javax. security. auth)

Java security coding standard

Original Title: The CERT Oracle Secure coding standard for Java Author: (US) Fred long Dhruv mohindra Robert C. seacord Dean F. sutherland David Svoboda Translator: Ji Wenke Yang xiaochun book series name: Chapter Hua programmer library Publishing House: Machinery Industry Publishing House ISBN: 9787111428183 mounting time: June 2013 publication date: Opening: 16 open pages: 1 version: 1-1 category: more ab

Countermeasures for major security vulnerabilities in Java 7

"According to a report released by the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) on 10th day of this month (December 2013): Java 7 has a huge security vulnerability, and the US Homeland Security Department has issued suggestions to all users, disable Java 7 immediately." T

Java: Security Certificate-example program for public key encryption and Private Key decryption

Import java. Io. fileinputstream; Import java. Security. keystore;Import java. Security. privatekey;Import java. Security. publickey;Import java

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